Kumkum Bhagya 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi happy in his marriage with Tanu, Pragya saves king

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Kumkum Bhagya 25th April 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the audience cheering for King. King tells the girl that she is the 49th girl. Her boyfriend tells King that he is best for the girl. King challenges him. They drink wine. King wins as the man gets dizzy. Pragya and Kiara come there. Kiara says where we will search Dada, as there is a crowd here. Pragya says he must be somewhere here. Kiara says Dada will be in crowded place. She sees King and calls his name. King sees her and comes to her. Kiara kisses him and says you got 1 million hit for the album. She asks why you are partying here. King gets happy and thanks Pragya. Pragya says she wanted to wish you and that’s why I brought her here. She says she will take her in sometime. King asks someone to take care of his daughter and asks Pragya to dance with him. Pragya says I don’t know dance. King says I know. Abhi and Tanu go to the dance floor. Aaliya asks him to dance with his wife and show jalwa. Kiara asks Pragya to dance. Pragya dances with King. Abhi dances with Tanu. He is about to slip and recalls dancing with Pragya. Tanu says sorry. Song plays.

Pragya also thinks of Abhi. She imagines Abhi. Abhi imagines Pragya. Everyone claps. They come out of imagination. Pragya thanks Jenny for taking care of Kiara. King tells Kiara that Pragya don’t want to dance with him. Pragya says it is not like that. He says he will come on time after his punches gets finished. Pragya leaves with Kiara. Abhi thinks why I thought of dancing with Pragya, I have moved on and is happy in my life. He thinks he and his family are happy and hates her. Pragya thinks why she thought of him as he hates her. She asks why she is missing him, when her life is complete with Kiara and King. Abhi says I will not let any bewafa ruin my life and hates her name, face etc. Pragya says she will never miss him. Abhi regrets to love her.

A girl Annie flirts with King. King says I have a queen. He flirts with her. Ronnie comes and says she is her girl friend. King beats him. Pragya gets a call and rushes back. She asks Inspector not to arrest her husband. Inspector says he has taken drugs. Pragya asks do you have a daughter or son and tells that their daughter thoughts of him as her hero and asks him not to arrest him. Inspector says I have understood hindi. Pragya says if my daughter came to know that her Dada is arrested then she will get hurt. Inspector leaves King with a warning. A woman tells Pragya that her husband was trying to get closer to Ronnie’s girl friend or wife. Pragya takes King with her.

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Abhi is in his room when Tanu comes and hugs him. He asks do you need anything. Tanu nods no and asks can’t I give you anything. She gives him gift and wishes him happy anniversary. Abhi says sorry for not bringing any gift for him. He opens the gift and says he likes the watch. Tanu smiles. Abhi says I will wear this watch always and says I shall do my first work according to the time. He asks her to close her eyes and gifts her diamond watch. Tanu hugs and thanks him. She says she is happy when they got married and it was best day. She says I would have given you happiness before also, if Pragya was not in your life. Abhi says I want to forget her name. Tanu says she was in your life. Abhi says she was my life’s biggest mistake and tells that Dadi died because of her. He says you are my life’s biggest truth and happiness. He says you are the best thing that happened? Tanu hugs him.

Pragya tells King that it is her duty to keep his image clear and reminds him of his responsibility towards Kiara. She says if you would have arrested then what she would have been effected, you are world for her and you are her father for the world.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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