Kumkum Bhagya 14th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Ranbir wonders if he is imagining Prachi

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Kumkum Bhagya 14th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranbir searching Khushi. Khushi comes to Ranbir and sits holding his leg. Ranbir asks her not to cry and says I will not let anything happen to you. He gives Khushi to Laali and asks her to take her home. Kaya’s father comes there and asks her to come. Kaya looks for Ranbir. Ranbir asks his family, what they are doing here and asks them to go home. Ranbir and Prachi try to save the people and media who have panicked and running. The terrorists shoot in air. The Inspectors catch two of the terrorists ask them to keep their guns down. Another terrorist is holding the bomb and says whoever is under 2 kms will die. The Inspector says if this bomb explodes here, then you will not be saved. The terrorist says we walk holding our lives in our hands and throws the bomb. Ranbir jumps and catches the bomb in his hand. Everyone is shocked. The Inspectors catch the terrorist and make them sit in the car. Ranbir looks for Prachi and gives the bomb to the constable. Prachi hides. Kaya comes to him and asks why did you hold the bomb. Ranbir asks her to go with her hand. He goes inside the hotel and looks for Prachi. He comes to the kitchen of the hotel and says where did you go, Prachi. Prachi is in the car and thinks of Ranbir accusations. She cries and thinks that’s why I didn’t want to come to this city as I don’t have the strength to live all those moments. The reporter tells that the truth has won and the evil has lost. Kaya’s father asks her to come with him to their house. Kaya says until I see Ranbir fine, I will not go. Her father asks her to come and tries to take her forcibly. Vikram and Pallavi try to go inside the hotel, but the constables stop them and tell that it is not allowed to go inside. Ranbir comes to the lady whom Prachi had saved. The lady tells that she didn’t save me and tells that may be he imagined her, and tells that she is a doctor and tells him that he is imagining her. She goes and recalls Prachi asking her to lie to Ranbir and tell him that she was just his imagination. Vikram and Pallavi ask Ranbir to come home. Pallavi asks why did you go inside, there was so much danger there. Vikram says we shall go home and scold him. They leave. The lady thinks she said what Prachi asked her to say, don’t know if he trusted me or not.

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Priya waits for Prachi’s boss at the airport. He says he has lost his bag, will see later. He says he just wants to meet Prachi and sits in the car. He calls Prachi. Prachi says she is fine and away from hotel. He says I have booked your room in Delight hotel. He asks Priya to get down at the mall and buy some dresses for Prachi.

Ranbir comes out of the bathroom and imagines Prachi. Tu thodi der plays….Ranbir asks why I am seeing you at every places, and I had talked to you, hugged and also fought with you. He thinks what is happening to him and keeps his hands on his ears. Aryan comes there and asks Ranbir what happened to him. Ranbir tells that he saw Prachi everywhere. Aryan says she is in your heart still so you are imagining her. Ranbir says I saved her in the hotel. Aryan tells that he consulted his doctor friend and he said that whenever some incident happens with you, you just imagines the person who misses the most. He says when that person is not with us, we wish to hug that person once. He says I feel that you imagined everywhere and it didn’t happen in reality. He says she must be your imagination. Ranbir recalls doctor’s words.

Pallavi comes to Ranbir and gives him turmeric milk. Ranbir thanks her. Pallavi asks if everything is fine? Ranbir is teary eyes and asks if something happened in hotel. She asks him to say. Ranbir hugs her. She says something has happened, I know. She says if you are injury, then we will show to doctor. Ranbir says I am fine, I was just missing you. Pallavi asks him to tell what has happened.

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Ranbir says when I was in hotel, I felt as if my everything will be snatched again. He says I was worried that I couldn’t meet you all again and that’s why…Pallavi hugs him and says nothing will happen, I will not let this happen. Ranbir says I know your love will not let anything happen with me. Aryan asks them not to talk senti. Ranbir says everything is fine and good. He hugs them. Pallavi asks him to have turmeric milk, and says you will be fine and your voice too. Ranbir drinks milk and gives glass to her. They leave. Ranbir asks if I have imagined her, I touched her, how can everything be so real.

Precap: Kaya asks Ranbir to come with her, and they will talk about construction related work, else give resignation till night. Ranbir says I don’t work for your company. Kaya says I have bought that company. Prachi tells Khushi that she will select dress for her. Khushi says you said you are like my Mamma, so you have to agree to my saying.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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