Kumkum Bhagya 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 24th July 2017 Written Episode

Tannu comes to the room cheerful that Pragya is dead. Aaliya tells her to stay very cautious, there is a possibility Mitali is over hearing them. Tannu confirms that Mitali isn’t outside. She asks Aaliya to celebrate as she can dance without music today. Aaliya sends Tanu away as she wants to sleep on her own bed today.
Munni comes to Abhi’s room worried that she doesn’t know what to do. Abhi was inside the room. She half shuts the door. Munni thinks she is stuck otherwise would never have betrayed such a nice man. She vows to tell him the truth as soon as she gets a chance. She bangs her head over the door. Abhi was worried and tells her not to bang her head, she must not stress herself and think much. He promised to always take care of her. Munni apologizes Abhi by saying the dialogues with much difficulty. Abhi tells her to lay down and not think much. She asks why? Abhi says he wants her to take rest, if she is thinking about something else. Munni looks around and says the room looks good. Abhi says he changed a lot after she left the house.
The family discuss they were against Pragya’s decision to keep Aaliya and Tanu in the house. Dadi tells them to stop this discussion, Abhi is coming. Abhi says he knows well they aren’t happy by his decision but he did everything for Pragya. She has bear a lot, she was away for a whole month after getting bullet shot. She has gone through a lot, her behavior has changed a lot as well. He doesn’t want to disturb her anymore. He would not give her any reason to part away. Dadi says they have not been able to trust the story of Aaliya and Tanu. They try to convince Abhi they must keep a close eye at Aaliya and Tanu, may be they are blackmailing Pragya. Abhi says he will treat them both well once Pragya is fine.
Mitali watches Munni’s odd behavior in the room. Munna speaks to herself that she needs to speak to herself else she will suffocate here. She jumps around saying this floor is so smooth. Mitali wonders how her hair have grown so long, and what is she wearing. She must find out about it. Munni notices someone was outside and asks who it is. Mitali comes in. Purab stops Abhi in the corridor, he assures Abhi his side in all his decisions. Purab tells Abhi that he has to go and meet Mr. Khandelval to a village at Haryana to collect the cheque. He has to leave for Canada later so its important to collect the cheque from him. Abhi says he does a lot for him.
Mitali poses to feel dizzy saying she has a stomach ache. Munni tells her about a herbal tip. Mitali explains it’s a different stomach ache. Mitali says when she is unable to find something and is unable to do so she gets a stomach ache. She wants to know what is she wearing, and how her hair grew and about her language; she didn’t know this all. Munni says it was only by the way, she was in the village for one month and opted the language the people spoke there. Mitali tells her to either explain the matter or teach her this language. Munni tells Mitali to bring her face, she will touch it and she will learn the language. She slaps Mitali on the face. Mitali says if she gets another slap she would even forget the Hindi she knows. Munni deters her to leave now, else she would slap on the other side.
Aaliya comes across Purab in the corridor. She asks Purab to give her a single chance, she promises to always keep him happy. Purab says she robbed him of his happiness, she would never keep her happy. Aaliya says either he must decide to marry her by himself or is waiting for Abhi’s order. He is Abhi’s manager, if he orders him he must marry her. Purab was sure Abhi would never listen to her demand. Their paths would never meet. He leaves. Aaliya decides to marry him through Munni.

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PRECAP: Tannu deters Munni not to get over their heads. Munni doesn’t come under Tannu’s influence.

Update Credit to: Sona

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