Kumkum Bhagya 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 10th July 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aaliya and Tanu coming to Munni’s house. They introduce themselves. Munni introduces themselves. Tanu shows her Abhi’s pic. Munni says she accepts the alliance. Tanu says he is my boyfriend. Munni says she is joking. Aaliya tells her that her face resembles to their friend. Munni is shocked to see the pic and compares her pic. She asks if the pic is photoshopped. Aaliya says no. Munni shows the pic to her niece. She asks them to tell the truth. Tanu says she is my sautan and got married to Abhi. Munni says rockstar married her, so you are her sautan. Aaliya says talk is enough and offers money. She says it is not easy to earn money and you have to do a small work. Munni asks what? Aaliya tells her that she wants to kick Pragya out of his life and grows hatred in his heart. She asks her to come to Mehra Mansion as Pragya and stay there as Pragya. Munni asks if she is drunk. Aaliya offers 1 lakh rs. Aaliya says you are talking something and saying something. Munni asks her to go.

Aaliya asks her to come with her and make Abhi hate Pragya. She asks her to do something so that Abhi thinks Pragya is a worst woman in the world, and he accepts Tanu back in his life. She says you are talented and will do this. Munni says you are chaalbaaz women, and says your brother might love his wife and asks what do you want to snatch his love. Munni refuses to work for them. Aaliya and Tanu threaten to kill her chutka and chutki.

Tanu tells her that they have done this to get Abhi’s property and have killed Pragya also. She asks her to think about then children and says think what I will do to them. Munni keeps knife on her neck and says you are threatening me, coming to my house. She asks them to take the money and leave. They leave. Munni thinks they tried to buy my face and honesty.

Abhi and Purab are in the car. Abhi says he can’t wait to reach the stage and is very excited. Purab says your hope will break today that Pragya is alive. Abhi says I have won the challenge and says she will come.

Munni and Chutki come to the tea shop and hears that 15% show earrings will go towards the education of a small girl. Chutki asks Munni to get her name written for free education. Munni thinks he is such a nice man, and thinks to inform him about Aaliya and Tanu’s plan. She tells Chutki that she will go to the rock show and asks her to stay with Chutka in the hospital.

Aaliya and Tanu are returning home. Aaliya says she is angry on that Munni. Tanu says she is tensed thinking if Munni tells Purab, Dadi or Abhi about their plan. Aaliya says she will not do anything, says if she had any mind then she would agreed to work for them. She asks her to let her think how to convince Munni. Abhi comes to the show along with Purab. Rishabh greets him. Abhi asks him to make the donation reach the needy children. Rishabh says I will make sure that the money reach in right hands and asks him to blindly trust him. He says my brother is coming here and will share stage with you for some time for brand endorsement.

Purab says how can you do that, and would have asked me. He says Abhi will not share stage with anyone. Rishabh says he is a brother. Abhi asks Purab to let him. Purab asks what is his name? Karan comes and the fans click pics with him. Rishabh introduces Karan and says he played 4 matches in the last season. Abhi says you haven’t seen much limelight. Karan says he has seen much limelight when he plays cricket and will have much fan than him. Abhi asks him to learn to come down else it won’t be good. Rishabh asks them to calm down and wishes best to Abhi. Abhi and Purab goes. Karan asks why did you stop me. Rishabh says he is a star and asks him to keep his ego at side. He says he is a big celebrity and a humble man I have ever met. He says you have started, he just replied. He asks him to smile and hugs him.

Munni comes to the show to meet Abhi and thinks she will inform him. She is stopped and ask to show ticket which is of 5000 Rs. Munni thinks she don’t have that much money. Purab comes there, but couldn’t see her. Abhi sings Bang Bang and dances while playing guitar. He then imagines Pragya on stage wearing a white gown and dances with her. Mujhe Neend Aati…Boldo Na Zara song…..plays..Everyone claps for Abhi. Minister comes there. Munni takes bouquet from his driver’s hand and gets inside while the security men are busy with Minister.

Tanu and Aaliya come to house and switched on TV. Aaliya asks her to switch off TV and says it is not important to watch concert. Tanu tells sher that she saw Munni just now in the concert. Aaliya says how she has reached there. Tanu says you called me idiot? Aaliya says it will be a disaster if she tells anything to Abhi, and says we shall go there. Host announces that Abhishek Mehra and Karan Luthra will come on stage. Munni asks where is Abhi. Abhi and Karan makes a heroic entries. Karan stumbles. Abhi holds him and says he is experienced. Rishabh asks Karan if he is fine and says it is good that Abhi held your hand. Abhi tells Purab that Rishabh is calm and composed and Karan is egoistic. Purab says Rishabh is water and Karan is fire, don’t know how they stay together.

Abhi performs on the stage and sings song Parvardigara……Munni tries to reach the stage. Munni shouts Abhishek….and thinks he saw her. Abh looks at her. Allah Wariyan plays……Munni asks people to keep quiet for sometime and asks Abhi to look at her.

Abhi tells Purab that he saw Pragya in the crowd. Purab says you saw her and don’t believe him. Abhi says she was wearing strange clothes without specs and was trying to tell something. Purab asks if he is lying.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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