Kumkum Bhagya 23rd January 2017 Written *Maha* Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd January 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to drop Pragya to her house and tells that he will tell Sarla about his decision. Pragya tries to stop him and says I will tell her. Abhi says decision is mine, if she gets upset with you and says I will tell her. Pragya thinks what to do now. Purab asks Aaliya and Tanu, why did they involve Sarla in this drama. He says you have sent Abhi intentionally to give shock to Sarla. He asks if you have a heart or not. Aaliya says I am heartless now as you have broken my heart. Purab says you are mad and can do anything to get victory. Aaliya asks him to stop blaming her and says I heard that you have molested a girl in the Pub. Purab says I didn’t tease any girl. Aaliya says I know, but I want to confirm it with your mouth. She says she will win only. Purab says I will celebrate once I win. Aaliya says Abhi might have told Sarla about this news and don’t know what will happen to her health. Purab says I don’t leave you if anything happens to her. He goes. Aaliya asks him to be careful while driving, says if anything happens to you then who will get engaged to Pragya. Tanu laughs.

Sarla asks Beeji, how we will stop the engagement now. She asks Beeji why did she support Pragya. Beeji says I told you to let Pragya do whatever she wants, she is an intelligent girl. Sarla asks her not to change words and says what they will do if neighbors question them. Pragya rings the door bell. Sarla is angry. Beeji says nobody can save Pragya from Sarla’s anger now. Purab goes to Dadi’s room and tries calling Abhi. He says there is no network. Dadi asks what happened? Purab says Sarla came to know about this engagement through Aaliya, and says that Aaliya asked Abhi to personally invite Sarla and her family for engagement. He says Sarla will be very angry and will take out anger on Abhi. Dadi is shocked and wonders what will happen now.

Pragya sees Sarla’s reaction and thinks why she is angry. If Aaliya called her. Abhi greets Sarla and asks if she is angry. Beeji says no, and asks Janki to bring water for Abhi. Abhi senses their displeasure and asks why they are upset. He says you are like my family and I will be happy to help you. Beeji says there is nothing. Sarla says matter is serious and you are the reason for it. Abhi asks what? Beeji says she is joking. Sarla says no, and says you shall know what wrong you have done with us. Abhi is confused. Beeji asks Sarla to bring halwa for him. Abhi says I was about to feed you sweets. Sarla says she can’t drink water also after knowing his doings. Beeji asks Sarla to go. Abhi asks Sarla to tell why she is angry with him. Sarla is about to tell him the truth, but Beeji asks Sarla to go and bring halwa for him. Sarla feels helpless.

She goes to kitchen and searches for lighter. Pragya asks her to use induction stove. She says I didn’t know that he would declare such a thing. Sarla asks why didn’t you stop the happenings. Pragya asks her not to take tension and says we will do something. Sarla says you can’t do anything as you think about today, and I think about future, says she will tell truth to Abhi. Pragya asks Sarla to give them one day’s time, says they will take out some solution. Sarla asks what if you couldn’t stop engagement, and asks if you will do engagement with your dead sister’s husband. Pragya is shocked. Sarla says you will not stoop like Aaliya and says she said right that people will say that my daughter have two husbands.

Pragya says Aaliya is behind this plotting and says if you tell truth to Abhi then you will be supporting Aaliya. Sarla says she is doing this for her daughters, says she will tell truth to Abhi. Pragya asks her to listen to her once. Beeji asks Abhi to see the new game. Abhi asks her to leave game and asks why Sarla is angry with him. Beeji asks him not to take tension and asks when he will play game and challenge her, says he is 2000 points less than her. Abhi says he couldn’t play game since 2 days and was thinking about Purab and Pragya’s engagement. Sarla brings halwa and keeps on table. Abhi asks Sarla to tell why she is upset and what he has done? He sits. Abhi asks her to tell why she is upset with him. Sarla turns and looks at Pragya.

Sarla asks Abhi, if he wants to see her happy. Abhi says yes. Sarla asks him to cancel Pragya and Purab’s engagement. She says you would have asked me before fixing her engagement, I am her mum. Abhi says I didn’t want to surprise Pragya, have fixed her engagement so that I can secure her relation with Purab. I just wants to protect her and thought about her happiness. He says he have taken this decision as her son, and says he needs her blessings. He says this girl is my friend, but your family. Sarla hugs him. Abhi thanks her. Beeji says we will come to your house if you keep engagement there. Abhi says okay and asks Pragya not to take off tomorrow. Beeji asks him to stay there. Abhi says you are dangerous and will make me play game all night.

Pragya thanks Sarla not telling Abhi about the truth. Sarla asks her not to waste time and to call Purab, and stop the engagement somehow. She says you both have less time. He comes home and thinks why he is not feeling good. Tanu and Aaliya ask him if Sarla got angry with him. Abhi says no, and says she is extra sweet and fed him with halwa. Tanu and Aaliya are shocked. They say Sarla get angrily fast. Abhi says no. He says he has some work with Pragya tomorrow. Tanu and Aaliya think that they thought Sarla would be morning and fed him halwa, thinks Pragya must have stopped him.

Pragya calls Aaliya and asks how dare she to call Sarla and provoked her against them. Aaliya says she is behind this plotting. She accepts to have given idea to Abhi, then calling Sarla and telling her everything, and then asking Abhi to inform Sarla about engagement. She says I believe in transparency, and asks if she will stop the engagement or see her mum’s health. She says she will take special care of Sarla on her engagement day, as she will give her shock later on to make her die. She asks her to think about saving Sarla or stopping her engagement, and says she will make plan now. Pragya thinks what she will do now.

Mitali asks Dadi to have food. Dadi says she don’t want to have food. Pragya comes. Mitali asks her to feed food to Dadi. Pragya takes plate from her. Dadi asks Pragya about Sarla’s mood and asks if she scolded you. Pragya asks her to do breakfast first. Dadi says okay and eats food. She asks how is Sarla’s mood? Pragya says Sarla gave them one day’s time and if they couldn’t stop engagement then…she will tell truth to Abhi. She calls Purab. Purab says he has some idea and says he will come and tell them. Pragya asks him to come. Dadi prays to God to stop this engagement. Pragya asks Dadi to have breakfast.

Abhi tries different clothes looking in the mirror. Pragya comes there. Abhi says he will bear the engagement expenses as he exploded bomb on them. He says it was Aaliya’s idea. Pragya refuses to take his favor. Abhi says I will cut expenses from your salary and will do maximum expenses so that you can stay with me for forever, says bandhua mazdoor. Pragya is shocked and wonders what to do, as Purab is coming now. They reach the shopping mall. Aaliya taunts Pragya and says some people marries twice. Abhi says this is her first time marriage. Abhi goes to check something. Aaliya says she made Abhi shopping for her engagement.

Tanu taunts her. Pragya tells Aaliya that this engagement will not happen, and says you will know after reaching home. She says Abhi will get closer to me, the more you try to separate him from me. She says he will be with me all day today, and will decorate my Doli when he gets married to me. She says I have many ideas to stop engagement, may be I will forcibly get engaged to him, then what you will do. Tanu and Aaliya are shocked and angry. Tanu tells Aaliya that they shall not reply her. Aaliya challenges her that she will see if Abhi marries her or Tanu. Tanu stops Aaliya.

Abhi calls Pragya as fuggi. Salesgirl asks who is fuggi? Abhi says she is the one for whom I am selecting this dress. Pragya comes there and asks if he called her. Abhi praises Pragya and says she is his biggest fan and his best friend, goes on praising her and her qualities. Salesgirl says she is pretty. Pragya asks Abhi to stop praising her and asks where is the dress. Salesgirl shows the dresses and asks them to stand there, so that she can try the dress on Pragya, and asks Abhi to tell how that dress is looking on her. Abhi says so she will be statue, and asks Pragya not to move. Bheegi Bheegi Sadakon me main…Sanam Re.plays………………Abhi tries dresses on Pragya and makes her wear dupatta. Aaliya and Tanu are upset.

Abhi looks at Pragya and they have an eye lock. He says you are looking like a bride. Aaliya says she is romancing Abhi and asks Tanu to stop them. Tanu says okay and goes. She asks Abhi if Pragya selected the dress. Abhi says yes. Tanu says lets select dress for me. She checks lehenga and says this is the lehenga which I have shortlisted for our marriage. She says she will go to trial room. Abhi says we came here for Pragya’s engagement shopping. Tanu asks if we can’t shop for me, and asks him to come and stand outside Trial room. Abhi says okay I will come. Pragya gets upset. Tanu smiles. She asks the salesgirl to send the dress to Trial room. Salesgirl asks you are here? Tanu asks do I know you? Salesgirl says you came with that Sir/Man. Tanu is tensed.

Pragya asks the salesgirl if she knows her. Salesgirl says yes, and tells that Tanu came there few months ago with a man. Abhi looks on. Tanu is tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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