Kumkum Bhagya 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid reveals truth to Ranbir

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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dida asking Sid if he don’t want to do this marriage. Sid says he don’t want to get married to anyone. Dida asks him to get a glass of water. Sid says ok. Aryan tells that doctor’s number is deleted. Vikram asks if anyone saw my phone. Pallavi asks where is your phone? Aryan finds his phone and gives it to Vikram. Rhea and Ranbir come back. Rhea asks why you all are standing, and asks where is Sid. She asks why the marriage is stopped? Prachi says Dida is unwell. Pallavi says she got heart attack. Ranbir asks where is Dida? Vikram says she is in her room. Rhea asks why you stopped the marriage, you should have continued it. Pallavi asks what is wrong with you, nobody got sneezed here, Dida got heart attack. Prachi says she can’t wait and will go and see Dida. Aaliya tries to stop her. Prachi goes. Pallavi asks if Doctor number is connected. Vikram says no. Shahana collides with Aaliya intentionally and then says sorry. Aaliya says you do this deliberately. Ranbir goes to Dida’s room. Dida is still acting and asks Ranbir to stop the marriage. She says she is feeling much pain. Ranbir says it is not in my hands to stop this marriage. Did asks him to stop Prachi. Rhea goes behind Prachi and asks her to stop, takes her to side. Sid asks Dida to tell truth to Ranbir. Ranbir says Dida is not feeling pain, you want to say that she is acting and says just because you hide things, that doesn’t mean that others do the same. He takes Sid to other room. Dida asks them to listen.

Rhea says you are marrying Sid, but is romancing with your brother in law. Prachi asks her not to cross her limits. Rhea says you knew that Ranbir and I are married, then also you left Sushma aunty’s house and came here. She says you are searching excuses to stop this marriage. Prachi says Dida is unwell and you are thinking all this. Rhea says she will think this until she will try. Prachi says she dont want to fight with her. Rhea says whenever something new or exciting is going to happen in my life, you do something. Prachi says she needs to go and see Dida. Rhea says don;t worry about anyone, and think about just Sid. She asks her to get married and leave. Prachi says I want to say that don’t show your face again. She says I am not selfish like you and says if Dida wouldn’t have been unwell, then I would have pushed you out from the house. Rhe says you will push me out. She pushes Prachi and she falls down. Prachi holds her tummy and gets up. Rhea laughs. Prachi says you didn’t just harm me but also my baby. She says how can you be insensitive when you are pregnant, that means you are not pregnant. Dida asks Ranbir to listen. Ranbir takes Sid to room and slaps him, blaming him for Dida’s condition. He says since you came in my life, you ruined it. He says you have sight on Prachi from day 1. He says I never thought that my brother my eye his bhabhi. He beats him. Sid says listen to me once. Dida says don’t fight. She thinks to go and tell Vikram. Sid tells Ranbir that he had no bad sight on Prachi, and whatever is happening is a drama. He says he never wanted to marry Prachi. Prachi tells Rhea that she came to know about the truth and was doubtful on her. Rhea says you are saying due to the doubt. She asks if you have any proofs. Prachi says you will yourself proof. She says I don’t know how to conspire like you and says I am just 2 mins elder than you. She says I have done enough of sister’s rights, and now its time for sautan dharm. She says no woman will stay with her sautan, this is my house and I will stay here. Rhea says wow Prachi, you are playing games with me. Rhea says I got the DNA test done, and it takes time for the report to come, but you don’t have time. She says I had understood your game to stop this marriage, but it will not happen. She says you said that you didn’t know how to conspire and says I did that. Prachi says everyone will see the truth one day. Rhea says I don’t have months , but you don’t have hours. She says I will change the report like changing your destiny. Prachi says you are shameless to have betrayed everyone, you knows well how much Mummy loves you and you are playing with everyone’s emotions. Rhea says she will enjoy maximum seeing all this. She says my godh bharayi had happened, when I have nothing in my womb, someone was blessing me and giving me gift, I enjoyed at first, but then I felt boring and don’t understand why doesn’t the family understand, I don’t want baby and just wants Ranbir. She says I get tired. She says I am relieved that you know that I am not pregnant and says when you know that I am not pregnant, I came to know something. She says you knows where is Mihika?

Prachi is shocked. Rhea says even God must be shocked and says you made gang with Sid, else wouldn’t have agreed for marriage. She says I didnt think this before, else wouldn’t have played this game. She says previously one person was working for me, and now two will work, and the marriage will happen in full speed. She says lets go, and says marriage mahurat is ending. She smiles and goes.

Ranbir says I remember that you want to marry Prachi. Sid says this is not truth, I was helpless to agree to marry Prachi. He says Aaliya and Rhea have kidnapped Mihika. Ranbir asks how much you will lie? Sid says I will call Aaliya? he calls her, but she doesn’t pick the call. Ranbir says how can you put blame on others to prove yourself right and says you are fraud. Sid gets Aaliya’s call and shows Ranbir. He says I want to clear everything today, and says you are my brother and I respect your love for Prachi. He says they have been blackmailing me and threatening to kill Mihika. He says I was attacked when I came from Bangalore. Ranbir doesn’t believe him and says what is the reason for them to attack you. Sid says they couldn’t kill me, and that’s why kidnapped Mihika. He says they have kept her hostage somewhere. He says Aaliya will call again. Aaliya calls Sid and asks him to go to terrace, as she don’t want anyone to hear them. Sid says ok, I will go to terrace and ends the call. Ranbir says it doesn’t prove your point. He takes him with him.

Dida comes to Vikram and Pallavi and tells that Ranbir and Sid are fighting. They ask why you came here. Pallavi blames Prachi for this. Aryan asks them to understand Ranbir’s feelings. Prachi asks Dida to relax and says you are unwell. Dida says I am fine, I wouldn’t have acted if Pallavi has taken this decision of marriage.

Precap: Ranbir tells Sid that their truth will come infront of everyone. Prachi asks Ranbir what to say. Ranbir says truth, due to which they are separating, you, me and our child.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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