Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Simonika behind attacks on Abhi

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Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Disha feeling pain in her feet. Purab cares for her pain. She feels she is falling in love more with him. Pragya thinks she won’t let anything happen to Abhi. Simonika gets down the stairs. Abhi thanks her for saving his life. Simonika says she has to do as her family must be worried for her. Pragya reminisces Sarla’s worry for her and tells the same. Abhi thinks how she knows about Sarla and Bulbul. She tells driver will drop you. Simonika asks at what time to come tomorrow. Pragya says 10 am. Simonika thanks her and goes. Abhi tells Pragya how she came to know about Sarla and Bulbul and says she acts as if she is Pragya. Pragya says she is real Pragya. Tanu hears them and thinks they are arguing as real husband and wife. Aaliya thinks to hide some cash for her bad days.

Tanu comes there and says Munni is Pragya. Aaliya asks her to go and says she is doing some work. She closes the door. Taya ji asks Dadi what is happening, as Abhi was attacked thrice. Dasi says yes. Taya ji says we have to take an action. Abhi comes there and tells that he is thinking about Munni’s motive to stay here. Dadi asks him to think about the person who wants to kill him. Abhi says first he has to handle Munni. Pragya gets Simonika’s prescription and earring and thinks to give it to her. She thinks about the shooter and thinks he was having blue tooth and thinks who is he?

Simonika comes to the sharp shooter. Sharp shooter apologizes to her. Simonika reveals her face and slaps him hard. She says until Abhi is fine, she can’t take breath. She tells that she tried to make the crowd go so that he can kill him, but the fools Abhi and Pragya thought she saved him. They took her to their house and got her treatment done too. Sharp shooter asks how she will kill him now. Simonika tells that they offered to give her a job and now she can kill him at any time. She says Pragya is protecting him till now, but now she will kill him. She says you will soon be dead.

Abhi misses Pragya and thinks their room is the peaceful space for him because it has her memories. He asks her to return to him. Pragya gets emotional hearing it. Abhi sees her and asks why did you come? Pragya says you were missing me so I came. Abhi says you are not Pragya, but Chip kali. Pragya calls him chip kala. He says Pragya will never call him by such names. Pragya says she felt bad and that’s why said. Abhi says there is a cockroach here. Pragya gets scared and hugs him. Allah wariyan plays….Abhi goes out of room.

Aaliya is in kitchen. Tanu says it is good that you are making something for family. Aaliya scolds her and gets irritated.

Simonika comes to Abhi’s house and thinks who will save Abhi from storm now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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