Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 21st July 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Aaliya and Tanu to get out. Aaliya says she didn’t come here to stay. She says when Tanu told that she is pregnant with your child, Pragya took a selfless decision and went far from you. She says same way she has realized his importance after going far from him, she don’t want place in the house, but in his heart. She says I really missed you. She asks Tanu to come and sheds fake tears. She says we will not get his forgiveness. Munni thinks she is ahead of me in acting. Abhi asks Robin to bring water. He sprinkles water on her face. Munni pretends to wake up. Tanu and Aaliya are leaving, and think why she is not calling us.

Munni calls them and asks where you both are going. Tanu says thank god, you are fine and stopped us. Aaliya starts acting and says your heart is so big that you have always forgiven us and asks for forgiveness. Pragya says I can see how much you are repenting for your doings, and says I have forgiven you both as you have accepted your mistakes. Aaliya cries and thanks her. She thinks once we shift in the house, then financial crisis will end. Abhi asks Pragya why she was committing suicide. Munni tells the dialogues told by Aaliya and tells that it seems like she was in darkness and was no support, so she thought to end her life. Everyone is surprised and worried. Tanu says she has clinical depression and she will suggest psychiatrist for her.

Aaliya tells Tanu that they have done their duty and shall say bye to everyone now. She acts and apologizes to Dadi, Taya ji, Tayi ji and emotionally blackmails Raj and Abhi. She asks Dasi to take care of Dadi. They turn to go. Munni stops them and tells the dialogues taught by Aaliya, and says you have saved me and my family, thank you very much. She asks Abhi to forgive them if he really loves her. Mitali thinks if Abhi will say yes. Dadi says Abhi forgave them many times, but not now. Dasi says Abhi forgave them many times and then they have taken advantage of him. Dadi says Abhi will never forgive them and says they don’t deserve sympathy, and if they return then house peace will be finished. Dasi says they are naag and will bite us. Munni says we have to forgive them being elders. We have to make them Tulsi. Dadi says they will never change. Aaliya acts to cry.

Dadi and Dasi refuse to forgive them. Munni thinks all dialogues are ending. She says it is your blood and says own blood brought me here. Dadi asks her not to argue, and says we will not forgive them or let them stay here. Pragya says Abhi will agree as his heart is big than his guitar. Abhi says ok, if you are saying then I will give permission to let them stay here. Aaliya thanks Abhi. Abhi says I gave you permission, but didn’t forgive you. Munni says if you stay here, then you will get forgiveness. Tanu asks Aaliya where I will go, Munni asks her to stay here till she gets the house. Tanu says I will start modeling, earn money and will leave from here. Munni thinks she will not leave anymore and tells that her head is paining. They take her to room.

In the room, Abhi recalls Bulbul’s deaths, attacks on Pragya etc. He thinks why did Pragya allow them to stay at home. He thinks I can’t bear to see them at home.

Munni tells Abhi that she don’t want him to be away from his loved ones. Abhi says I know and asks her to sleep. Munni asks why?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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