Kumkum Bhagya 17th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Aaliya steals Ranbir and Prachi’s daughter

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Kumkum Bhagya 17th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dida and Pallavi giving laddoos to everyone in the hospital. Shahana and Aryan come there. Shahana says Ranbir got the cakes. Pallavi and Dida tell that laddoos are necessary to share the good news. Aryan says we have done so much hardwork unnecessary to bring the knife. Shahana says we will celebrate with laddoos and cake. She says Ranbir told that Dida and Pallavi aunty shall cut the cake. Pallavi asks which is our cake? Shahana says all 9 cakes. Aryan says as she took 9 months to come. They cut the cakes. Dida says they shall not get any bad sight. Aaliya hears them and says she is not witch to leave 7 houses, but she is Aaliya and doesn’t leave her own family. Shahana goes to her and offers cake piece. Aaliya takes it and goes. Dida gets Vikram’s call and asks him to grow old as little angel came to their house. Aryan says Dida shouldn’t have said this, and tells Pallavi that she will get old too. Pallavi says she is thinking to call Rhea, as this happiness came in her life due to her, else Aaliya had ruined everything. She calls Rhea and tells that Prachi gave birth to a daughter and tells that she has become Maasi. Rhea gets happy. Pallavi asks her to come to hospital and wish Prachi. Rhea says she can’t come, and asks pallavi to wish Prachi. Pallavi asks her to come and forget the past, and celebrate the happiness. Rhea gets teary eyes. The call ends. Pallavi says I wish, if Rhea haven’t done this, then she would have been with us and celebrated. Ranbir shows the pendant of moon and star in the chain and tells that it is for our daughter, and says it is like her birth mark. Prachi teases him saying she thought it is for her. She says she is joking and asks him to bring her. Ranbir takes the baby and gives her in Prachi’s hands. He then makes her wear the chain and pendant, and says now the baby will not have any complains from her.

Aaliya comes there as Nurse and says doctor asked her to give her injection. Prachi says Doctor didn’t say. Ranbir says you bear so much pain, take it. Aaliya gives her injection. Prachi faints. Ranbir calls her and thinks she has slept being tired. Aaliya then pierces injection on his neck and he faints immediately too. The baby starts crying. Aaliya makes the baby sleep and takes her in her hands.

Dida and Pallavi give cake to everyone. A patient eats the cake. Nurse tries to stop her. Pallavi and Dida thank them for sharing their happiness. Shahana and Aryan ask Pallavi to dance. Aaliya tells the baby that she is very beautiful, and says she will not apply black tika to her, but will just kiss her. She says she loves her very much and says she had planned to come here to meet her. She says you are very beautiful like Rhea Maasi. She asks didn’t you know Rhea Maasi, didn’t she come to meet you. She says I will make you talk to her on phone, but I don’t have phone. She says we will use your Papa’s phone. She takes Ranbir’s phone and thinks what is the password for the phone. She thinks password might be related to Prachi, and says she shares the birthday with Rhea. She says Prachi has no match with Rhea, no class. She calls Rhea from Ranbir’s phone. Rhea picks the call and says Ranbir, congrats for the daughter, you wanted daughter. She says Ranbir, I am so happy and excited. She says I am so sorry, I can’t come to meet baby as I am going to meet Buji. Aaliya says no problem, as both baby and I are here. She says she came to see her niece’s daughter and says she is very cute more than you. She congrats her. Rhea asks what you are doing here? Aaliya says I thought you will be happy to hear me and you have changed sides completely and have enmity with me, if you haven’t changed your statement then Ranbir would be in jail with his family, and Prachi’s baby would have been born in a hurt and she would have to work at many houses. She says because of you, I killed Pragya and my Bhai also died. She says what is punishment for 3 murders, hang punishment. Rhea stops the car and gets shocked. She says no Buji. Aaliya says I thought to call you, as got freed from jail. Rhea says you have eloped from jail. Aaliya says whatever I have done is on my own and will do it on my own only. She says she is taking baby with her. Rhea asks what? She shouts and cries. Aaliya says don’t shout and says I have send them to dream world, they are in deep sleep. She says I don’t have time now, I will call you again for sure. She ends the call. Rhea thinks to call Pallavi. She calls Pallavi, but the latter is busy dancing with everyone. Rhea says I have to save prachi’s baby, she is like my daughter, I am going to save her from Buji. She says my daughter, I will not let anything happen to you, I will save you, I love you a lot since you was not born.

Aaliya tells baby that she will take her out from this mess and then she will write everyone’s destiny. She asks her to come and says lets go. She asks baby to meet her Mummy once and asks Prachi to see baby for last time. She says your mummy is not in her senses, I gave her chance to meet you. She says you both have forced me to do this. She says I told Ranbir to marry Rhea, and says if you had married her, then this girl would be of my Rhea, and I would have become her loving Buji. She says you refused Rhea and says your daughter will suffer for whatever you have done.

Precap: Prachi tells Ranbir, Aaliya came here and shouts where is my kid. Aaliya, dressed in nursing clothes, sits in a car with baby. Prachi shouts at Ranbir, because of you my child is missing. Ranbir says why are you blaming me? Prachi says because you are father and it’s your responsibility too to look after her. Aaliya, with baby, says, you are wishing well to me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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