Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi seeing Pragya’s legs and says it is fuggi legs. Pragya is under the bed and searches for the card. Abhi also gets inside the bed and asks what she is doing here? Pragya says she was searching some papers. Abhi asks if you was searching some private things and shows the card. Pragya asks him to give the card. Abhi says this is not shopping card, but greeting card. They see something hanging on to the window. Pragya says it is bat. They come out and run in the room. Bat comes inside and flies above their head. They throw things to get rid of bat. Then they hide behind the bed and throw pillows on bed. Abhi asks her to catch the bat using the blanket and says it can change our destiny. Being afraid of bat, they jump on bed and covers blanket over them. Abhi tells her that may be bat is gone and asks her to go and check. Pragya says you are a man and asks him to check. Abhi says even man feels pain and says I have seen you scolding 4 guys. Pragya moves blanket and peeps out, sees bat and shouts. Abhi also shouts…..

Pragya says how to make bat go? Abhi says we shall sleep here. Pragya says I can’t stay here, else Sarla will get angry. She asks him to make bat go. They argue. Pragya says please. Abhi says okay just because you said. He moves his tshirt and the bat flies out. Abhi says it went because of a rockstar. Bat comes again. Abhi hugs her and covers themselves in blanket. Allah Wariyan plays……They have an eye lock. Tanu comes there and thinks if thief entered his room. She sees Abhi’s leg and thinks he is with whom? She hears Abhi asking if she is scared. Pragya says no. Tanu pulls blanket and sees them close. She scolds Abhi and says you should have been with me today. Abhi goes behind Tanu asking Pragya to wait for him. Pragya wishes that they spend their entire life like this. He tells her that a bat entered his room and he was just trying to save Pragya and cover themselves with blanket. Tanu says I know you are doing this as you likes Pragya more. He says yes, and then says I didn’t do this intentionally. Tanu says we will spend half day together. Tanu asks him for a hug. He hugs her.

Purab is thinking about Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya asks him if he thought Abhi and Pragya will unite after cold storage incident. Purab tells her that they have united and says Abhi have already feeling for Pragya. Aaliya says he gives more importance to commitment and says he will marry Tanu after 7 days. Then Pragya can’t do anything and have to shed tears. Purab says you will cry with your friend Tanu. He says if marriage happens then also there will be no advantage. Aaliya says I don’t care if Abhi loves Tanu or not, even Tanu don’t care, she wants to stay with him just. She asks if Pragya will stay as naukrani of Abhi after his marriage with Tanu, and asks if you will marry her then. Purab raises his hand to slap her, but stops himself. Aaliya says I know you will not raise hand on me, and that’s why I loves you. Purab goes angrily. Aaliya thinks once Tanu gets married, I will concentrate on you.

Purab and Abhi are doing exercises. Abhi goes and comes back. Purab asks Abhi what happened last night. Abhi asks if Pragya told you? Purab says he has some sources. Abhi says Robin must have told you. Purab asks what she told you? Abhi is silent. Purab says now her feelings are confirmed. Abhi says even Tanu gave me card. He says until I confirm with Pragya, I will not be sure.

Dasi’s foot sprains and gets swollen. Dadi says I don’t have ointment. Pragya tries to check her foot. Dadi asks her to bring pain killer from Abhi’s room. Pragya goes. Dasi cries in pain. Abhi thinks if I am doing right by listening to my heart. He says I am marrying Tanu, but loves Pragya. He says if it will be good to love her when she don’t want to marry. He thinks if she is suitable for his status and thinks to find out.

Abhi asks Pragya what she is doing in his washroom. Pragya hides her face and turns and tells that matter is about the truth. Abhi asks what? Pragya signs at his legs. Abhi covers himself with his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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