Kumkum Bhagya 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Prachi, Ranbir and others return home

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Kumkum Bhagya 21st November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranbir asking Aryan to see the goons laughing. The goons laugh. Aryan tells him that the bullet is not in the gun. Ranbir says sorry, I didn’t run. They begin running pushing the goons. The goon come behnind them. Ranbir and others fight with them. Prachi opens the door and asks them to run. They run outside and closes the door. Shahana says how to leave them locked. Police comes there. Ranbir says lets go. They leave. The goon blames boss for asking him to bring Rhea back. Vikram tells that Ranbir is not here, I am trying to call him, and tells that Prachi, Shahana and Aryan are also not at home. Pallavi says where is Prachi, she shall be here for her sangeet ceremony and I am fedup of making excuses. Dida brings veiled Sid. Pallavi says Dida is bringing whom. Aaliya says she is walking like man. Pallavi asks Dida who is she? Dida tells she is Prachi. She makes excuses and asks Pallavi to call the guests to give shagun. The guest lady asks why did you keep the veil as today is your sangeet.

Dida makes an excuse that nobody can see the face for 30 mins. The lady gives the shagun. Pallavi asks Dida if Prachi is there, then who is she? Dida says magic. She tells that Prachi was not at home, so she thought to do this. Pallavi asks why didn’t you tell me. Dida says she thought this is the right option. They see Prachi, Ranbir and others coming there. aaliya thinks even Mihika is with them. Vikram tells Dida that she should have made some girl as Prachi. Dida says she got this guy and wrapped saree on him. Pallavi asks who is he? dida asks her to lift the veil and see. Pallavi says guests are here, not now. Vikram says guests might say that there are two Prachis. Sid asks where is hide? They see his face. Dida hides him behind the table. Pallavi asks Prachi where did she go, today is her sangeet and asks her to show some maturity. She says you knows well that everyone was asking about you, and scolds her for disrespecting them. Ranbir asks Pallavi to let Prachi answer. Pallavi says she knows only to ruin our respect.

Ranbir tells that Prachi has saved their house respect and saved Rhea and Mihika today. Vikram asks who were they? Aryan says human traffickers who kidnaps girls and sells them. Rhea tells that Mihika had gone to take back the gifts from the hotel, tells that she went there as she didn’t come. She tells that she saw Mihika kidnapped by the goons. She says Shahana saw the goons kidnapping Mihika and her, and that’s why she called Aryan and Prachi. She says Ranbir saved them. Ranbir asks why you are lying and tells that Prachi has saved them, and tells that Shahana didn’t tell the location fully, but Prachi was adamant to save her sister. He says I hope Police caught them. Rhea says two goons have escaped.

Dida asks Pallavi and Aaliya to apologize to Prachi. Pallavi and Aaliya say sorry. Dida asks Sid to hide. Mihika sees Sid and smiles. The goon indisguise of a waiter aims gun at Mihika. Mihika gets scared. Ranbir laughs seeing in saree and says he will see Sid when Prachi wears the saree. Vikram says my sympathy is with you. Dida takes Sid to room and takes off bad sight from him. Prachi and Shahana come there. Dida thanks Prachi and goes. Shahana tells everything to Sid that the goons wanted money from Aaliya and kidnapped Rhea. She tells that they wanted to sell Mihika and Rhea. She says Rhea gave her own ransom money and asked them to keep Mihika. Mihika comes there and says she asked goons to do whatever they want and sell her. She tells that even now she is not safe and asks them to weaken their power. She hugs Sid and cries. She goes out. Prachi tells Sid that they have to wait till Rhea’s report comes.

Precap: Rhea tells Aaliya that you don’t understand Mihika is here? She says our truth can be exposed. Aaliya and Rhea drag someone holding his legs. Pallavi scolds Prachi for dancing with Ranbir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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