Kumkum Bhagya 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Simonika is arrested, Abhi is freed from the charges and back home

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Kumkum Bhagya 18th April 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pragya stopping Simonika and says your hands are soaked with blood. She takes out fake skin from Simonika’s finger and shows to Judge, saying this is Avantika’s fake finger prints. Simonika is shocked. Pragya asks what you are thinking now and asks her to give finger prints. Finger prints expert asks her to give finger prints and keep hand on the machine. He says I will check and tell you that if it matches or not. Prosecution lawyer asks what is the authenticity of the finger prints expert and says we can’t free criminal on the basis of his report. Finger prints expert tells that it is matching 100 percent. Pragya says if this finger prints is of Simonika then who got the finger prints changed in the hospital. She says I have one more proof in which Simonika is confessing her identity. Video is played. Sangram comes to Simonika and asks why did she hide her identity.

Simonika asks him to let her be Avantika and then she will help him after taking revenge. Pragya tells that she went to police station and asks Sangram to help her. Sangram helps her and she records their conversation. Simonika tells that Pragya is lying and says she is Avantika. Pragya asks her to relax and says this is the last proof which I have. Everyone see recording in which Simonika confesses infront of Pragya that she is Simonika. Simonika gets angry, holds Pragya’s neck to suffocate her. Judge asks Inspector to arrest her. Simonika says I will take revenge and will kill you. Abhi is shocked. Purab and others hold Pragya. Police arrests Simonika. Judge says Simonika is alive and has trapped Abhi. He declares Abhi innocent and free him from all charges. Everyone take a sigh of relief. Mitali says Pragya has done wonder. Dadi appreciates Pragya.

Abhi hugs Dadi, Purab, Sarla, Disha and then finally Pragya. They look at each other happily. Aaliya and Tanu get jealous. Teri madhoshiya plays….They come back to Mehra house. Dadi does his aarti to ward off evil eyes. Dadi says you both can’t be separated and nothing can happen to you when she is with you. Abhi says yes and tells Purab spoiled my tshirt with his tears. Mitali brings sweets. Everyone take it. Abhi tells Pragya that his day starts with Pragya and asks her to have it. Pragya eats fully. Abhi says nothing is left for me. Pragya hits him gently.

Dasi also appreciates Pragya. Pragya says Purab was with me. Abhi asks when did you know that Avantika was Simonika. Pragya says when she asked me about the property then I have realized that she is Simonika. She says only Purab and I have known about her. Dadi and Dasi hug Pragya. Disha faints suddenly. Purab holds her. They get worried.

Pragya blames Purab for Disha’s condition and says your time and schedule shall change for disha. She tells him that Doctor asked you to be responsible as you are going to be Papa. Abhi says Purab didn’t do anything. Pragya says disha is pregnant. Abhi don’t understand it. Dadi says Purab is going to be Papa. Abhi says how can he have baby before me and smiles. Dadi and Dasi hug Disha. Aaliya gets jealous and angry. Dadi asks Abhi to have shame and give them good news. Pragya says we shall party. Disha says we shall not keep it. Abhi says we will not tell anyone. Pragya asks disha to agree.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she can understand her condition. Aaliya says Purab loves Disha and she is pregnant with his child. She says nobody can understand what I am going through. She says heart is a magnet and I never used it, ran after money and lost wealth like Purab. Tanu asks her not to cry and keep smile on her face. Simonika is kept in the lock up and she shouts. Constable tells that she will be shifted to other jail soon. Simonika shouts and says you don’t know who am I? She says I will kill Abhishek Mehra and Pragya mehra.

Abhi romances with Pragya. Pragya says guests are in the house. Abhi asks her to tell guests that they love each other and will love always.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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