Kumkum Bhagya 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir falls for Rhea’s digusting plan

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Kumkum Bhagya 25th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi and Sid sit in the car. Sid tries to star the car and it doesn’t start. He checks the car. Prachi also gets down. Her pallu gets stuck in his watch. He frees it. Ranbir looks at them and gets upset. Rhea gets upset and thinks the arrow has crossed the aim. She thinks Sid will open door for Prachi like a gentleman. Sid opens the door. Prachi sits. Ranbir is about to go, but Rhea stops him. They leave. Rhea asks him not to get jealous and tells that they have come so close that there is no space for you or your jealousy. She says they love each other so much, that her heart prays for their togetherness. Ranbir thinks of his moments with Prachi. Rhea continues to instigate Ranbir. Ranbir thinks to catch her red handed, thinks then I will see how she denies it. He sits in the car. Rhea says she will come with him. Ranbir leaves. Sid and Prachi pick Shahana from the way. Ranbir talks to employee and asks if our client is not staying in hotel sheraton. The employee says ok. Ranbir tells that if same thing happens again then I will kill Sid. Rhea calls Ranbir and asks him to return home. She says you will humiliate yourself and not them. She says I will take care of you. Ranbir asks her to end the call as he is following them. He ends the call. Rhea says cut my call 10 times. She is feeling good thinking what is he going to do with Prachi. She says I made her apologize to me, and tells that Ranbir will be hurt and Prachi will be punished. She says Ranbir will vent out her anger on Prachi without thinking like anything, like last time, Mission hotel is going to be success. She calls Aaliya and tells about instigating Ranbir. She says he went to catch them. Aaliya says right now, she is in mess and tells that the goons are angry with her, and called her to the hotel. She says she will go there and handle everything. Rhea thinks whenever she gets good news, it is never flawless. She thinks she will dance surely.

Aaliya comes to the hotel and starts beating the goon. The goon asks her to talk and aims gun at her. He says we are not your slave. Aaliya asks why did you kidnap my Rhea? The goon tells that the money is lost which Rhea gave. Aaliya says she had called Police to arrest them. The goon asks her to give 15 lakhs Rs, else they will show the video of Mihika to Police, in which she is exposing her. Aaliya agrees to give 15 lakhs to them and goes. Ranbir believes Rhea’s words and thinks he shall go to the hotel. He is on the way. The goon tells another goon that Aaliya said that she will give the money, but she threatened us too. The other goon says if we don’t get the money then we will not be saved. Mihika tries to shout. The goon threatens to kill her and covers her with the white bedsheet. Aaliya comes back and takes her phone. She sees Mihika. The goon asks what do you think that we killed her, we know her value. Aaliya asks another goon if is Rathi ‘s brother. He says yes. Rathi comes there and tells that they are loyal to money. They ask Aaliya to bring money. Prachi, Sid and Shahana see Aaliya and hide. She thinks if she shall check, but then goes.

Shahana says Aaliya buji went. Sid says we can tackle the goons, but not Aaliya. Ranbir comes to the hotel and asks what is my friend’s room number. The receptionist tells that first I have to inform the customer that you have come. Ranbir flirts with her and then tells that he came to meet his friend, who came with his fiance. He shows Prachi’s pic to her. The receptionist says she is beautiful, but she is not here. She checks and tells that the room is not booked in the register. He checks and thanks her. He offers her a job. He thinks if they changed their plan and went to another hotel. He thinks to check in other hotels. Shahana tells Sid that she didn’t know about his sister. Sid says I didn’t tell anyone. Prachi asks them to talk in low tone. Prachi stops outside the room, hearing the goon. Shahana says Aaliya is dealing with the goons, who had kidnapped Rhea. Sid says she didnt know that they are clever than her. They hide seeing goon about to come. The goon comes out. Shahana distracts the goon, while Prachi pushes his phone near him. The goon picks his phone, ignores his doubt and goes to order tea. Prachi tells Sid that they have to bring Mihika out. She gets some idea from goons.

Precap: Aaliya and the goon hits Prachi, Sid and Mihika and make them faint, and falls down. Shahana gets shocked. Aaliya then hits on Shahana’s head and makes her fall down too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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