Kumkum Bhagya 16th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Aaliya and Pallavi plan to oust Prachi from the house

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th February 2022 Written Episode

Prachi is in the room asking how much time is it going to take when the waiter says he has done his work but it is up to them so they will come when he suddenly exclaims that they are coming, Prachi sees how Rhea and Ranbir are being pulled when she explains that she is Rhea Mehra however the inspector says that he has seen a lot girls like her, Ranbir questions why are they not listening to them when the inspector explains they will hear anything in the police station, Prachi then Mahesh for his help, mentioning she could not have done anything without his support when he replies he is always going to be there for her and she can just give him a call if she needs anything, Prachi ends the call advising him to take care of himself.

Prachi thinks she could not have gone between them both but the police did and now Rhea has gone to the real In laws house, she says Rhea would not be able to touch Ranbir because he belongs to him, she wonders what has she just said but she is only doing it to defeat Rhea as she should not be able to celebrate the honey moon with her husband when Prachi standing behind the sofa thinks she is going to celebrate this victory tomorrow since it is Valentine’s day, she is going to take Ranbir away from her but she would just be looking at her, Prachi says Rhea did the same to her in collage but at that time she was always just protecting herself however now she is the one who is attacking.

Sahana informs Dida that she respects her decision but cannot stay in this house after hearing all this, Dida says that she must not worry about anyone else since she came to this house for Prachi and even if they are not able to help her but should always protect her when she is about to fall, Dida exclaims Sahana cares more about her ego so should leave but if she feels the should come back for Dida, she informs Sahana that she is getting old but she should always be there for Prachi just like Aaliya who has come to stay in their house to help Rhea, Sahana agrees to stay, Dida calls her for a hug mentioning she can even cry for the scolding but Sahana replies that her scolds were filled with love but she is tensed about what happened downstairs, she prays that there should be a wand using which she can make both Rhea and Aaliya disappear and then break it, Dida after smiling once again hugs her assuring that everything would be alright.

Rhea questions the inspector why they have been arrested because she just went to that hotel thinking that it is not an unusual, the inspector says they go every day to arrest couples from that hotel when Rhea questions what does he mean since she is not that kind of a girl, Inspector says she doesnot seem innocent but someone else, Rhea replies he is not worthy to talk with her like this, she wants to go meet her husband and he must release her, the inspector questions if she is ordering her, she accepts it mentioning she can get him suspended if she likes since the family to whom she belongs is a really wealthy family, the inspector threatens to hit her if she misbehaves, when the inspector once again asks how much money did the person gave her, she once again explains he is her husband however the inspector doesnot believe her, she is about to slap him but he orders that she be thrown in the lockup, Rhea exclaims she can make a single call so he leaves, she tries calling Aaliya but she doesnot answer.

The inspector goes to Ranbir asking if he is actually her husband, he says that she has no regard even for the law so needs to be taught a lesson, Ranbir doesnot reply if she is his wife, the inspector questions in anger, Ranbir gets tensed when he leaves informing that she doesnot look like his wife.

Rhea is trying to call Aaliya when the lady constable says only one call is allowed, Rhea replies that she has not been able to reach her, she thinks how she was going to the hotel but now is in the police station and she feels Prachi is behind this all.

Ranbir standing at the back thinks he doesnot about Rhea but is really glad they came to the police station as now he is free, Rhea coming to him questions why he was smiling but he refuses it, she however says she saw him smiling. Rhea questions if he doesnot want to get out from the police station since she desires to spend her night with him, Ranbir gets tensed when she replies even he was excited about the honey moon so go and do his magic, convincing the inspector that they belong to a reputable family, Ranbir agrees to go asking her to stay back when Ranbir thinks he feels Prachi is winning this challenge.

Ranbir requests the inspector to listen to them as things seem to be complicated but he belongs to a respected family and even that girl is not like this, the inspector explains he can think of believing him but does he see that girl who is sitting in the front, the inspector explains they both were also caught from the same hotel and said they were a couple but when asked about the marriage certificate as a proof, they did not have anything so now it is his turn, Ranbir gets really tensed and then asks Rhea who thinks that one her wedding day, Prachi came to the house saying that their wedding has been annulled.

Prachi in the room is crying thinking about her memories which she spent with Ranbir, she wonders what is going on with her since she should be happy because Rhea is defeated but why is she remembering her life with Ranbir when there was not any challenge, she questions why is she thinking about it so must do all she can to divert her mind, she while thinking what she do starts thrashing the entire room, she is crying accepting she has gotten mad as people tend to get mad in love but she got mad for revenge, she starts crying thinking what has she done to the room, she starts picking everything to place it the way it was, she goes to the cupboard where she sees the album, Prachi is shocked to see he wedding album of Ranbir and Rhea, she starts recall the promise of Ranbir when he was about to marry her, he informed her maa that he only loves Prachi and not Rhea, she takes out some photos from the album mentioning he is a liar, she starts tearing them mentioning how he used to say he is a one women man but is he actually a one women man, he used to say he loves her, she hysterically starts tearing the album exclaiming she will not let him spend any time with some one else since he vowed to always be with her but then how can he give her Kumkum to someone else since it is not a colour of Holi, Aaliya and Pallavi are both shocked to see what she is doing when Aaliya exclaims it is enough so she will stop her but Pallavi stops her saying they cannot do it, they both leave.

Ranbir asks the inspector to at least listen, he demands the marriage certificate when Rhea questions they are on their honeymoon so why would they have it, he asks if they got it registered when she replies it was a social event with some complications, she doesnot reveal them which angers the inspector who asks Ranbir to keep her quiet, he demands a contact number to verify when Ranbir says he can make the call but the inspector asks for the contact number, Ranbir goes back to Rhea who questions why did he not use his magic when Ranbir informs they would have been thrown in the cell, she hugs him however he pushes her away mentioning it is a police station.

Aaliya questions Pallavi if she will do anything when Pallavi asks what is she talking about, Aaliya mentions this is the problem of this house since they talk very big words but they do not do anything, Aaliya asks if she remembers that when they got the divorce papers signed from Prachi she said that Pallavi knows everything but Prachi was wrong since she doesnot know eve when Rhea is not getting what she desires, she cannot do anything about it, Aaliya explains that even Ranbir is not present and they should throw Prachi out of the house, Pallavi says they did it the last time but Prachi came back with the NGO and police, she advises Pallavi to torture her but she refuses saying that she will not be a part of it, Aaliya explains she just wants her to hurt Prachi on the place after which she will not be able to bear it, Aaliya starts revealing the plan to Pallavi when she mentions she could never think like this, Pallavi after a while asks Aaliya to call Prachi, Aaliya asks if she is sure because if they start the plan then would not be able to turn back, Pallavi exclaims today Prachi would be thrown out the life of her son.

Update Credit to: Sona

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