Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragya decides to fail Aaliya’s evil plan

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi asks Purab to enjoy and says your warranty will get extended. Raj and Taya ji jokes, everyone laughs. Babli dances on the song Radha Teri Chunari. Pragya asks Dadi why is she crying. Dadi says she is seeing her family happy after much time and asks Pragya and Disha to keep the family united and happy. Pragya says you have to see so much. Dadi asks her to give grand child. Pragya and disha feel shy. Someone is waiting outside the house. Disha says pragya di is the best. Pragya gives responsibility to her. Aaliya shows the poison bottle. Tanu says I won’t let you die. Aaliya says this poison is for Disha. She says Munni did this work right by bringing Disha here, and says she has to kill her before she unites with Purab. She tells that she will fulfill the rasam and make disha die.

Abhi tells Purab that his wish came true when he came to stay with them, but you agreed on Pragya’s saying and not mine. He takes him to room and says Pragya decorated the room. He hugs him.

Pragya comes to Aaliya’s room and asks what you both are doing here? Tanu says Aaliya made plan to kill disha and appreciates Pragya for her plan. She says if Disha wouldn’t have been here, then Aaliya would have problem to kill her. Aaliya says yes, you are right and thanks Pragya. She says Disha will not be saved, I will give her poison. Pragya says you will become killer. Aaliya says she don’t care and have done more big crimes than this. She says she will make all family members drink this poison for welcoming Disha. She says she will make arrangements for her last rites. She asks possessive and says when Disha dies, Purab will take her dead body and takes round around the pyre, then he will be mine. Pragya thinks she has to do something to save Disha. Dasi tells Disha that Pragya has saved Abhi many times. Disha asks Dasi if that attack happened really. Dasi asks what did you think then.

Disha calls Pragya and says I thought you are making excuses to bring us here. Pragya asks her not to worry. Aaliya hears them. Disha tells her that she has accepted her as her sister and can do anything for her. She says she will be with her while fighting for Abhi’s safety. She thinks to tell Aaliya that she is Pragya and not Munni. She then recalls promising Munni that she will not tell anyone that she is Pragya until she finds his chutka and chutki.

Aaliya comes to kitchen and asks Robin to go. Pragya thinks how to convince her so that she don’t get doubtful. She thinks aaliya is scared and thinks to take advantage.

Pragya tells Aaliya and Tanu that they both will go to jail. Tanu and Aaliya are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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