Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Inspector makes strategy to nab the terrorists

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi bandaging Ranbir’s hand. He says ouch. Prachi says it is paining now, but will be fine in sometime. Ranbir asks why you didn’t tell me, that you came to Delhi. He asks if you didn’t miss me even once. Prachi turns and gets emotional. The Inspector plays the pendrive in the laptop and Qaida group boss tells that he can understand what is going on with them, this was destined to happy. He tells that everything was preplanned, and tells that coming to the point, my both Sherkhan, who were standing behind him, will do blast in their big hotel. He says you might be thinking why we are doing this, we want to do this to increase terrorism and tells to make the people afraid of them. He says we want to tell your govt that you have taken enmity with whom, by hanging our terrorist. He says if you kill our one terrorist, then we will kill your many. He tells Inspector that he doesn’t know what is happening here, and tells that your Media is doing live telecast of my video and is spreading terror in people’s heart. Inspector asks Media to stop the telecast and not to spread the terror. He asks them to go. Pallavi says Mummy ji shall not see it. Aryan asks did you talk to Ranbir? Pallavi says no, God is with him.

Ranbir asks Prachi why she didn’t tell him that she came to Delhi, atleast would have told that she is alive. Prachi says just don’t want to tell him. He says I can understand that you was stress and anger, even I was angry and may be you thought that I will react angrily when I hear you, and not hear it emotionally. Prachi asks do you still think that whatever happened with Panchi, is because of you. She says who had brought Police there, you had come. Ranbir says I came there to save you. A fb is shown, Aaliya welcoming Ranbir, the goons informing her that he brought Police, and Aaliya slipping making the baby falling in the river. He tells that he didn’t bring Police there, and asks her not to blame him. He asks did you think from my point of view, and says if you have said once, then we would have gone together and saved her, but this all… Prachi says you mean to say that you still hold me responsible for whatever happened with Panchi. She says that’s why I didn’t want to tell you, don’t want to meet you or see you, as you still feel the same, Ranbir Kohli. He says even I am not dying to meet you, Prachi Kohli. She says don’t call me by that name. He says he will call her whatever he wants to call her. Prachi says lets talk. Ranbir says I don’t want to talk to you, he says he has someone in his life already, with whom he can talk. Prachi says I heard the announcement, you are marrying Singhania’s daughter. Ranbir asks have you gone mad and says he don’t want to talk to her anymore. He goes out. Prachi cries. Tu thodi der plays…..Ranbir hears her crying and comes back. He keeps her hand on her shoulder and wipes her tears. She brushes off his hands from her shoulder and goes out.

The Inspector tells the constables that they have two options, one is to be outside, doing nothing waiting for other team to come and other is to take risk, go inside and save people. He says even if we save one person that we can keep respect of our uniform. Constable says anything can happen if we went inside, they have planted the bomb. Inspector asks if we shall get afraid of them. He asks if we shall let them die, to save our lives. He asks if we have worn this uniform to catch some people and put them behind bars. He says if we get scared, then what will happen with innocent people. He says we have known about the attack and came with all the arrangements. He says one thing is famous for people officers, with you, for you always, today we have to give test of our bravery and duty, if we saved even 1 person that we have done our duty. He says our other team is coming, we have to handle for sometime, then we will not let these terrorists go from here alive. He says if you don’t want to go then I will go alone, and asks them to decide if they want to fight with them like brave, or stand here like a coward. The other Inspector and the Constables tell that they are ready. All of them run to go inside the hotel. The Qaida boss informs the terrorists that the Police is coming from front door and asks them to kill all the Police team. The terrorists see them entering the hotel through the window. The terrorist who is with Boss, tells that Media is helping them unknowingly by showing what is happening outside and they are seeing the hotel footage. The terrorists attack the Police, Ganesh helps the Inspector and asks him to come with him. The Inspector goes with Ganesh. Vikram asks Aryan if he got Dida’s call. Aryan says yes, she called but….Just then they see Dida standing infront of them.

Doctor asks Khushi if she is feeling scared. She says no, as she asked fear to go. Doctor asks who will ask these terrorists to go, then we can go home. Khushi asks why they are bad, we haven’t done anything with them, then why are they killing people. Doctor says it is some of our karma and other of them. Ranbir knocks on the door. Khushi says Ranbir Kapoor. Doctor stops her, and says what he will do here, he might be shooting somewhere for his film, or having lunch with Alia and seeing our news. Khushi says this is not Alia’s Ranbir Kapoor, but my Ranbir Kapoor, he is cute and brave. She asks him not to be afraid and says if there was bad uncle then he would have broken the door. She runs to open the door. Doctor hides in the inside room. Khushi opens the door. Ranbir lifts her and says my daughter, my little partner, I thought you will be sitting scared, but you are happy. Khushi says I had prayed to God for you and also wait for you. Ranbir asks really and says someone was waiting for me, I like it. Khushi says I love you a lot and will wait for you. Ranbir says even I love you so much.

Dida asks who am I, and what you thought of me, I am still alive. Vikram asks what you are saying? Dida scolds them for not informing her about Ranbir. Vikram says I asked Pallavi and Aryan not to inform you. Dida says Ranbir is here and I was at home. She says if you had told me then I would be here atleast. Aryan asks how do you know? Dida says everywhere on the TV and news, this news is flashing. She asks where is Ranbir? Vikram says he is still inside. Dida asks did you talk to him. Pallavi says no, as the network is cut and tells that she tried to go inside, but Police didn’t let her go. Dida says if you would have told me then I would have talked to terrorist when Inspector talked to him. She goes to talk to Police. Pallavi says Dida loves her a lot. Aryan tells Vikram that Dida is right, you should have told her everything. He goes upset.

Ranbir asks Doctor if Kaya came here. Doctor says I came for her here, but don’t know where she is roaming, she didn’t come here. Ranbir says she didn’t reach here, this girl is troublesome, tells that he will bring her. Doctor says go wherever you want, but I want to go home. Ranbir says even I want to go, but terrorists are shooting outside and bombarding outside. Just then they hear the bomb blast. Ranbir says I have to go and save some people, one is my friend and other is my love, and then says just my friend. He asks him to keep the door locked and open it, when he knock it three times. Doctor says ok. Ranbir asks Khushi, if she is feeling scared. Khushi says she asked it to go. She asks did you see my Maayi? Ranbir says yes, I met her and she said that I didn’t take care of you, and I felt bad. Khushi says sorry from her side, and says forgive her. Ranbir says ok, she didn’t know how much I love you, and asks her to take care of herself and doctor, he gets scared. They laugh. Ranbir says Khushi khush. He asks Doctor to take care of her and don’t open the door in any circumstances.

The terrorist boss sees the hotel CCTV footage and sees the corridors empty without any people. He says media have changed the angle of the cameras. The terrorist tells that if they are playing game with us. Boss tells everything is fair in love and war, tells that they will use plan B. The terrorist says then the Police will try to save their lives and plead and beg. The boss says I want to see how they beg. The Inspector thanks the media for helping them, and says the terrorists might be seeing why the cameras are focusing the walls. He asks media to show the footage of them entering the hotel late, so that we are two steps ahead of them. He thanks Ganesh for stopping them at the right time and says if we have not moved at the right time, then our soldiers might have shot. He asks Ganesh who is he? Ganesh says he is bell boy. Dida asks did you see Ranbir. He says no, and tells that he can go inside and come outside. Inspector says you can be useful to us. Ganesh tells that he heard that they are keeping watch on them using CCTV footage. Inspector says they have delayed the news feed. Ganesh says CCTV footage can be cut, by taking out fuse from fuse box and the light will go. Inspector says then the terrorist will not get help from outside. He asks if you can go inside and take out the fuse. Ganesh says yes, I can go inside safely and will take out the fuse, says I will help you.

Kaya is walking in the corridor and thinks where is search Ranbir and Prachi? Just then the terrorist comes infront of her. She says you will not get anything by shooting me and offers him double money than he gets, and asks him to give her gun. The terrorist says you want to buy me, and asks her to go up and bargain with God.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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