Kumkum Bhagya 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 17th July 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aaliya and Tanu coming inside Mehra house. Tanu asks why did we wait outside and why we are standing here. Aaliya says they have to make sure that everyone slept. She asks her to wait there while she goes and handle Munni. Mitali sees Aaliya going wearing blanket and asks who are you? Aaliya tries to run. Mitali asks her to show her face else she will shout Aaliya covers her face with blanket and tries to go to Abhi’s room. Mitali don’t see her face and shouts thief thief. Abhi, Raj and Dadi and others come there. Mitali tells that she saw thief here. Aaliya thinks it is good that Abhi is here, now I can talk to Munni. Raj says you must have seen yourself in mirror. Nobody believes Mitali and asks her to sleep. Taya ji asks Raj to take her. While everyone is leaving, Mitali sees Tanu in shawl and informs everyone. Raj switches on lights. They see someone in shawl. Tanu hides her face.

Aaliya comes to Munni’s room and wakes her up. Munni asks if you touch me again then I will not spare you. Aaliya asks why did you come here? She says we went to his concert and now came to his bedroom. She threatens her. Munni says you can’t do anything and says the cloud which shouts, don’t give rain. Aaliya asks her to shut up and asks why you are making issue. Munni tells her that she told Abhi that she is not Pragya and tells that your brother knows that you are not Pragya. She says you are planning against your brother, I will tell your and your partner’s truth to him and then you both will go to jail. Aaliya asks why did you enter our life.

Munni says your crimes got full. Abhi asks who are you? He asks her to show who is she and asks her to come out. Tanu comes while hiding her face. She asks please Aaliya come and save me. Abhi asks if security is not there and hadn’t stopped you. He lifts the shawl. They all see Tanu. Dadi asks why did you come here? Dasi calls her shameless. Mitali asks why did you push me. Dadi asks why did you come here? Mitali says she must have come to steal money. Tanu thinks of an answer as Abhi threatens to send her to jail. She thinks to fool him and says she came to see him from far, and would have found that you are fine. Abhi asks do you think I am a fool and asks her to tell. Tanu says I saw Pragya in concert and says she is alive, I wanted to tell you. She asks him to see the recording. Abhi says I know everything. She is with me now. I won’t let your people reflection fall on her. Abhi asks her to get out.

Aaliya tells Munni that she went to jail before also. Munni says you are not ashamed to say that. Aaliya says you will not meet your chutka and chutki and says I know they are in hospital. She says she has kidnapped Pragya lot of times, and it is easy to kidnap the kids. She asks Munni to leave her hand and think how she will press kids’ neck tightly. Munni sits back shockingly. Aaliya says family is important, but my family have disowned me. She says I know your niece and nephew are staying with you since your sister died. She says when I can kidnap then I can murder nicely too.

Munni is shocked. Aaliya threatens her further and reminds her of her promise to her sister. She asks her to be silent for chutka and chutki, and says she will not waste her time. She gives her phone and asks her to pick call.

Tanu tells that thorn pierced in her foot. Abhi says nobody wants you to come here and asks her to get lost. Aaliya signs her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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