Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya’s conversation. Purab, Beeji, Janki and Dadi come to the kidnappers’ place. They get Abhi’s mobile and Pragya’s handkerchief. They wonder where are they and think goons must have shifted them to some other place. Sarla cries and worries for them. Dadi is also worried. Purab says until they are together, nothing will happen to them. Dadi prays for them. Abhi gets closer to Pragya in car. Pragya asks what you are doing? He makes the seat move back and asks her to sleep. Pragya asks him to sleep too. He says goodnight. She wakes up as she recalls Abhi about to kiss her. Abhi says lets complete that work. Pragya says lets sleep for now. Abhi says that time, there was fire around us, but now rain is everywhere. Damru and his goons are searching Abhi and Pragya. He sees Abhi and Pragya in ca and informs the goons.

Pragya says rain stopped. Abhi says so what, but weather is good even now. The goons come near them. Damru asks Abhi to come out. Abhi tells Pragya that he will not let them touch her. Pragya says my heart is shaken. Abhi asks her not to worry. Damru asks his goons to break the windows. Abhi asks Pragya to sit in car and says I will beat them. Pragya says I will also come out with you. Abhi says I will handle them alone, and asks her to sit. Pragya says you are stuck because of me and says we both will get down. Damru asks them to come out and sees his gun empty. He says now I have to call commander and asks him what to do.

Aaliya thinks don’t know if his goons caught them or not. Damru makes a conference call and says they are inside the car and have locked it. Nikhil hears silently and thinks he can’t give him idea as Aaliya is here. Contract killer asks Damru to get petrol from his car and burns them alive. Nikhil thinks what an idea. Damru says I will do work, but if the fire will increase in rains. Contract killer says petrol catches fire even in water. Aaliya asks Nikhil with whom he was talking to? Nikhil says they forgot the way and that’s why called. Aaliya asks him not to be smart else she will call more sharp contract killer to kill him. Nikhil asks her to wait until next call comes.

Pragya wonders what will happen. Damru asks them to come down else. Abhi searches for the keys and tries to start the car. Damru asks his man to bring petrol. Pragya tells Abhi that he left for getting petrol. Abhi says he is searching ignition wire. Pragya says they are throwing petrol and asks him to start the car. Abhi gets ignition wire and starts the wire. He says car will fly now. Damru asks how did the car start with petrol.. Abhi tries to start car again. Damru tells his goons that lovers are destined t end like this and says history is witness, laughs.

Abhi drives the car and romances with Pragya. Suddenly they meet with an accident.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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