Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Simonika escapes from Police custody, Abhi-Pragya romance in party

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Purab about Disha and says you shall know where is she? She ties holy thread to her hand to ward off evil eyes. Disha is thankful to her. Aaliya gets jealous. Abhi’s fans take selfie with him. Pragya comes to him. Abhi says the people accusing me to be murderer etc, is now taking selfies with me. Pragya says that day will not return. Abhi says whatever I am today is because of you, and you have right on my breath, life etc. Pragya takes off thread from his hairs. Abhi asks her not to spoil his hair style. Bubbly brings foam spray. Pragya sprays on Abhi’s head mistakenly. Abhi scolds her politely. Pragya says I have right on you. Abhi says not on my hairs. She asks him to have calm down and cleans his hairs. Abhi says it is now my turn and asks her to foot dance with him. Pragya asks are you serious. Abhi asks why she is scared and asks her to tell people that they are made for each other. He says I want to spend my life looking at you and kisses on her forehead. Song plays…He kisses on her cheeks. Pragya asks her to let her go. Abhi is about to kiss her, when Dadi sees them and smiles.

Abhi makes Pragya hug him and asks why you are crying. Pragya sees Dadi and says yes I am crying. Dadi laughs and asks them to stay together. She says until I am alive I want to see you together. Abhi says you have to take care of your grand sons. Pragya is shy. Abhi says he is talking about bunty, bubbly, and Purab’s kid. Dadi says my world is you.

Simonika is getting shifted to other cell in the jeep. She stares lady Inspector. Lady Inspector says she will do her encounter. Jeep is shaken up. Inspector asks driver to drive properly. When she turns, she sees Simonika missing and asks Constables to catch her. Simonika is hiding and tells that she will kill them. Pragya asks Abhi to always love her and never have hatred for her. Abhi promises her and asks when she will give happiness like Disha. She says I want to be in the zone as that of Purab. Abhi asks Pragya to come. Purab gets Veer Pratap’s call and he informs him that Simonika escaped from police custody. Abhi and Pragya comes there and asks him to be with Disha. Purab asks them to listen to them and tells that Veer pratap called and told that Simonika escaped, when they were taking her from Mumbai to Pune. Pragya says how she can run and says she can do anything. Abhi says she is Police’s enemy also and they will catch her. He asks them to cheer up.

Simonika reaches there and looks at them. She says they are celebrating at my defeat. They all will cry for Abhi’s death and I am yamraj for Pragya. She stops waiter and shows him waiter. Abhi says now I have to think about Purab and Disha’s baby. Pragya says they will name their baby. Abhi says I am Chacha. Pragya says parents keep their baby name. Abhi says our baby name is Abhigya and says he needs girl like her and not boy. Pragya says if we have boy then I will keep Abhigyan. Abhi dislikes the name. Dadi announces to the guests that her younger bahu, Purab’s wife is going to be mother soon. She calls Abhi and Pragya and says they are making arrangements to become parents. Everyone claps for them. Aaliya and Tanu are upset. Abhi says even Pragya don’t know this. Simonika comes to party in disguise of waiter. Tanu comes to her. Simonika looks on.

Purab runs after Simonika to catch her. Abhi tells Aaliya that it was you who was after my property and not Pragya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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