Kumkum Bhagya 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Dasi makes Abhi realize his feelings for Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th April 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with King thanking Pragya for saving him from the Inspector. Pragya says I am your manager and it is my duty to keep your image clear. She says but you have responsibility towards Kiara, if you would have arrested then she would have get affected. She says you are Kiara’s father for her and for the world. King apologizes. He says I remember the deal, you are my wife infront of the world. Pragya says we were never married. King goes. Pragya thinks this fake relation is truth of her life. Abhi thinks he won’t let any bad reflection fall on him. Pragya thinks she couldn’t move on as his daughter Kiara is with him. Abhi says I have moved on and went far from you. Pragya thinks she would have taken out the page when Dadi dies if gets chance to change past. Abhi breaks the glass angrily.

King, Kiara and Pragya comes back home. Kiara asks Pragya to tell King not to drink again. Fareedi Bi comes. King says Pragya is handling my work and me. Fareedi bi asks what happened in the club and says she watch his news, says she is a rockstar and his news goes public. She tells that King is right that you handles his work, reputation etc. Pragya says he always thought me as his friend and fulfilling this relation. She hopes that King don’t change, says he gave me work and name to Kiara. Fareedi Bi says your pain is still on your face with which you came here. Pragya says it will never get less and says I feel light talking to you, as you are like my mum. Fareedi Bi asks her to forget the past. Pragya says I have no way, nobody might remember me in Mumbai. Fareeda bi thinks I guess he realizes your love.

Abhi is sleeping and imagines Pragya disturbing his sleep with peacock feather. Udi Udi song plays….Abhi wakes up and runs behind her, he takes her to bed and kisses on her forehead. Song continues to play…..Pragya says I was just waking you up. Abhi says you didn’t know whom you have woken up, and says you have woken up hungry tiger. Pragya asks him to move. Abhi says I don’t know how to move and says I will have halwa, firni etc. Pragya gets shy and smiles. He gets closer to her. fb ends. He wakes up from sleep taking Pragya’s name and just then peacock feather flies and falls down there. Abhi picks it up.

Pragya searches for her specs. Kiara asks why you need specs in the morning. Pragya says I wear lenses in day time and need specs in the morning. Kiara says I want to see how cute you looks with specs. Pragya gets emotional and recalls abhi saying the same thing. Kiara holds her ears seeing her teary eyes and do sit ups. Pragya recalls Abhi doing the same thing. Kiara apologizes and says I love you Chasmish. Pragya recalls Abhi telling her same thing. She thinks there is no reason to look back, you have went away from me, but left your precious thing with me. She says I love you Kishmish.

Tanu comes to room and asks how can you sleep in the room when I am here. She says she has many feathers. Abhi asks her not to joke again and not to remind him of Pragya. Tanu says I didn’t take her name. Abhi says I hate her, her name and the moments with her. He says I didn’t drink coffee or messed up the room, as it reminds me of her. Dasi hears them. She comes to Abhi. Abhi says I said to leave me alone and says sorry seeing Dasi. He asks if everything is fine. Dasi says everything is fine, not you. Abhi says I am fine, and says it is regular husband and wife’s argument. Dasi says how you will hide from everyone that Pragya is still in your heart. Abhi asks her not to take her name again. Dasi asks why you are stopping us to take her name. She says you are alone when being with u. Abhi says I am happy with my life and Tanu. Dasi asks until when you will lie and says you are calling your compromised marriage as a happy one. She says you can throw Pragya out, but can’t throw her out of our hearts. She says if Pragya gave you wound then she will heal it too. He says if you proves me wrong then I will not call you puttar. He thinks why I couldn’t hide my feelings infront of Dasi. Aaliya hears them.

Pragya tells King that he has to visit many countries as per the contract and she will also come with him, but she will not come to Mumbai. King says he was a loser to leave you, and says if you had not in my life then I wouldn’t have punch.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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