Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The terrorists bring the hostages outside

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Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kaya seeing the terrorist behind her. She turns to him and asks him not to shoot her, says you will not get anything by shooting him. She offers him double money. The terrorist says you are trying to buy me, now go up and bargain with God. He is about to shoot her, but Ranbir comes there and holds the terrorist. He asks Kaya to run. Kaya throws the show piece at Ranbir. Ranbir asks if you are hitting me or him. He hits the terrorist on his head and makes him falls down. He asks Kaya to run. Kaya asks him to wait and says she will wear her heels. Ranbir says I can wait, but terrorist will not wait and will shoot you. They run. The terrorist gets up holding his head. Ganesh switches off the lights from the main fuse. Ranbir asks Kaya to come with him and says you will get me killed. The terrorist tell that they will make him mad.

Prachi comes to a lady. The lady asks if you are not afraid of terrorist, they will kill you. Prachi says what they will do, our own family can hurt us. The lady says you are right. She says she will switch on the flash light. She drops her phone. Ranbir sees Prachi and the lady. Prachi goes to the room. The lady goes behind her. Ranbir is relieved seeing Prachi and asks Kaya to go there, he will bring Doctor and Khushi. The Inspector and the constables are going there. The Boss tells the other terrorist that Media and the Police are playing games with us. He calls the terrorist and asks him to do bomb blast and kill everyone. The terrorist asks what about us? The boss asks them to die for their nation and become martyr. The terrorist says ok. The other terrorist asks what boss said. The terrorist asks Boss asked us to sacrifice our lives. The other terrorist tells that if they kidnap Singhania and his family then they can go from there safely.

Khushi insists to go, but Doctor stops her. She hears Laali getting angry on her while searching her. Ranbir comes there and asks Khushi not to be afraid. Laali is with Minty Aunty. Minty says she will switch on the lights. Ganesh comes there and tells that Police asked him to switch off the lights. Just then Ranbir comes there with Doctor and Khushi. Laali doubts Ranbir to be kidnapper. Just then the terrorists come there. Police also comes there. The terrorist threatens to kill them if the Police don’t stop. They put the cloth on their heads. Prachi comes there. The terrorist puts cloth on her face also. They are taking everyone outside, so that they can kill them and save their lives. The media tells that people are about to come out. They see the bomb blast in the hotel. Everyone sees the terrorist bringing Ranbir and others outside. The terrorists ask the Inspector not to show any smartness and moves back. He says there are big faces behind the mask and they can fire them without seeing their faces. The other terrorist asks Inspector to let them go in the jeep, else they will kill everyone with bomb, whoever is in 1 km under, will die.

The Boss tells the terrorist that all the terrorists are worried for their lives. The terrorist asks him to order them to blast. Kaya’s father sees his daughter captive by the terrorist in the news and gets shocked. The people are watching the news. The terrorist asks Inspector to give them car keys, else he will kill the people. Vikram and Pallavi ask Inspector to give the car keys. Other Inspector asks the Inspector to give him the keys. The constable takes off the keys from his pocket. The Inspector who is captive asks the terorrists to leave the hostages first and then they will give the keys. The terrorist asks what is the guarantee. The Inspector tells that they shall send the hostages and the constable will walk from there. The other terrorist tells that it is right. Inspector asks them to move the cloth from their faces first. They remove the cloth from their faces. Ganesh tries to run, the terrorist shoots in air asking them to stop. Khushi runs and hides behind the car. Ranbir searches for Khushi. Khushi comes there and holds his hand.

Precap: Inspector tells terrorist that if the bomb fell down there, then they will die too. The terrorist tells Inspector that if they don’t win then they will not let them win too. They are not scared of death. He throws the bomb. Ranbir jumps and catches it in his hand. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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