Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi gives a surprise to Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2017 Written Episode

Pragya is opening gift. It’s box inside another box. After opening few, she says she is tired now. He says this is last and asks her to open. Finally gift comes out. It’s doll/toy, one boy and one girl with glasses. Pragya says from where he found that. He says he thought she must have kept that in Sarla’s home, so he stopped there. She says it’s best surprise. He takes her to mirror. They put it on dressing table. Abhi asks how gudda-guddi looking. She says perfect. Abhi hugs her from back and asks their jodi? She says best. Abhi says one thing is missing and asks her to close her eyes. He takes out glasses and puts it on her. He says now it looks perfect jodi. Dadi comes and says this is world’s best jodi. Dadi informs them tomorrow is Karvacahuth. Abhi asks Pragya she will keep fast? She says yes. He says then he needs to give a gift to her. He asks Dadi to turn behind and quickly kisses on Pragya’s cheek. He then tells Pragya to tell Dadi what gift he gave. Pragya feels shy. Dadi says she understood and tells them always be smiling like this. Tanu gets jealous. Dadi leaves. Abhi pulls Pragya and says let’s give a grandchild to Dadi. Pragya pushes him back. Tanu gets more jealous.

Tanu comes to Aaliya and says she must take some action against that Munni now. She keeps coming closer to Abhi as if she’s his wife. Aaliya gets mad and asks her to stop Munni Munni all the time. They have to worry about the papers. Someone stole papers from their car. They have to find out who did that. If Pragya was alive, then they could conclude that it was her, but that’s not the case. Tanu says Munni must have done it. Aaliya asks why she would do that? She only gave papers to them. Tanu says she’s falling in love with Abhi. Aaliya says she’s just jealous and has lost her brain and behaving stupid. Aaliya asks her to bring proof if she wants to prove herself. Tanu accepts the challenge.

Disha packs bag for Purab. He asks why she’s doing all that. He’s used to it. She says he was alone before, but not anymore. Pragya and Abhi come there. Abhi says he could have gone day after. Purab says it’s important. He will be back by evening tomorrow. Pragya says she’ll scold him if he makes Disha wait. Abhi tells Purab to come before moon comes out. He says he will.

Karvachauth preps are going on. Ladies sit to eat before sun comes out. Abhi comes in veil and says this is their secret to fast whole day. They party before sun comes out, so they don’t get hungry rest of the day. Abhi sits to eat as well. Ladies spot him eating like crazy and laugh. Pragya quietly goes to him and takes off the veil. He says he just came to see preps and now he knows how ladies keep fast. After eating this much, he can keep fast for 10 days. Dadi tells him keep fast and see. Pragya tells Dadi not to tell him to keep fast. If he doesn’t eat time to time, then gets irritated and then she has to handle him. He woke this early for her, that’s enough. Abhi says so he won’t keep fast for her.

Tanu wakes up to see from where all noise is coming. She sees Abhi and Pragya close and gets jealous. She asks why Aaliya can’t see this. She needs proof, right? She will give her proof today.

Precap: Tanu forces Pragya to eat to prove she didn’t keep fast. Pragya slaps her.

Update Credit to: Priya

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