Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir gets furious on Rhea and his family for Prachi

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Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Prachi that nobody can love her in this world as she don’t have a heart or feelings, and she has just hatred to give. He says you have become stone from top to toe and says it seems like I am hitting my head on the stone. Prachi says enough. Shahana asks Ranbir to talk to her later. Ranbir says whenever I talk to you nicely, you shows me attitude and talks to me badly. Prachi says you deserve this treatment and says I don’t want your love, care and concern and says this is all show off. Ranbir says ok, I will go away from you, that you will not see me or my love. He goes inside the house. Prachi walks behind him. Shahana says Prachi couldn’t forgive him and he couldn’t understand her. She thinks I am pregnant between their fight, and asks God to handle these mad lovers. Ranbir comes home. Pallavi asks him to sit. Ranbir says I need some rest. Rhea says it is really wonderful that you came back home on time. Ranbir asks if you are happy to see me at home, and says your happiness will turn sorrowful by tomorrow, and I will not be Ranbir for you. She asks what are you saying? Prachi and Shahana get inside. Rhea gets shocked and says Prachi. Ranbir asks where is the happiness, which you had seeing me, it was fake. He asks if he didn’t mean to anyone in the house. Prachi asks him to talk to her, as he has problem with her. Ranbir says I will not talk to you. He says I will fight with Rhea first. He asks Rhea, why did she marry him? Aaliya says why you are asking strange things from her. Ranbir says you are calling my question strange and asks if other things are normal. Pallavi asks what happened? Ranbir says I am angry, everyone has become members of this fight club. He says you want to fight and need my support, but I don’t want to support anyone. Prachi says you haven’t supported me. Ranbir says you have stopped talking to me.

Shahana comes there. Ranbir asks her to go inside, as this drama will go on for long. Rhea asks why she will stay here? Ranbir says because I am saying, and I have some identity in this house. He says Sarita ji is not in Delhi, so Shahana will stay here. He tells Prachi that she don’t need his support. Shahana says you are over reacting. Ranbir says I left my work for Prachi and she…Rhea asks if you have bailed her out and says I am angry about this. Ranbir asks where was that happiness which was on your face? He tells Dida that the house work on both sister’s mood swings. He tells that the weather will change with their mood. Vikram says it is enough. Ranbir asks why Prachi and Rhea want to take revenge from each other, why? He says I don’t want to stay here, and says I don’t get two moments of peace here. He says Rhea wants her married life, and Prachi wants her rights, and asks did anyone ask what I want? Pallavi says Ranbir. Ranbir says you don’t care for me, and just care about Rhea. He says you don’t have your own perspective and believes whatever Rhea is doing is right. And whoever likes Prachi, thinks she is right. He asks did I fight with anyone, due to my frustration. He says I always think about this house alone, and says Mahabharat ended in 18 days, but this house fight is not ending. He says Prachi wanted to ruin Rhea’s marriage functions, which I totally understand. He says Rhea spiked her drinks and took her signatures. He says Prachi feigned fake raid in the house to get the papers, and says Rhea filed case against her. He asks Rhea why did she file case against Prachi. He asks why did you call Police?

He says house fights shall be resolved in the house and asks everyone why they didn’t stop Rhea? He says if bahu beti is found in lock up then house respect is ruined, and tells Rhea that she has ruined his house respect and nobody is telling her that she is wrong. He says you have ruined this house respect, not only Prachi, but all the house is ruined, and asks why did these understanding family members haven’t done anything. He says you should have called me and informed about Prachi’s arrest. He says why nobody helped Prachi even once. Prachi says I don’t need anyone’s help. Ranbir says I am not talking to you and asks her to be quiet. He folds his hand and asks everyone to let the house be the house. Vikram asks where are you going? Ranbir says to get some fresh air as there is hatred in the house. He asks Dida to make arrangements for Shahana’s stay, else both sisters will get a chance to fight again. Dida asks Shahana to come with her and asks Prachi to rest. Rhea asks Pallavi and Vikram, what Ranbir was trying to say. Pallavi asks her to understand what he wanted to say. Vikram says Ranbir was right, we have done wrong with Prachi, by getting her arrested and then not bailing her out. He says shame on us, Pallavi. Rhea asks if you will say the same. Pallavi says respect is ruined, if you or Prachi are involved. Rhea thinks to prove that she is Ranbir’s only wife.

Shahana asks Dida to close the door and gets happy, telling that Ranbir scolded everyone today. Dida says but he was worried. Shahana says he is grinded between them and tells that even Prachi scolded him a lot. Dida says husband and fight go on, but they unite in the end. She asks Shahana to do something. Shahana tells that they love each other, but there is a wall between them. Dida asks what? Shahana recalls Prachi’s words and says the wall is not strong and will break. Dida says I want their happiness and togetherness. Shahana says they are together, but there is a wall, misunderstanding and Rhea’s inauspicious presence between them. She says soon Prachi and Ranbir will unite. Dida hugs her happily.

Prachi comes to her room and thinks of Ranbir’s words. Rhea comes there and says don’t fly in air, as Ranbir spoke against me. Prachi says you called Ranbir as your husband, and the same Ranbir bailed me out and brought me back in this room. Rhea says you are still thinking about this room, and says you can take 10 rooms more and says it doesn’t matter to me, as he is not staying with you. Prachi says I don’t want to stay with him. Rhea says you don’t want to stay with him and not letting me stay with him. She says it is difficult to understand her. Prachi says I understood what you wanted.

Precap: Prachi tells Rhea that Ranbir loves her a lot, his heart still beats for her today. Later, Ranbir tells Prachi to do what she likes and he will also do what she likes. Later, Shahana tells Ranbir that it’s only him who should know the truth about the baby.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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