Kumkum Bhagya 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 10th January 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with manager announces that winning Jodi result is in his hand. He says winning Jodi is Abhi. Tanu gets happy and says we have won. Manager asks her to wait and tells that Abhi’s Jodi is from his same table who think same as him. He takes Pragya’s name. Purab dances happily. Abhi asks what you are doing, I would have get jealous if he made my girl friend Jodi with you. Manager asks Tanu not to lose hope and says her Jodi is with Purab. Tanu is angry. Abhi asks Purab, can I dance with Pragya today. Purab asks him to go ahead. Manager asks Abhi to make Pragya wear tiara with his hand. Abhi makes her wear tiara. Manager announces that their Jodi is made in heaven…Rab Ne banadi Jodi. Purab tells Tanu that they are made for each other and will never separate. He asks her to forget her dream of marrying Abhi. Abhi says I am getting jealous unnecessarily.

Pragya says God never does any mistake. Manager announces that winning Jodi will do a special dance. Abhi and Pragya dance on the song Ae Dil Hai Mushkil…….Tanu gets jealous and angrily. Abhi and Pragya have an eye lock while dancing on a romantic song. Aaliya thinks about Purab’s plan, and thinks why Dadi and Dasi were happy. Mitali comes there and tells Aaliya that she doesn’t understand why Dadi was so happy as if they went to have honeymoon, and will give good news after coming back. She asks why Dadi said that this date will be memorable and someone will repent. She asks her to call Tanu and enquire. Aaliya asks her not to eat her brain and go. Mitali asks her to drink milk, and thinks she is taking her anger on me.

Abhi and Pragya are still dancing romantically on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil……Manager asks Tanu and Purab to come on stage and dance. Tanu and Purab refuse to dance. Aaliya thinks what to do to wait for Tanu’s call. She thinks if she shall drink milk or not. She drinks milk to keep herself awake. Tanu calls Aaliya. Aaliya says why you haven’t call me. Tanu tells her that this place is strange and made them play a game. She tells that Abhi and Pragya got the trophy of best Jodi of heaven. Aaliya says it might be Purab’s trick. She asks what they are doing? Tanu says they are doing couple dance. Aaliya asks her to go on stage and see what they are talking. Tanu says okay, I will try. Aaliya asks her to go. Tanu thinks don’t know when will Aaliya go from my life. Aaliya thinks why did Purab go there, and if he is having more plans than this. Purab thinks he has to execute his final step and searches for someone. Pragya specs falls down. Abhi gets a flashes and he sees making Pragya wear specs before. He makes her wear specs and tells Pragya about seeing this before. Pragya takes him to side and asks about the vision. Abhi says it was like I saw it before. Pragya asks him to recall what he saw etc.

Abhi asks Pragya to help him and says whenever he sees such things, he sees her. Pragya thinks I am in that place and thinks she can’t burden his mind. Purab goes on stage with a girl and dances with her on the song…Ek ladka tha. Tanu searches Abhi and Pragya. Abhi and Pragya come back and see Purab dancing with a girl. Abhi asks if she is not jealous and why she is smiling? Pragya says she shall not feel bad as she also danced with him. Abhi says yes. Tanu comes to Abhi and says now real life couple should dance. Abhi says I don’t want to see others’ dance. Tanu says I am talking about us. Abhi says his feet is hurt because of Pragya, and lies to her. A guy Rohan comes and tells Tanu that he wants to dance with her. Abhi says he came at right time. Tanu agrees to dance with him.

Abhi says I can dance with you all night. Pragya asks who am I to you? Abhi is clueless and gets thinking.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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