Kumkum Bhagya 16th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Rhea boosts of her victory over Prachi’s defeat

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi thinking about Ranbir and recalls their moments. They think it is too late to stop the marriage. Ranbir also thinks about her looking at her. Prachi goes to her room. She imagines Aaliya and Rhea forcing Sid and Prachi to get married and forcefully making Sid fill her hairline with sindoor. She wakes up and thinks if it was a dream and thinks if there is 1 percent chance that this thing will happen, then. She thinks what to do to stop this marriage, she can’t stop it so she has to leave. She says I will leave from here, without telling anyone, as I can’t take anymore risk. She is leaving. Ranbir asks her where is she going? He sees bag in her hand and asks if she is running away from truth. Prachi says she can’t bear now. Ranbir says it is too late now. Prachi says it is not that late that I don’t take decision for my child. Ranbir asks her to think about her baby once, and says you are going to do a big sin. Prachi says enough and says you didn’t think even once what I bear to come here. He says how do I know, when you don’t tell me. Prachi says if I shall tell you, and says you have done many sins. Ranbir says if I do sin then you have to do penance. He says we might hate or love each other, fight etc, but can’t separate from each other. Prachi hugs him and says she is scared. Ranbir says fear of losing is important to get something. He holds her and reciprocates the hug. Prachi cries hugging him. Manjha song plays…..Rhea sees them hugging and gets shocked. She comes near them and coughs. Prachi and Ranbir break the hug. Ranbir says actually I was making Prachi understand not to leave. Rhea gets shocked and asks if she was leaving without doing marriage, no, how can this happen. She says the girl who can face the truth, can do this. She says Prachi can’t be runaway girl, but seeing the bag. Ranbir is about to say. Prachi tells him that she will say and says she will do this marriage anyhow. Rhea says you are saying as if you are doing favor on us and says you are marrying Sid, as you are carrying his child. Prachi says I will do this marriage, and asks her to think about her baby. She says so much is going to change with this marriage. She says even if Rhea, Sid or Ranbir try to stop this marriage, but can’t. She says challenge accepted and goes. Rhea thinks why is she afraid and thinks Prachi bluffed to scare her, but she shall be afraid and not her.

Shahana comes to Prachi’s room. Prachi says she was leaving when Ranbir…Shahana asks where she was leaving. Prachi says I thought I will change everything, but…She says she wants to go away from here. Shahana says suddenly. Prachi tells her something. Shahana says you both told each other that you can’t live without each other, and says everything will be fine. Prachi says nothing can happen until I tell truth to Ranbir and he couldn’t tell his feelings to me. Shahana asks her not to get weak and win this fight too. She says you shall be like Pragya Maasi and asks her to bear a bit. Prachi says she has bear enough. Shahana says my heart is saying that everything will be fine.

Sid and Prachi’s marriage function begins. A guest lady says rangoli is always beautiful, as it is auspicious. Ranbir says my foot and ruins the rangoli with his foot. He then sits to correct it. Pallavi comes there to help him. He asks didn’t you feel angry on me? Pallavi says your anger is justified, it is your pain which is coming out. Ranbir says sorry. Pallavi says my decision is like bitter medicine for you, which will relieve you. She says when you see Sid, Prachi and baby happy after many years, then you will be happy as you always wanted Prachi’s happiness. She gets up and goes as guest called her. Ranbir closes his eyes and says he will live his life with Prachi’s memories. Prachi asks herself what is she doing, and say one mistake can ruin everything. Rhea knocks on the door and comes inside. She says my sister will be look beautiful with Sid on the mandap. Prachi says Rhea. Rhea asks her not to give her any more gyaan and asks her to listen. Prachi asks why shall I listen to you, and says who are you, why shall I talk to you. She says I will talk to the person with whom I want to live my life with. Rhea says you want to take his help, but can’t. you want to vent out your anger, but can’t. She says you can’t challenge me also. She says lets do this as a game. She says you don’t want to do this marriage, but I will get it done. She says Sid, Ranbir, you and I will play some tricks, some emotional, some dangerous, but the real game between you and me. She says I will accept your defeat and you shall accept my victory. She says I am winning and laughs. She says when you will be seated with my ex husband Sid and will see me with your ex husband Ranbir then will see your defeat. She asks her, what look is she giving her?

Precap: Ranbir forwards his hand and says I will take Prachi to mandap. Sid makes Prachi wear the garland. Prachi holds the garland to make Sid wear it., and looks at Ranbir. Ranbir looks at Prachi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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