Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Simonika confirms her identity infront of Pragya

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Kumkum Bhagya 17th April 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prosecution lawyer telling that Pragya and Abhi both shall be punished, one for killing Simonika and other for bringing someone else to court to give statement. Abhi says Pragya is innocent. Prosecution asks Simonika to tell truth and asks who is she? He says you will also get jailed if lies. Simonika says she is Avantika and then says sorry, she tells that she is a business woman and needed money as she was going through a bad phase. She tells about Pragya’s proposal and says sorry. She tells that Pragya forced her and says she is innocent. Purab signs Defense lawyer. Defense lawyer acts to get heart attack. His assistant asks for next hearing date. Prosecution asks him to give hang punishment to Abhi. Judge says court is adjourn for half an hour. Prosecution lawyer meets Simonika and thanks her for giving all information. Simonika says she stopped him as her work was stuck and asks him to get hang punishment for Abhi. Pragya hears her. Simonika says you are ruined and tells that you have lost Abhi, home and his property. Aaliya tells everyone that Pragya complicated the case. Disha says Pragya has done right. Aaliya tells her that Pragya is his enemy.

Pragya says my doubt was right. Simonika says you have become spy. She tells that your doubt was right, I got someone plastic surgery done as mine and killed her. she says what you was trying to prove is…she says she is Simonika and tells that you might be feeling good to hear this. She says that the dead body was of a girl who needed money, she gave her money and killed her later. She told her emotional story and got her plastic surgery done. She says she has hired everyone in the hospital and morque. She tells that the doctor, nurse and everyone was brought by her. Simonika gives them money. She tells that Nurse showed him report. She thanks Pragya and says you gave me money, property and everything now. She says I hate you very much, but today I love you, as you gave me everything which I couldn’t do. She says you have two ways, one, die if he dies, or get life imprisonment. She thanks Pragya for giving Abhi death of Simonika and giving her life of Avantika. She laughs aloud.

Disha comes there and asks Pragya to come, says court hearing will start now. Pragya cries. Judge asks Defence lawyer if he is fine. Defence lawyer says he is fine. Prosecution lawyer tells that Abhi has killed Simonika. He asks Judge to give death sentence to Abhi and punishment to Pragya. Defence lawyer says he needs to ask something to Pragya. Prosecution objects. Judge overrules his objection.

Pragya takes oath and tells that she wants to question Simonika. Prosecution says you can’t ask her. Pragya says how did she identity Simonika. Prosecution says she identified him as you might have taught her. Pragya says no and tells Prosecution that it seems he is simonika’s lawyer. Prosecution tells judge a fake story. Pragya tells in court that Simonika has killed an orphan girl and made her Simonika. She says my brother will bring proofs in sometime. Purab comes and says he has proofs. He brings someone. Pragya says he is finger prints experts Mr. Negi and asks Judge to give permission to Negi to check Simonika’s finger prints. Prosecution tries to stop. Judge asks him to sit. He asks Simonika to give her finger prints. Pragya says hand writing expert is also here. Purab shows the application form having Simonika’s finger prints. Hand writing experts check her hand writing and says it is matching 99 percent. Simonika says not 100 perfect. Pragya says finger prints will match 100 percent. Simonika is about to give her finger prints marks. Pragya asks her to stop.

Simonika accepts in court that she is Simonika and tries to suffocate Pragya holding her neck. Everyone tries to stop her. Simonika gets crazy. Abhi looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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