Kumkum Bhagya 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 13th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Doctor to give best treatment to Abhi and nothing should happen to him. Pragya says Doctor assured her that he will take out bullet easily. Aaliya blames Pragya for calling Police and angering the goons. She accuses her for landing Abhi in this condition. Pragya says no and is in shock. Aaliya says you do same things everytime. She says Dadi says that Savitri takes back her husband’s life from Yamraj, but you are the one who forced her husband to go in death’s mouth. Pragya says I don’t want this. Aaliya says you wants him to die and that’s why acts. She asks why do you act? If you really love him then why couldn’t see his happiness. She calls her selfish and makes her emotional with her fake tears. She says you knows that his life is in danger if you stays with him, but then also you stays with him and says my kumkum, my husband, my destiny etc. She says he is my brother and our relation can’t break. I can show off my rakhi and tell that I am his sister, but I don’t show off our relation. She says you would have saved and protected him, but you have become inauspicious for him. She says until he is with you, wrong thing will happen in his life. She cries and says I will never forgive you. I hate you ……Pragya.

Pragya comforts her with a hug and asks her to hold on her emotions. She says Doctor assured me that nothing will happen to him. Aaliya says nothing should happen to my brother. Pragya says nothing will happen. Tanu gets irked. Nurse comes and tells that Abhi’s condition is deteriorating and asks them to get O negative blood. Aaliya says she will make some calls. Beeji comes there and asks about Abhi. Pragya says don’t know. Tanu thinks everyone is behaving as if she is not standing and says Aaliya was hugging Pragya and crying.

Purab comes to the blood bank and comes to know that O negative blood is not available. He asks how can blood be not available in a bank. He gets a thought that even his blood is O negative. Mitali and Tai ji gossip about Abhi and Pragya, while they are at Dadi’s bed side. Dadi gets up and insists to go to hospital to see Abhi. Taya ji says Aaliya and Pragya will see Abhi. Dadi says she can’t sit here. Tai ji asks her to stay at home. Dadi says I have to go for Pragya also, and says last time I had blamed her, but this time I will make her understand that she is not responsible for his condition. She asks them to let her go. Purab get his blood tested. Nurse says your blood is matching with him, and says it is good. Pragya thanks him for giving blood to Abhi. Purab says we have become brothers now after I gave blood to him. Pragya says I can’t lower your favor. Purab asks her not to use heavy words, as he is feeling light now after giving blood.

Aaliya thanks Purab. Purab says he didn’t do anything and tells that she can’t be a good sister. Aaliya says I love my brother very much and haven’t done anything against him, I just hate that Pragya. Purab says Abhi loves Pragya and says if you hurt her, then Abhi will feel pain. He says if you hurt Pragya then your concern and love is fake. He asks him to start afresh and says your one right move can change your life for good, but if you continue walking on wrong path then you will be ruined one day.

Beeji asks Pragya not to worry and says Abhi will be fine soon. Pragya says she is getting strange thoughts in mind. Purab asks her not to worry. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya is pretending to be worried about him, and says she is just acting. Aaliya asks her to stop it and says she is tensed about her brother’s life. Tanu thinks what happened to her? Sarla makes Pragya have water and asks her to rest. Pragya says she will talk to Doctor. Doctor comes and says Patient is out of danger now, and says once he got scared because of loss of blood, but Purab gave blood at right time and saved him. He says we have to keep him under observation for 24 hours in ICU and asks Pragya to meet tomorrow. Pragya insists to meet him once. Doctor agrees. Pragya tells Sarla that she will check him once. Aaliya asks Doctor if Abhi will have any complications.

Pragya comes to ICU and holds Abhi’s hand crying. She thanks him for not losing hope and strength. She says I thought once that I will lose you, but you have brought my hope back. She asks him not to keep his life in danger again and cries keeping her head on his hand. Tanu comes to ICU and asks her to go out, and asks her to stop acting. She asks her to leave and says it is enough. Pragya asks her to talk to her outside. They go out. Tanu says I am his to be wife and you are just his secretary. She asks her to go. Pragya says this time is not right to fight for the rights, and asks her to go. Tanu says I am going to be married to him, and asks her to leave if she wants her betterment. She says Abhi’s family will not leave you, and calls her stupid chashmish and says Abhi kept you at home for his entertainment. She asks her to leave.

Pragya says I might be his secretary, stupid, entertainment for him etc, but you are his helplessness who trapped him with bad publicity. She says Abhi is her destiny and asks her not to force her to take any step. Tanu says Abhi would have saved you if you was a stranger. She says you are talking all this as Abhi made you wear this mangalsutra. She says I will take it out right now. Pragya stops her.

Pragya is sitting at Abhi’s bed side in the ICU tells Abhi that she will go far from him for his safety, and says I am nothing to you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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