Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Prachi returns to Delhi

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi talking seeing the pendant and says where are you my child? Khushi brings food and asks her Maayi to have food. Maayi refuses and asks her to eat food silently. Khushi covers her with blanket and kisses on her head. Maayi realizes it and sleeps. Ranbir takes off clothes from the cupboard. Khushi washes her hands and comes to the window. She says stars..Ranbir and Prachi also look at the stars. Prachi says today star is not breaking. Khushi says if we ask something seeing breaking star, then our wish gets fulfilled. The star gets broken. They see it. Prachi wishes to get her daughter. Khushi wishes to meet her father. Ranbir wishes to meet his daughter and complete his family. He imagines and a fb scene is shown, after Prachi’s delivery, Ranbir tells Prachi that they are a perfect family. Prachi says I want it to be perfect always. Ranbir says I will not let it ruin, and tells that Panchi will keep us united, and will never let us separate. Fb ends. Prachi wipes her tears. Khushi sees the sparkling star and I will get my Papa.

The chairman Ashok comes to Prachi’s house. Shahana calls Prachi. The chairman asks Prachi if her anger is melted. Prachi says if I had it? He says he is not habitual to say sorry or thank you. He then gets up and says sorry to her. He says he came here as her father, and says here I am your Ashok uncle. Prachi says I know that you are upset as I refused you, and says it is not a big deal. Ashok says no, and tells that he is promoting her, as he needs her in Delhi office. He says my foreign returned son came from abroad and asks her to guide him. He requests her and asks her to agree. Prachi says he knows my weak point. Shahana asks her to agree and says I will also come with you. He says he will send Priya with her for her help. Dadi says she will also go with Prachi. Chairman says they will get luxurious house after a week on rent.

Aryan comes to Ranbir. He asks why is he stressed. Ranbir asks why is he stressed? Aryan says I had gone to Rohit’s wedding anniversary for dinner. Ranbir says he had forgotten. Aryan says I was scared seeing you like this. Ranbir says I am still alive and says I said that I can’t live without Prachi, but I am alive and can’t forget her memories. Aryan asks him to leave everything on destiny. He thinks how to tell you that you are not living with Prachi, though you are alive. He goes. Ranbir asks himself why is he thinking about Prachi so much.

Dadi does Prachi’s aarti for a new start. Shahana comes there and says she will come later. Prachi tells that her office is in south and his office is in north. Shahana asks where is your office? Prachi says sahara plaza. Ranbir comes to Sahara plaza. Watchman stops Ranbir and asks him to get premium parking. He gets a call and tells watchman that boss’s daughter is coming and I am going to pick her. He sits in his car. Boss calls Ranbir and tells him that his daughter is simple and doesn’t trust anyone easily. He asks him to take the placard with her name Kaya. Ranbir assures him and tells that he has permission to enter airport, as Aryan’s friend’s coffee shop is there. The boss thinks how to tell that my daughter is arrogant and have attitude. Aryan comes to the coffee shop and asks about Ranbir. His friend tells that he has not come. Ranbir comes there and meets Ranbir. Ranbir messages to get Kaya’s photo.

Prachi and Priya are in the flight. Prachi thinks of Ranbir and thinks how Ranbir and Pallavi blamed her. Ranbir comes to the coffee shop and orders cappuccino coffee and thinks she is his past and will not return. Prachi comes there. Ranbir senses her and turns, but they don’t see each other. She also comes to the coffee shop, but Ranbir turns to go. Song plays…ishq le duba…

Precap: Boss’ daughter Kaya comes to Ranbir. Ranbir asks if she is Kaya. She says she doesn’t like the person who don’t value time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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