Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pragya asking Abhi to open the door thinking he has locked her inside due to some mischief. Tanu lights the kitchen walls on fire. Abhi searches for Pragya in the room and looks at the pics collage made by Purab. He thinks whenever she is infront of me, he feels good and whenever she is not with him, he feels really bad. He asks her to be with him always, and then thinks he is marrying Tanu, but have feelings for Pragya which is totally wrong. Tanu comes back to party and eyes Pragya’s poster angrily. Aaliya sees her standing infront of Pragya’s poster and asks what happened? Why you are sweating although AC is on. Tanu says she is coming from washroom. Aaliya says there is kitchen there. Aaliya asks if Pragya was with you in the kitchen. Tanu says no. Aaliya asks her to do if you have done anything with Pragya. Tanu says I have locked her in kitchen and then sprinkled diesel on it and sets fire. Aaliya asks have you lost it, and says who lights fire in house. She says she will inform everyone. Tanu stops her and asks her to keep alarm silent. Servant comes and says kitchen has caught fire.

Aaliya runs towards kitchen. Pragya thinks Abhi can’t lock her like this, and asks someone to open the door. She sees the kitchen catching fire and shouts for help. Abhi comes to Dadi and asks where is Pragya? Dadi says she must be here. Dasi says she must be in bathroom. Abhi says she is not here. Dadi asks him to call her. Dasi says her phone is with me and asks him to check. Aaliya goes near kitchen and calls Abhi, Raj and Tau ji. Abhi says this is Aaliya’s voice. They go there. Aaliya says kitchen has caught fire. Abhi asks everyone to go out.

Aaliya thinks whenever we try to kill Pragya. Abhi rescues her and thinks she won’t let Abhi save Pragya this time. Tanu asks Abhi, how the fire broke out. Abhi says I don’t know. Tanu tells him that she will not leave him. Abhi asks her to go. She falls and hurts her foot intentionally. Abhi helps her get up and takes her out of house. Abhi thinks where is Pragya? He thinks she might be in the kitchen and calls fuggi. Pragya thinks it means that he is searching me. She hears his voice and replies that she is in the kitchen. Abhi thinks how to go inside, shall I wait for fire brigade to come, thinks he can’t take chance and have to do something. Pragya thinks if he went back.

Mitali asks Tanu if she is feeling hurt. Tanu asks her not to worry about her. Raj asks Mitali to keep quiet for sometime. Taya ji says fire brigade people will tell who had set the fire. Mitali thinks to keep her mouth shut. Abhi wears blanket and come to rescue Pragya.

Abhi opens the door with a long rod. Pragya asks who are you and ass him not to come near her. Abhi manages to come inside and asks why she is shouting and tells that he came to save her. Pragya says you came..and smiles. Abhi asks her to come under his blanket. They have an eye lock. He asks her to come out with him. He rubs his face and black color is applied on his face. Pragya laughs seeing his face…

Pragya asks him to come and cleans his face with her saree pallu. They have an eye lock while she cleans his face.

Aaliya says your planning is wrong and says we could have stopped Bhai from going inside if planning is proper. Tanu says her destiny is bad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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