Kumkum Bhagya 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Pragya gets closer

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Kumkum Bhagya 12th December 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Simonika venting out her anger and telling that Pragya has saved Abhi like his guard all the time, and thinks until she is here, she can’t kill him. She looks at the knife and says Abhi you have to die. She stabs on the watermelon and tells that she will kill him then only she will get peace, nobody can save you. Allah Wariyan plays as Abhi and Pragya slips and falls on couch. Abhi says you slip all the time, and don’t leave any chances to get stick. She says if you try to stick to me then I will hang your pic with garland. Pragya says I don’t fall intentionally, but you makes me fall intentionally. Abhi is surprised and asks why I will make you fall. Pragya tells that you threw your stuff in the room and that’s why I fell down. I have to clean this mess again and again. Abhi says you slips, and keeps blame on me. He tells her about lift in look and says you don’t know English.

Pragya says I am educated and knows English. Abhi asks why don’t you do any job. Pragya says she was once a teacher, and understanding. She feels pain in her body. Abhi gets concerned and makes her rest on bed. He gives his favorite pillow and says just because you are unwell. Pragya says I liked the nurse which doctor said. Abhi asks where is the nurse? Pragya looks at him. Abhi asks her to ring bell to call Robin. Pragya thinks don’t love me, and smiles. She thinks you be with me as nurse, and I will be fine soon.

Groom Nitesh comes with baraat to marry Suhana. Disha and others welcome him, and asks groom to search the scissor. Purab gives the scissor in Disha’s hand. She gives it to groom and asks him to cut the ribbon. He cuts the ribbon and goes inside. Disha slips and falls in Purab’s embrace. Lejaye song plays….

Sangram Singh comes there. Nitesh and Suhana exchange garlands. Sangram Singh says Disha and Purab did wrong to return, and says he will bury them so that nobody knows them. Bali stops him and says everyone knows about the police case. Sangram Singh says I will go anyhow and takes the shawls. He tells two goons to turn the car and takes other two with him. He thinks where is Disha and that Purab. He looks at her and thinks she is looking beautiful. He thinks his heart is melting down seeing her and thinks to make her his servant and get her love, to take revenge. Purab thinks if I am doing injustice with Disha. Disha thinks he was angry, but still cares for me. She says she didn’t do any mistake by marrying him and want to be with him all the life. Sangram touches Disha and thinks he felt current in his body and thinks if he hugs her then what will happen. Suhana’s mum asks Purab and Disha to do Suhana’s ghat bandhan. Disha and Purab do the ghatbandhan. Disha looks at them and recalls their marriage in Abhi’s house.

Dasi tells Dadi that she is thinking something since yesterday. Dadi says even I am bothered about something, and says if this Munni is our Pragya. Dasi says she also felt the same. Dadi says if Pragya is doing acting to fool us. Dasi says why she will do this. Dadi says previously she had changed her avatar, and this time may be she has changed her name. Dasi says we can’t come to conclusion until we get proofs and says we love Pragya so much that we are thinking her lookalike as Pragya. Dadi says we have to decide who is she? Abhi comes there and calls dadi. He says I want to talk to you. He says that Pragya..and says Munni. He says Doctor said that the poison will be in her body for few days, and tells that Munni’s feet is swollen. He asks Dadi, can you massage her feet. Dadi asks him to massage her feet. Dasi says we are not an expert. Abhi says Dadi used to massage me in childhood and I used to get fine. Dadi says but I don’t remember. Purab sees Sangram Singh and gets shocked.

Pragya tells Abhi that she was awake and enjoying his massage. Abhi asks how could you? Pragya says when you was massaging me, I felt like you are playing guitar and says she didn’t get the feeling and massage in her life ever.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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