Kumkum Bhagya 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya are in the car. Abhi is drunk still and tells Pragya that he is feeling hot. Pragya asks driver to increase AC volume. Abhi says he is still feeling hot. Pragya asks him to open his shirt button. Abhi asks her to help him open his shirt button. Pragya asks if he is feeling good now…He says you are very good fuggi, wherever you are with me….I feel good. Aa Zara Khareeb Se song plays in his car. Abhi moves his finger on her face and romances with her. Pragya asks driver to stop the song. Abhi asks if you didn’t like this song….Pragya says no…Abhi says I heard this song in the room, where you asked me for dance and dances there with me. Pragya thinks he was seeing me in place of Tanu. Abhi gets closer to her and is about to kiss her. Sanam Re plays…………Pragya looks on. Tanu thinks Pragya trapped her and kept her in jail. She thinks Purab will not help her and thinks Aaliya is the one who can help her come out. She tries talking to Inspector and asks him to talk to her in loving tone. Inspector asks do you want to trap me. Tanu asks him to let her call her lawyer. Inspector agrees.

Aaliya thinks where is Tanu. Tanu calls Aaliya from Police station’s phone and tells her that she is in police station and asks her to bail her out else she will become criminal among criminal. She says I’ m alone here, Purab and Pragya trapped me here. She asks her to come and bail her out. Aaliya says I can’t afford to lose my image because of you. Tanu begs infront of her to bail her out. Aaliya says she will come and help her only this time. Inspector takes the phone back.

Abhi asks why the scene is cut again and says how our picture will be completed. Pragya says our picture will complete surely. Abhi is doing strange things. Pragya is quite surprised and asks what you are doing? Abhi says everything is moving round…Pragya asks him to keep his head on her lap and sleep. Abhi keeps his head on her lap. Pragya asks him to close eyes and sleep. Abhi says you will leave me and go. Pragya says I will not leave you and asks him to sleep. Abhi says he needs to hear lori to sleep. Pragya is surprised and smiles, asks if he is a child to hear lori. Abhi says you are making me sleep like a child naa, so you should sing lori for me too.

Pragya sings lori lori Chandaniya……song….Abhi sleeps hearing the lori, but driver puts sudden break and he is about to fall down the seat, but Pragya holds him. She thinks he is looking innocent while sleeping. She is about to kiss him. Abhi opens his eyes and asks what she is doing? Why she brought her mouth closer to his forehead. Pragya says I was checking if you slept. Abhi says no, you was checking my nose and thought to switched off my button. Pragya says correct. Abhi says I am a rockstar and says I makes people quiet, but they can’t make me quiet. Pragya asks him to close eyes and sleep. Abhi tells her that he is very hungry. Pragya says we will have food at dhaba.

Dadi calls Sarla and tells her that Pragya reached Lonavala on time and saved Abhi. She is bringing him back to Mumbai now. Sarla is happy and says God heard our request. Dadi cuts the call. Dasi asks her to stay peacefully. Dadi says I didn’t tell her that Abhi is fully drunk. Dasi says Pragya is with him and she will bring him home safely. She is hopeful and says Abhi can confess love to Pragya. Dadi says whatever God did was for betterment. She says Tanu made Abhi drink, but Pragya got advantage.

At Dhaba, Pragya makes Abhi have food. Abhi asks her if she had food? Pragya says no. Abhi asks why do you wear specs? Pragya tells that she has a number. Abhi says no, and says there is a secret and that’s why you tries to hide it behind the specs. Pragya says it is not like that, I want my heart talk to be known to you. Abhi wears her specs and looks at her eyes…….Pragya also looks at him….Allah Wariyan plays………….Abhi tells her that there is a deep secret in your eyes, you love someone but don’t want to tell his name, don’t you worry….I can see his name and face too in your eyes. Pragya smiles. Abhi looks in her eyes carefully and says I saw myself in your eyes. Pragya smiles. Abhi asks if that man is me….Pragya smiles and makes him have food. Abhi says that man is me…..He asks the boy serving food about his name. Pragya asks if he goes to school. He says yes. Abhi says you likes kids. Pragya says I know that even you likes kids. Abhi asks if you will have kids, what you will name him…

Pragya thinks about Abhi telling her that their child name will be Abhigya……Abhi says he didn’t hear this name before. Pragya says it is a combo of two names and never used before, says it is also a secret. Abhi asks her to look at him. Pragya says Dadi is waiting for us, and asks him to have food. He makes her eat food…..Pragya also eats food with his hand. Abhi bites her hand while eating food mischievously. Pragya pays the bill amount and asks the boy not to miss school. Abhi laughs and claps with his legs. Two Singhs come there and greet Abhi asking if he identified him…Abhi calls him Sindhu..and then tells different name. They greet Pragya and calls her Bhabhi ji….Abhi looks on.

Aaliya comes to bail out Tanu. Purab taunts her and asks her to come home with him. He says I bail out Abhi, and asks her to let Tanu in jail so that she can get some mind. Aaliya says you blamed Tanu with cheap accusations. Purab says she did cheap thing. He says you are more cheap than her. The person asks Abhi why don’t he come to his garage? Abhi says cars are working properly, but don’t worry I will make it malfunctioned to bring to your garage. They leave. Abhi tells Pragya that they thought her as Tanu and called Bhabhi ji…to her. Pragya smiles.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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