Kumkum Bhagya 12th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Rhea and Priyanka help the waiter to escape

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th November 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Prachi that something is missing and asks Prachi when she took off Sanju’s clothes, it was not action, but reaction. You was falling down and held him and that’s how his shirt was removed and asks why you was falling down and asks what had happened to you. He asks if you are fine. Prachi says I was fine even then, but then waiter came and gave her drink. She says she felt dizzy after drinking that and her head was heavy. She says Sanju told me that mustard sauce fell on my dupatta, so I went to guest room to clean it. As I was disbalanced, Sanju came behind me and then water fell from my hand on his kurta, so he said that he will dry it with hair dryer. When I returned from washroom, he was wearing his kurta and asked me to help him as he couldn’t wear it himself. When I went near him, I felt dizzy again and held the kurta for support else would have fallen down. Ranbir says you didn’t do anything wrong and the mistake is of the drink which you drank, says someone added something in your drink. Rhea and others get tensed. Ranbir says someone added something in your drink to make you drowsy.

Aaliya sees Abhi coming there and tells that may be this is possible. She asks Aaliya to leave from here. Abhi comes and hears them, says Prachi can’t go anywhere. Prachi runs to Abhi and hugs him, cries. Shahana also hugs him and cries. Abhi asks Bahadur to close all the doors and asks Security not to let anybody go. He asks Vikram to make all waiters stand in line and Prachi and Sanju will identify them. Rhea goes from there. Priyanka comes out of room and tells that Shahana attacked her. Rhea says she will go and see her. Priyanka says she attacked her first as she tried to stop her from calling Abhi. Rhea tells that Dad has come and trusts Prachi a lot. She says we made a plan, but didn’t make any counter plan if we trap. She says if our waiter opens his mouth then? Priyanka asks her to do something. Rhea asks her to let her think. She gets Abhi’s call and picks it. She says I am coming down and tells Priyanka that they shall go down.

Vikram asks all the waiters to stand in line and keep their head up. Rhea and Priyanka come there. Abhi asks Prachi to relax and says everything will be fine. Rhea thinks God save me, that waiter shall not be caught. Priyanka thinks truth shall not come out and tells that if this happens then she will lose his trust, Rishi etc. Aaliya tells Abhi that she reacted early and that she shouldn’t have reacted such way, but the circumstances are such. She says Rhea has a good presence of mind and pulled the wire of the CCTV. Abhi appreciates her. Mitali appreciates Ranbir for proving Prachi innocent. Ranbir says I did what I thought wrong. Sanju thinks Abhi will not do anything to his daughter, but will not leave me. He thinks how to stop Prachi from identifying the waiter. Abhi asks Sanju and Prachi to identify the waiter and says I will not leave him. Sanju thinks of the waiter giving him drink. Prachi identifies the waiter and says he is the one who brought drink for me. Waiter says I didn’t do anything and tries to run. Vikram asks Ranbir to catch him. Aryan and Ranbir catch him. Abhi holds the waiter and beats him, asking why did he do this, and asks on whose saying you mixed tablet in the glass. Waiter says I will say. Pragya and Purab sit at the road side tea stall. Pragya says I never saw you in this condition. Purab says even I didn’t know when I started crying. Pragya says when you shall be with family, you was crying here alone. Purab says I am not alone, you are with me. Pragya says your pain will not get less. Purab asks Pragya, do you know that Disha and I are not together. She says she know. Purab asks do you trust me?

Abhi asks waiter if the person is outsider or family member who gave him money. Priyanka sees knife on the table and cut her hand to divert him. Abhi and others run to Priyanka leaving the waiter. Rhea pushes the knife near the waiter, asks him to hold the knife and keep on her neck and threaten her Dad. Waiter does as she says and tells that he will slit her throat. Abhi says just leave her. Waiter pushes her and runs. Rhea pretends to cry and hugs Abhi. Waiter escapes. Ranbir runs behind him and tries to catch him. Waiter takes someone’s bike and escapes.

Precap: Ranbir tells that whoever has accused Prachi and said bad things shall apologize. Aaliya asks what is wrong? Ranbir says you have said wrong things about her, her upbringing, character, family etc. Aaliya asks if he has lost his mind. Abhi asks them to apologize to Prachi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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