Kumkum Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Prachi takes Khushi for shopping

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Kumkum Bhagya 15th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi’s Boss waiting for Prachi. Priya comes there. Boss tells that this girl is habitual to hide her pain. Prachi comes there. He says my BP would have increased if you haven’t come. Prachi says who asked you to worry and love me. He says no, and tells that he was getting bored and that’s why came. Prachi says she will go to her room. Boss asks if she is fine and says he will call some doctors to take their test. Priya smiles. Prachi says she don’t need doctors. She says she needs rest. Boss says it is enough for me, and asks her to rest. He says your home will be finalized by day after tomorrow. He asks her to rest and is going. Prachi hugs him. He asks if you are fine, and says I am there for you. Prachi says I am here because of you, you stand like a family and thanks him for handling her. He says who will handle my business then. She says selfish. He laughs and goes. Priya gives clothes for Prachi. She says why don’t sir say it straight. Prachi says he is a businessman and emotional. Priya says you are emotional. Prachi says that’s why she gets hurt much.

Ranbir thinks of Prachi. Naina song plays…..Prachi looks out of the window and looks at the Moon. She says panchi, my daughter…I love you very much. Khushi talks to the moon and says Maayi loves me, but don’t hug me even once. She thinks of Prachi and thinks she felt good with her and didn’t feel like separating from her. She says even Ranbir Kapoor, don’t know if he is missing me or not. Ranbir says I am missing you. He says my peace is gone and tells that he felt her, talked to her and heard her questions, but if it was my imagination. He says Prachi’s memories are troubling me a lot. Prachi says I will not think about Ranbir, but you (moon) shall take care of my Panchi. Khushi asks Moon to take care of them. Ranbir asks Moon to take care of Panchi and Prachi. He says make me meet my Prachi and Panchi once again.

Juhi asks Khushi what happened there, if you didn’t get scared? Khushi says let me write it. Juhi asks if there is prediction message there also. Khushi says yes. Juhi picks it and gives a chit to her, reads that she will meet someone she loves. Prachi comes there in her car. Khushi looks at her. Prachi asks did I disturb you? Khushi says no. Prachi says she came to see what is she doing? Khushi says they got order from a hotel, and tells that Juhi and her father will take the order. Prachi finds her clothes torn. She uses safety pin to hide the hole. She tells her that she is going for shopping as her clothes are left in that hotel. She asks her to come and help her, and buy clothes for herself also. Khushi tells that she don’t need new clothes. Prachi says I am like your mother. Khushi says you are not like my Maa, but like Mamma. She says I heard kids calling there Mother as Mamma. Prachi convinces her to come with her. They leave.

Ranbir comes to Kaya’s cabin. Kaya is talking to the employee on call and asks him to send the presentation or get ready to sit at home forever. Ranbir asks why she is angry types. Kaya tells that she tests person and then talks to that person. She says I don’t like someone to take my advantage, it is not that I am mad. Ranbir whispers comment on her. She says I know you have commented something. She asks him to come with her, and says they will talk construction related talk. She asks if you don’t want to come, then give resignation by evening. Ranbir says I don’t work for your company. Kaya says we have bought that company and this means you are working for us. She says here, people comes with their wish and goes with my wish. She says you can talk to your boss, but he is my employee now. Ranbir says how did this happen overnight? Kaya says it seems he didn’t tell you. She asks him to come.

Prachi and Khushi come to the mall. Khushi says it will be confusing to select the clothes. Prachi says we will select best clothes for you. Khushi selects clothes for her. She says I came for you. Prachi says I will buy for you and …Khushi says I will buy for you.

She says first I will see dress for you. Prachi says I will select dress for you first. Khushi says you told me that I am like your mother. A sales guy comes there. Prachi asks him to show the dresses for her. Khushi says she wants to select for her. He asks her to come with him. Ranbir comes there with Kaya.

Prachi and Ranbir sense each other’s presence there. Tu thodi der plays…..The salesgirl shows sarees for Prachi. Khushi asks where did she go? The salesguy says I will bring her.

Precap: Kaya tells Prachi that she likes her, but don’t want her to interfere when she is talking to someone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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