Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi goes to give money to kidnapper Nikhil

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Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Disha asking Pragya to have some rest. Sunny tells Pragya that Kiara is strong and nothing can happen to her. Pragya cries and believes on his hope. Disha and Sunny ask her to have medicine. Pragya says I will come downstairs with you, if I stay here then will get unwell thinking. Tanu thinks if they have filed police complaint or not. Aaliya comes there. Tanu asks what are you doing in my bedroom. She asks did you come to laugh on me. Aaliya asks where is Kiara? Tanu asks her to ask her mum and says my loved ones didn’t let me become her mother. Aaliya says I came to get kiara and calls her. Tanu says this is my house. Aaliya says she is my niece and tells that Kiara is missing from house, and tells that Pragya saw you in the house. Tanu asks why will I come? Aaliya tells that you will come as you have no self respect. Aaliya says I am sure that Pragya had seen you and you escaped. She says Kiara is very dear to us and if you are behind her kidnapping then tell me now itself. Tanu says I don’t know where is she. Aaliya says we will search her, but if I come to know that you are involved then I will kill you. She leaves.

Goon tells other goon to keep control on his emotions and asks if he didn’t kidnap kids before. He asks him to join NGO. Other goon asks him why they have tied the girl as she is little and can’t run also. They have a fight. The third goon comes and tell the goon that he lied to Nikhil that he is professional kidnapper, and asks him to keep his emotions in control. Ashish shows the CCTV footage. They see dhol guy as Kidnapper. Pragya asks them to zoom, but couldn’t identify Nikhil. Ashish gets the money transferred in GPS tracking bag. Nikhil tells that he will make Abhi wait more. The goon asks him to call Abhi. Nikhil calls Abhi and asks him to bring money to a certain place. Abhi tells that he wants to talk to his daughter once. Nikhil ends the call saying I will call you back. Ashish’s men tries to find the location. Goons bring Kiara to Nikhil. Nikhil calls Abhi. Abhi insists to talk to Kiara. Kiara asks Abhi to make her talk to mamma. Pragya says Kiara…Nikhil binds her mouth again. He tells Abhishek that money shall reached at the said address else he will get the girl in….Rocky takes the call and asks him not to use his mind or involve Police, else…Abhi says I will bring the money. Rocky says I gave heavy dose to him. Ashish says my man will go and will give money and take Kiara back.

Abhi says I have to go. Nikhil tells his goon that they shall do something. Ashish ties GPS chip to Abhi’s kurta. Abhi goes. Nikhil and Rocky see Abhi’s car. They call Abhi on the phone which they kept and asks him to throw his phone out of car. He says what a security in your house. He asks if he felt easy to arrange the money. He tells that he wants to hurt him and see him in pain and that’s why asked him to bring the money. Abhi asks about Kiara. Nikhil says she is fine and threatens to kill him. He says lets talk something personal. He asks what is your favorite song and asks why honey bunny song is your favorite. Abhi says it was my first song. Two of the goons come to take money from Abhi. Nikhil tells Abhi that right place is back. Abhi’s car passes near Nikhil’s car. Abhi thinks kidnapper call is near. Ashish takes Police officer’s help and says Abhi shall not know. Inspector says people do such mistakes. He says we are leaving from here. Nikhil asks Abhi if he has destroyed someone. Abhi says no. Nikhil ends the call. Police follows Abhi’s car.

Nikhil threatens to kill Kiara rather than killing his goon. Ashish tells Abhi that he had sent Police for Kiara’s safety. Abhi says but I didn’t get my daughter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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