Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Munni Decides to leave the house

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Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tanu bringing Aaliya home and says if she had not bring her then she would have been burned there. Aaliya says she has burnt Purab’s house so that he can’t have wedding night with Disha. She acts crazy and says now they can’t have wedding night and says she can’t see him with Disha. Disha blames herself for the fire accident and says she is inauspicious. Purab says he is happy that she is with him and they will together make a home. She hugs him. They go out and have food. Purab says I had full noodles and says if we would have been at home, then you would have made me eat food made by you. A romantic song plays…

Abhi plays music and tries to make the tune. Munni thinks she will see her for the last time. Abhi asks her to help him with the tune. Munni says she don’t know. Abhi asks her to make his favorite coffee. Munni thinks how to make coffee, she doesn’t know and thinks he will be upset with her. She comes to kitchen and Robin to make coffee. Robin says Dadi or you makes it. Munni says ok, she will make as Abhi asked her to make and she will make it with love. Abhi is talking to Rishabh when Munni comes to him with coffee. Abhi asks why the color is different. She asks him to taste. He tastes it and says good. She asks if he wants another cup of coffee. Abhi says ok and asks her to make and says everyone will know their jugalbandi. Munni thinks she is leaving today.

Purab thanks neighbor to keep Disha in her house till he makes arrangements of new house. Disha asks what to tell if Dadi calls her. Purab asks her not to tell Dadi as she will get worried and then call them at their house. Disha says ok. Purab thanks her for the understanding. He leaves after thanking the neighbor and asking Disha to take care. Disha hears neighbors talking about Bulbul and her and telling that Purab’s destiny is bad. It seems they have not matched the kundlis and that’s why it happened before she stepped in the house. Disha hears them and gets sad thinking she is not suitable for him.

Munni takes out Abhi’s shirt and keeps on bed. She feels apologetic for playing with his emotions and thinks she is doing penance and making him meet Pragya, don’t hate me. She thinks about his words, care, love, their half marriage etc and gets tears in her eyes. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays….

She thinks the days which I have spent here was the best days of my life. She comes to Dadi and asks if your leg pain is fine. Dadi says she is fine. Munni holds Dadi’s feet and apologizes in her heart.

Munni is leaving from the house. She yearns to see Abhi for one last time. Just then she sees Abhi near his car and turns to go, when something blast and Abhi gets severely injured and falls down on road. Munni is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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