Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Sid reveals truth without proofs

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Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aryan holding Shahana’s hand while Mili hugging him. Shahana says something is going on, goes. Aryan says I will be back. Ranbir comes out of the washroom and goes. Rhea thinks she has to stop Buji, then thinks she is losing the game. She says I will ask Prachi and she has to answer me. She slips and someone helps her. Prachi looks at Rhea. Someone keeps hand on Prachi’s mouth and takes her from there. Rhea says where did she go? She says she shall go to stop Aaliya. Shahana runs and thinks of Aryan holding her hand. Aryan comes to her. Shahana says she thought Mili trying to suicide. He says he understands and knows her. Shahana says when you don’t understand Mili, then how can you understand me. She sees Rhea going behind Aaliya and goes. Aryan says if I will run behind her always.

Ranbir has taken Prachi to side. Prachi asks why don’t you do it rightly. Ranbir asks if you would have come to me, if I ask. She says yes. He says now I am telling, please don’t go. He pulls her closer for a hug. Prachi says she has to go, as today is her sangeet. Ranbir says I can’t let you go and tells that he is showing his rights on her. He asks if she really want to go, leaving him. Prachi nods no. He says go and plays romantic song on his mobile. Ek duje ke….Prachi stops. Ranbir comes to her and kisses on her neck. Prachi hugs him. They dance on the song haan hone lage…Rhea asks Aaliya not to go. Aaliya says nothing will happen to me, they are my men and I will control them. Rhea says if they are in your control, then they wouldn’t have called you like this. She asks Aaliya to stay at home and handle the report and tells that she will go and handle the goon. Shahana sees Rhea going and sits in the car decky.

Ranbir says you was going? Prachi says your heart stopped me. He says my heart said so many things, but you listened just one. He makes her sit and takes mehendi cone in his hand. He says he heard that if the color is dark then husband’s love will be more. Prachi says I heard about Mother in law will love more. Ranbir says you have heard a different story. She asks if he is trapping her. Ranbir says girl’s don’t trap if name is written on their hands. He writes Pranbir on her hand. Prachi looks at it. He says it is having both of their names Prachi and Ranbir, Pranbir, and takes a swear that he will never let their relation break.

Aaliya waits for report to come. She gets busy talking to ladies. Courier guy comes to give report to Prachi. Sid takes the report and asks Priya to go. The report flies and falls near Aryan. Aryan checks the report. Sid says I can say surely that Rhea’s baby is not of Ranbir. Ranbir takes the report and sees it.

Dr. Madhurima asks Nurse if any emergency came. Nurse says no. Dr. Madhurima asks Receptionist about Rhea’s report. Dr. Preeti comes there and asks Receptionist about Kinjal. Receptionist says Kinjal will deliver baby today. Dr. Preeti says today is good. Dr. Madhurima says hi. Dr. Preeti says hi, how are you. Dr. Madhurima walks to a distance and stops to hear them. The receptionist checks and tells Dr. Preeti that Rhea’s report is in Kinjal’s file. Dr. Preeti says that she will see Kinjal’s file in her laptop, she is going to operate on her. She goes asking her to keep it in record name. Dr. Madhurima asks Receptionist to give Rhea’s report to her. Receptionist refuses and tells that it is senior doctor orders, as you both don’t like each other. Dr. Madhurima goes to side and calls Rhea. She informs her that someone else’s report is couriered to her house. She asks her to come to hospital and takes her report from hospital. Rhea asks Madhurima to go and get it. Dr. Madhurima says she can’t do it as there i a clash between them.

Rhea calls Aaliya and asks her to go to hospital and take the report. Aaliya says ok. Shahana thinks she has to go there before Aaliya. Aaliya collides with Pallavi. Pallavi asks where you are going? Aaliya says everything is fine, she will be back. Sid tells Ranbir and Aryan that Rhea is not pregnant with Ranbir’s baby. He says Ranbir should have thought that he can’t impregnante anyone, as he loves Prachci. Ranbir asks why did you get closer to Prachi. Sid says you are having Rhea’s report and saying this. Ranbir says this is not Rhea’s report. Sid looks at the report.

Precap: Prachi says to Rhea’s Bua, I know she is not pregnant and if you want, you can burn the report but still that report is in Dr. Preeti’s computer and soon she will be sharing it, after that everyone will know about truth and from next time, don’t try to backstab anyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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