Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Raj’s truth is revealed before Pragya and others

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raj telling Aaliya and Tanu that the raid was fake to get the papers. Aaliya says that’s why she insisted to see the ID. She asks him to keep the papers with him as nobody suspects him. Purab, Disha and Pragya think how to know who is he? Raj goes out of room. Pragya and others follow. They see him going to Mitali’s room and spy on him. Raj thinks if Mitali is awake. She talks in sleeps and asks mummy ji, please return my jewellery. Raj removes the Burqa. Purab and others are shocked to see him and leave. Mitali wakes up and sees burqa in his hand and asks if he is having an affair with burqa clad woman and says she will go today itself. Raj says he swears on kids that he don’t have an affair. He asks her to sleep. Mitali thinks Raj is spying wearing burqa.

Purab tells Pragya that we would have thought about this. Pragya tells that she didn’t think that he will do this again. She tells Disha that once he supported them. Purab says I would have understood when he took the file from my hand. Pragya says we shall think how to get the file.

Tanu is going out and thinks she couldn’t do make up because of Aaliya. Dasi asks are you leaving? Tanu asks what do you mean? Dasi says you said that you will not see our face. Tanu says I meant we will see who is going. Dadi laughs and says she knows that she is uninvited guest in the house and have to go one day. She asks them to be thankful to Pragya. Tanu says it will be seen by evening who will leave the house. She warns them directly. Dadi and Dasi are shocked. Aaliya comes and asks why she is talking to them like this. Tanu says you didn’t know what they told. Aaliya says it is ok and asks her to come with her, as they are getting late for registration. She apologizes to Dadi and Dasi on her behalf and tells that Tanu is going to get big work today. She asks her to control her anger and says bye to Dadi and Dasi. Purab, Pragya and Disha see them leaving.

Aaliya, Raj and Tanu go to the registration office. Purab and others feel helpless. He says we shall tell Abhi. Disha says he shall know that his sister and brother are betraying him. Pragya says she tried to tell him, but phone was not connecting. Purab says once we call him, he will call Aaliya and stop her. Aaliya comes to the lawyer’s office. Lawyer says I appreciate your plan seeing how you fooled and betrayed your brother. Aaliya scolds him for having samosa and asks him to see when they can meet registrar. Tanu asks her to calm down. Aaliya scolds her and asks her to keep quiet.

Purab calls Abhi. Abhi says there is no network here. Purab says Aaliya has betrayed him again and is going to register papers on her name. Abhi couldn’t hear him and says no network. Purab hopes that Abhi heard him. Abhi thinks what Purab was saying.

Abhi compliments a lady wearing specs. Later Purab comes infront of Raj’s car indisguise.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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