Kumkum Bhagya 15th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Prachi overhears Aaliya and Rhea’s plan

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Kumkum Bhagya 15th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pallavi coming to Prachi and asking if she is fine? Prachi says yes. Pallavi says you might be thinking that your marriage will not have anything missing and it will be grand this time, nobody will think that it is happening in due to helpless situation. She says last time I couldn’t do what I wanted to, but this time I will do everything. She says this time, your marriage will be more memorable than past marriage, I will support you in every way possible, I am with you. She says don’t think that your relation will be over with us, and says before marriage, I will fulfill my duties as mother in law and after your marriage, you can regard me as your mother, and gives honeymoon tickets to London. She asks her to start her life with Sid there.

Prachi comes to Rhea’s room and asks her to stop whatever she is doing, and finds her not there. Pallavi comes there and asks what you are doing here, and asks her to go and rest. She says tomorrow you have to do marriage shopping, says you will be tired. Prachi goes from there.

Ranbir wakes up from sleep and sees Prachi. Prachi says I thought you will ask me not to marry Sid, but you want me to marry him. Ranbir pulls her closer and hugs her. yaara ve…plays….They are pulled away separating them. It is Prachi and Ranbr’s dream. Both of them get up from sleep. Ranbir thinks someone wants to separate us. Prachi thinks to tell everything to Ranbir. Pallavi comes there and asks her to get ready to go for shopping. Prachi says she wants to talk to Ranbir. Pallavi asks why you want to create a scene and asks her to accept the truth, and asks her not to trouble herself and them also. She asks her to get ready, and says if we go early then we will return early. She goes. Someone throws the threatening message in Prach’s room. Prachi reads it that if she acts smart then Mihika’s funeral will happen before her marriage.

Ranbir thinks to leave from there making work excuse and will return in night. Dida says we all know what is happening and why? Aryan looks at Shahana. Shahana tells that it shall stop. Aryan says I gave up. Shahana comes closer and says I shall tell you truth. Aryan asks her to maintain distance. She pulls him closer and says Prachi had left a letter when she was leaving this house and asks if he understand its meaning. Aryan says I can just feel and can’t understand. Shahana asks if he has gone mad. Vikram asks what they are talking? Shahana says he doesn’t like decoration theme. Ranbir comes from outside. Vikram says he called him many times and asks why did he go out when doctor asked him to rest. Pallavi comes back home with Prachi and tells that she has bought ready made clothes for everyone. She gives clothes to Dida, Vikram and Rhea. Ranbir says he will freshen up and is going to his room, when her pallu gets stuck in his watch. Rhea notices and gets upset. Pallavi calls Prachi as she goes behind Ranbir. She asks Shahana to give bridal wear to Prachi.

Aaliya doesn’t like the clothes brought by Pallavi and says she doesn’t have fashion sense. Rhea tells that it might be Prachi’s choice. Prachi thinks this is Rhea’s well played game to book the honeymoon tickets. Rhea says Prachi has to go to London with her husband Sid. She says your idea to give honeymoon tickets to Prachi through Pallavi is right. Prachi hears them. Aaliya says this is best idea, Prachi’s marriage and then honeymoon with Sid in London. Rhea says once she goes to London, her passport will go missing. Prachi enters hearing them. Rhea stops. Prachi says when a girl gets married, her mayka doesn’t change. She says I can’t say this with you, and says what to call, behen or sautan, dhoka or dushman. Rhea asks what you are saying? Prachi says I heard you all. Aaliya tells Prachi that they were joking, nothing serious. Prachi says truth will not hide. She says why you are denying now. She says you might deny when I tell everyone. She says it was your idea to send me away from here, so that your way is cleared. She says Rhea couldn’t do anything without your support. Aaliya says she doesn’t understand. Prachi tells them about karma. She tells Aaliya that she should have thought wisely. Aaliya says I was excited and congrats her for marriage. Rhea asks what she was telling? Aaliya says she was telling that she will do boating with Sid. Prachi recalls the threat and comes to the hall. She hears the guy telling the lightman that tomorrow is wedding, there shall be no problem asking him to hrry up. Prachi thinks it is too late now, tomorrow is the wedding.

Precap: Prachi tells Ranbir that she will do this marriage and will see who stops her from doing this marriage. Pallavi tells Ranbir that when he sees Prachi and Sid happy with their child many years later then he will also be happy, as he always wanted Prachi’s happiness. Rhea tells Prachi that everyone will do something, but this game will be between you and me. Prachi is ready for marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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