Kumkum Bhagya 16th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Prachi and Ranbir hit and miss in the mall

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi’s Boss coming to the office. Priya collides with him and says Sir you. He asks if I did any mistake, this is my office. Priya says you can come and says sorry. He asks why Prachi haven’t come till now. She says she will enquire. Prachi and Ranbir are in the shopping mall. They get restless and look here and there. Song plays…..Tu thodi der……They look for each other, but miss seeing each other. Priya calls Prachi and says Boss came. Prachi says suddenly she made shopping plan and says she will come and say sorry to Boss. The boss takes the call and says it is good that she went to shopping, but she shall come for meeting. Prachi says I will reach before meeting and says this work is important too, else I will not feel good. She thinks she shall not think about Ranbir. Ranbir asks himself to focus on work. He hears Kaya scolding the salesgirl who suggests her to try a dress and tells her that there is a difference between them and she can’t cover all the distance even in her lifetime. Ranbir suggests dress for her. Kaya says she doesn’t like it and asks him to give suggestion when she asks him. He says why didn’t you inform me that you want to shop, we had a meeting. Kaya says she is a boss and will decide the time. She goes to try the dress. The salesgirl asks how you bear her? Ranbir says don’t know and tells that she is his boss daughter. The salesgirl says I thought she is your girlfriend. Ranbir says my bad days haven’t come and says if it comes then I will date you rather than her. He likes a dress for Khushi. Salesguy informs Prachi that her daughter has selected clothes for her.

Prachi comes to Khushi and gets teary eyes, when Khushi shows her yellow saree. She says my Khushi was in my hands, she was little and lovely. Khushi asks if I was in your hands. Prachi says my daughter. Khushi says you said you don’t have a daughter. She asks will you make me meet your daughter. She wipes her tears and asks her to be happy for the immense happiness. Prachi cries. Khushi hugs her and wipes her tears. Prachi asks what you selected for me? Khushi says I selected clothes for you. Prachi says we shall go and see dresses for you. Khushi asks her to agree to her words, if she loves her and says I am with you, as you love me. She says you are really good, when I saw you for the first time, I thought you used to love your daughter a lot, so must be loving me too. Prachi thanks her for letting her love her, and says thank you my Pan(chi). Khushi asks her to go and try the dress and says you talk so much like Ranbir Kapoor. A salesgirl collides with Kaya. Kaya asks why did you touch me. She sprays sanitizer on her hand. She asks where is the manager who hires such salespersons. Prachi comes there and calls Kaya. She says it seems you are in a very bad mood. Kaya holds her hand and says I like you, our likes and dislikes matches, and I regard you as my friend somewhere, but remember whenever I am speaking to someone, don’t interfere. She goes.

The salesgirl apologizes to Prachi and asks her to stop her, says she will complain against me. Prachi says she is she is not like that. She looks for the trial room. Khushi selects saree for Prachi and thinks how to give it to her. He sees Ranbir and says Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir says we have strong connection and I meet you wherever I go. Khushi asks why did you come here, and tells that her Mamma came here, as she couldn’t shop alone. Ranbir says that day she scolded me a lot. Khushi says she is my Mamma today and she is not Maayi. Ranbir doesn’t understand. He asks why you call me Ranbir Kapoor. She says you are cute like Ranbir Kapoor and says her Mamma is cute like Alia Bhatt. She says you both are like Ranbir and Alia, like Shiv and Parvati in films. Ranbir says you remind me of one person. Khushi says she is trying the dress. Ranbir asks her to ask her to try a dress. He gives her the saree. She takes the saree and drops her handkerchief. Khushi tells Prachi that she has brought 2 more dresses for her. Prachi says the door is locked and asks her to call the salesgirl. Ranbir comes there. Khushi gives him sarees and asks him to hold it. Ranbir comes to the door and says Parvati/Alia, and gives her saree from above the trial room. Prachi thinks if this is Ranbir’s voice and says thank you for giving this. Ranbir thinks Prachi and asks her to tell her name.

Episode ends.


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