Kumkum Bhagya 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 1st August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sangram Singh and his goons come to the school. Purab and Disha hides in the classrooms. The goons check in the classroom and says there is nobody here. It seems they have escaped. Sangram Singh asks the goons to take the car out. Disha and Purab look out and think that the goons are gone, but Sangram Singh and his goon are hiding out. Goon is about to shoot them, but Sangram Singh nods no. Purab tells Disha that he couldn’t shout when goon stepped on his hand. Disha nurses his hand. Purab looks at her. He says shall I rest for sometime. Disha says you are asking me as if you are my class children and says ofcourse you can rest. Purab asks her to rest too.

Tanu switches off lamp on and off. Aaliya says she wants to sleep. Tanu says she couldn’t sleep thinking about Munni and Pooja. Aaliya asks her to sleep and not to worry. Tanu thinks to sleep. Munni thinks why did Abhi haven’t come till now. She thinks what Dadi will say if she comes to know that he slept out. She finds him on the sofa and calls him politely. When he don’t wake up.. She hits him. Abhi wakes up scared. Munni says she has beaten the mosquito. She asks him to come to room. Abhi thinks now it will be suhaag din and gets happy.

They go to room. She asks him to sit and says if anyone comes to know that we are sleeping separately then they will think bad. Abhi says it is good that you have changed your mind in one night, room is decorated with flowers still. Munni says she didn’t mean that and asks him to sleep on bed, and she will sleep on sofa. Abhi says when we got married, you used to sleep on bed and I used to sleep on sofa, he says we will make a new start and will act as strangers. He says sorry and says he thought he has won the lottery. Munni feels bad.

In the morning, Purab and Disha wake up in the school. She cleans her clothes and says mud is stuck to it. Purab says today it is your marriage. Disha says yes, and tells that her to be husband works in bank, she has an arranged marriage. Purab tells her that Pragya was a teacher and she has changed Abhi’s life. She says your to be husband is also lucky. He says infact I am also lucky. Disha says my Papa also tells that life is a full circle and he would be waiting for her. Purab offers to drop her home.

Munni thinks house is big and the way is forgetton. She calls Robin and asks him to talk in her accent and asks about the flowers. He says Dadi ordered it. Munni asks about the price. He says 2000 Rs. Munni says 2000 Rs. and says even she used to sell flowers. Tanu thinks she has to make Munni go from there.

Sangram Singh comes to Disha’s house. Disha insults him for trying to disrespecting her. She tells her father that Pragya has indeed saved her and it was Sangram Singh who tried to molest her. Her father slaps her on her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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