Kumkum Bhagya 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update: Dida halts the marriage rituals

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Kumkum Bhagya 21st December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi asking Ranbir what was the need to climb on the ladder, and asks him to change his habit as she will not be around him now to save him. She says my make up is ruined. She goes and cries thinking about Ranbir’s words. Shahana comes behind Prachi. Prachi asks God why he gave so much love in her heart for him, why did he show the dreams, when it couldn’t be fulfilled, when he wanted to give so much pain, then why he showed happiness. She says I was away from my Papa, but when I met him, he went away from me. She says i didn’t like Ranbir in college and when I loved him, you separated us. She says she is worried for her child’s destiny and says you did wrong with my child. She cries. Shahana comes near her. Prachi hugs her and says it seems my breath is running, but my heart has stopped beating and there is nothing in my hands, not my destiny, time and love. She says I wished for a normal and good life, but there is nothing infront of me, and there is just darkness. Shahana asks her to have trust and says everything will be fine. Prachi says even God is not with me. She says we were thinking until yesterday, that we will stop this marriage, but it will happen. Shahana says once Rhea goes for DNA test, then I will make you get up from mandap. She says this wouldn’t have happened if you had told Rhea’s truth to everyone. Prachi tells about her mother’s teachings and tells that she thinks about Mihika and can’t tell anyone about Rhea. Dida comes there and asks what truth? Shahana says honeymoon, Prachi doesn’t want to go. Dida says I thought Prachi wants to marry Ranbir. Prachi says it will happen when Ranbir wants and says if he had told once, then I would have said that I will not marry someone else. Dida says everyone knows why this marriage is happening and asks why you are bringing these things in mind, and asks her to do it as having bitter medicine. She says all guests are gossiping that bride ran suddenly.

Ranbir thinks of Prachi’s words. Rhea tells Aaliya that she is very tensed and is sweating. Aaliya says even I am tensed, but don’t panic that people see it. Rhea says how to show that tension is not on my face. Aaliya signs her to look at her. Dida and Shahana bring Prachi out. Sid asks Ranbir to attend his marriage with Prachi and says you will get the excuse that you didn’t get the DNA test done as you was attending the marriage. Ranbir calls Rhea and asks her to come with him. Rhea asks where? Ranbir asks her if she is coming or not. Rhea asks them to make sure that the marriage shall not stop. Ranbir takes her away from there. Pandit ji asks Sid and Prachi to cover their heads as mahurat kaal changed. Aaliya covers their faces. Aryan comes to the washroom to clean the stain from his sherwani. Mili comes out from the washroom and tells Aryan that she had gone there. She then gives him compliment.

She then says my answer is yes. He asks for what? Mili says you had proposed me one year back. Aryan says I was drunk that night. Mili is about to go. Shahana comes there. Mili says she has accepted his proposal and that’s why he is nervous. Aryan says I didn’t mean when I said that. He tries to clear to Shahana. Shahana says you was smiling when she said that. She goes.

Ranbir asks Nurse if the test is done. Nurse says Doctor wants to talk to Rhea. Doctor tells Rhea that they attend many cases and meets some people like her. Rhea asks what he wants to say. Doctor says you are not pregnant and fooling all the family members. He says I will tell this truth to them and you shall tell remaining. He says your family is so good and you are betraying them. He says even your sister left her marriage and came here. Rhea says she is not going to change her heart and asks if he is a doctor or teacher to give her so much lecture. Rhea asks how much money you will take to keep your mouth closed. Doctor says my mouth will be closed when your reports come, when your truth is revealed to everyone. Rhea says what you thought is betrayal is a chance for me to be happy. She asks how much you will charge, 5 lakhs, 10 lakhs etc. Doctor opens the door and says test is done, you can take her. Ranbir thanks the doctor. They leave.

Shahana tries to talk to Prachi. Pallavi says don’t disturb her. Aaliya is worried for Rhea. Vikram thinks nobody is happy. Prachi prays to God to stop this marriage and says I am of Ranbir and will be of him always. She is seated for marriage with Sid. Dida coughs and complains of chest pain. Prachi and Sid get up and go to Dida. Aaliya asks why did you both get up and asks them to sit on mandap again. Pallavi asks Aryan to call doctor. The guest comes and asks if Dida got heart attack. Pallavi says don’t say this. Prachi asks if anyone is doctor here, and says it is emergency. Aaliya laughs and says if anyone is doctor then would have come forward. Sid and Vikram take Dida to the room. Dida asks Vikram to call doctor else she will die. Vikram goes. Dida gets up and tells Sid that she acted to get attack to stop the marriage. She says she will not let this marriage happen. Sid says even I don’t want to do this marriage. Aaliya is standing outside and hearing them.

Precap: Rhea tells Prachi that she will change her report like changing her destiny. Prachi says if Dida had not got unwell then I would have replied to all your words, and would have answered and thrown you out from my house. Sid tells Ranbir that Rhea and Aaliya have kidnapped Mihika. Prachi says you are not pregnant. Rhea says when you know my truth that I am not pregnant, I came to know that you knows where is Mihika.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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