Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dasi asking Abhi to tell what happened? Abhi tells them that he has a feeling that she is not Pragya as she don’t let him touch her or talk to him. Dasi says even we feel the same. Dadi says she is staying without mangalsutra and bangles as if she is not married. Abhi says he has to do something. Dadi asks him to go and talk to her, make her understand why marriage things are important. Abhi goes to her holding sindoor in his hand. Munni gets tensed and thinks what to do now. He says I saw you getting ready, so thought to help you. You likes when I apply sindoor on your forehead. He takes a pinch of sindoor to apply on her forehead. She says she is not ready and asks him to give sindoor in her hand. Abhi says he has much time. Munni says she is allergic to it. Abhi says you didn’t have allergy before. Munni says she thought he will feel bad. He says nothing happened when you used to apply it. Munni thinks what to do to stop him. She says there is a problem and pushes his hand making the sindoor falls on ground.

Pragya is shown somewhere on ventilator and moves her fingers. Munni goes to temple and asks God, why you are doing this with me. She says she can’t take Pragya’s place and break her relation with Abhi. She says I can’t ruin his life to save chutka and chutki. She tells God that Pragya shall be here and asks God to send her here. Pragya in unconscious state gets flashes of her marriage with Abhi. Munni asks God to make her meet Chutka and Chutki and bring back pragya back to Abhi. Pragya is seen still unconscious in someone’s house. Munni says Abhi couldn’t forget pragya and asks God to bring her back. Abhi picks the sindoor bottle and tries to get the fallen sindoor. He looks at their marriage pic.

Nurse informs Doctor that the girl got consciousness. Doctor gets happy and goes to Pragya. She asks her to get up and tell her name and family. Pragya is still unconscious. Doctor checks her and tells Nurse that she has misunderstood. Nurse says she has seen her hand moving. Doctor says only miracle can save her now and says her family might be worried for her. Doctor tells Nurse that she found her on river bank and was bleeding with bullet injury. Nurse says she had mangalsutra when you brought her, it means she is married and says may be her husband is missing her. Doctor says medical science don’t believe on it, and says she was alive even after she lost her blood and says her will power made her live. Nurse says may be she is alive to meet her husband. Doctor says she will go and check her other patients. Nurse prays to God and asks him to make her fine and unite her with her husband. Allah wariyan plays…Pragya in unconscious state misses Abhi and recalls the moments with him.

Tanu asks Munni why did Abhi call them. Munni says she doesn’t know. Aaliya gets angry and says he says that he loves Pragya, why can’t he see my love for Purab.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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