Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Purab thinking Abhi will be very happy to take this gift and this will be the best gift till date. Nikhil is waiting to kill him, recalls Tanu asking him to kill Purab. He thinks Purab will die on a friendship day because of a friend with his ex friend. He gets Pragya’s call and stops to pick the call. Nikhil rams truck over him. He falls down on the road. Nikhil thinks you have died because of a friend and I will remember your sacrifice. Pragya thinks why he is not picking the call. Purab tries to hold the collage. Nikhil comes there laughing and asks him to die happily. He asks where you was going sometime back and looks at the collage of Abhi and Pragya. He says your gift was good, but idea was bad, look at your condition. He asks him to die fast and meet Bulbul in the heaven. He says I will make Tanu marry Abhi and will send Pragya to her mayka. He says bye and breaks the collage before leaving. Purab faints. Nikhil says we will meet in next birth and goes.

Tanu’s mum calls Abhi and asks what you have worn today for haldi. She asks him to wear white color clothes. Abhi asks what is the problem in this dress. Tanu’s mum asks him to be a good boy. Abhi sees Dadi and Dasi sad. Aaliya calls Mitali. Mitali gives aarti plate. Aaliya tells Pragya that she is very happy for Tanu and Abhi. Dasi asks Dadi not to worry and says God will do something. Dadi says I think God is with them and says her heart is shaken up. Aaliya brings Abhi and makes him sit. Tanu’s mum praises Abhi and says you are looking handsome. Abhi thinks Tanu’s mum is irritating him. Pragya thinks I thought Purab will come and stop the haldi rasam, but. Abhi thinks Pragya is not happy with my haldi rasam. He thinks Purab might have cleared my confusion. Pragya thinks where is Purab. Aaliya thinks Pragya is leaving and have accepted her defeat, hopes she don’t attend marriage. She steps on the stairs and the haldi plate falls in air and haldi falls on Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya is shocked. Dadi is happy.

Abhi asks Pragya if she is hurt and asks her to clean her dress. He runs behind Pragya and asks where was your concentration. Pragya asks where was your concentration. Abhi says I didn’t see haldi falling on me as I was seeing you. He asks her to turn and cleans her face. He thinks I have worked with many models, but haven’t seen a beautiful girl like you. Pragya asks what did you say and says she can heart his heart talk. Abhi says how can you hear? Pragya says she can hear being his best friend. Abhi says okay. He tells in his heart that he is thirsty. Pragya says I will bring juice for you. Abhi tells in his heart that the flowers are beautiful. Pragya says all flowers are beautiful. Abhi asks her to close her eyes and hear. He thinks she can really understand my feelings and thinks to confess his love and solve his confusion. He asks her to open her eyes. They have an eye lock. Sanam Re plays……….

Raj tells Taya ji that it is good. Taya ji says Abhi’s haldi fell on his wife. Mitali says who will marry Abhi. Aaliya asks them to stop commentary. Dadi says all are family members and says you asked us to ask God to stop haldi rasam. Tanu asks her not to be happy. Dadi says God makes Jodi and breaks wrong jodis also. She asks her to see God’s game on her marriage day. Tanu gets tensed.

Abhi tells her that mosquito went in her eyes. Pragya asks her to blink his eyes and says that eyes are interconnected. Abhi gets impressed with her intelligence.

Precap:Abhi tells everyone that he got someone’s call and he told that Purab had an accident and is in the hospital. Everyone leave for hospital. Aaliya stops Tanu and slaps her hard angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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