Kumkum A New Dream Episode 1

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Sorry for late update.my semester is gng on so i could not update my episode
so no more explanation.
Let me get into the story
Purab:aliya when will u r so called friend will cme???.we r waiting more than 10 min …
Aliya:dont dare to say abt my frnd..i will kill u
purab:haa..haa u r gng to kill me wat a funny.
Aliya:u purab i am not gng to leave u..
abhi:stop u r fight guys..purab let us wait..
but say one thing aliya in these years u didnt say abt u r frnd.
aliya:she only said not to say abt her.so i hide it from u for past 4 years
abhi:four years????but why
aliya:she will say..see there she is coming.cme fast bulbul
By seeing her purab is totally memerize by her beauty..
Aliya introduce bulbul to her brothers.this is purab my chottae bhaiyaa and idiot one purab:stare aliya..
Bulbul:she juz laughed she shake her hands with purab.and she came to abhi and say u r badde bhaiyaa
Aliya:ya..u continue..
Hi abhi the rockstar..i am u r biggest fan.by day will start by listening to u r songs.wat a nice a album u had..but this aliya na she will not even listen to u r songs..and continuosly blabaringg
Abhi:stop stop .take a breathe and talk.
Abhi:aliya u even didnt listen my song ha how rude…wait I will see u and bulbul I am happy to have u a my great fan.u r my fan num one…
Bulbul:she exictiely hug abhi wid extreme happiness.
By seing this purab is boiling in jelousy
Abhi: but why u said to aliya not to say abt u.
Bulbul:haa the reason is if u hear it from aliya u will consider me as a normal fan.if I itself say means it will different and u have given a fan num 1..thats why..
Abhi:smiles ….
One girl tap her shoulder that’s is purvi and sarlaa
Purvi character is same as serial
Bulbul:hug sarla with much happinesss
Sarla:got bit emotional.she is seeing her daughter after 3 years..how r u beta
Bulbul: I am fne ma…
Aliya:took blessing from her…how r u aunty ji
Srala by twisting her ears with smila:I said u too not to call me aunty.call me as a ma.if u consider me as a mom or not
Aliya:sorry ma I will never repeat this.how r u ma
Sarla:I am gud beta..see u r not fne u r looking so dull and weak.hereafter I will take care of u r health
Aliya:ma I am dieting..sarla:dieting??no u should not
Abhi who is seeing this is happy to her sister is cared my motherly love and caring..
Bulbul:see ma I am also dull and weak but u didn’t ask mee
Sarla:aliya some one is burning in jelousyy…they both laugh and share hi-fi..and she said u r looking so fat like me and u r saying me u look so dull ha
Bulbul:ma… I am not in jelous.how will I be jelous to my friend.she is more than my frnd and give side hug to her..
Abhi is happy to see her sissy with much happiness..
Aliya introduce her brothers to sarla ma
Bulbul:ma where is pragya dii
Bulbul:ha rockstar my elder diii
Sarla:she has meeting.she is out town beta..
Bulbul:wat??she didn’t came to receive her sister.meeting is important for her..
Aliya:stop u r acting dramaqueen.dont act so much ..
Sarla:why beta??..aliya:ma already pragya dii inform abt the meeting..this ammu na one biggest dramaqueen
Bulbul:pout her face…seeing this puab laughed extremely and like her antic very much
All turn to purab.purab I am sry guys..
Sarla:its ok beta..we r leaving
Abhi:Ok aunty byee.
Screen shift to abhi driving car and purab is in front seat who is dreaming in that
He and bulbul got married and having one child.she is playing with children.he smile brodly
Aliya:don’t smile brodly…she is nice girl and will not fall for u.and also she has a boyfriend
Purab:wat ????with shocked expression
Aliya gigle at his expression:I said lie.she is single..she is expecting her boyfriend to be nice one..not like u
Purab:I am gng to kill u idiot..always playing don’t dare do this again.and listen I will see to that u don’t worry..
Aliya:u decided to marry her.ok anyway all the best
Abhi: ok stop this..aliya tell me about u r friend family
Aliya:why bhaiyaa????purab:juz say budhuuu
Aliya:with stern look..
U have came to know abt ARORA INDUSTERIES na bhaiyaa
Purab:a top most company in indiaa..
Aliya:sss there r arora family members..bulbul and me r same batch in our clg and pragya is senior to us in melbourne university..we three r best and close friend..after their father dead pragya took over the company..now she is the one who take care of the arora industries..u know bhaiyaaa she is also same like u who take care of the family more than anything.she is really nice girl
Purab:by the way 2morrow we r gng to sign a deal with their company only..
Aliya:that is cool one..
Abhi:who is continusoly thinking about the pragya
Soon they reach mm
Dadi is extremely happy to see aliya
Abhi goes to his room and thinking about the dream which he dream before 2 days
One fine moring abhi is sleeping..he had dream where thegirl is running here and there and playing with kids.she wore salwar that perfectly match her and she look gorgeous by the look..suddenly the dream is disturbed by purab..
He is continuosly thinking about dream and restless without sleep

Lets see this is te same who abhi is dreaming..
Pls leave u r suggestion.if there is any mistake forgive me I typed in hurry burry….

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