KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 53

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The episode starts with Purab in a state of shock on seeing Aryan at the doorstep of his bedroom while having a strong argument with Aliyah. Purab tries to calm his composure and asks Aryan, “Aryan, you here??? What is the matter???” Aryan poses as if he did not hear his Mom and Dad’s argument, smiles and tells Purab, “Dad, you left your wallet with me so I just came to return it!!!” Aryan forwards the wallet to Purab, smiles at both of them and slowly leaves from there. But, after going out he hides behind the wall near the exit and tries to listen to his parents’ conversation. Inside, Purab heaves a sigh of relief and gives a wary stare to Aliyah. Aliyah shakes her head and asks “What???” Purab tells her, “It’s good that OUR SON doesn’t know your true colours!!!” Aliyah gets exasperated at his words and confronts him, “Why, what is your problem with me??? You are reacting as if I’m SOME CRIMINAL!!!” Purab gets irritated, catches Aliyah by her shoulders and shouts, “Don’t get me started on what all CRIMES you have done in your life, Aliyah!!!” Aryan gets a shock of his life on hearing that and curiously continues to eavesdrop their conversation. Inside, Purab continues, “At first when I was in love with BULBUL, you tried all your means to separate HER from ME to such an extent that you FORCED YOUR OWN BROTHER TO MARRY HER SO THAT SHE CAN SEPARATE FROM ME, but unfortunately, her sister Pragya di fell into YOUR TRAP, but look at God’s game, Aliyah, that Pragya di’s Kumkum Bhagya was indeed Abhi, that they soon fell in love with each other and also accepted mine and Bulbul’s relationship. However, it was my BAD FATE that Bulbul couldn’t stay long with me, so instead of Bulbul, life gave me another chance through Disha. But, unfortunately, YOU HAD NOT LEFT YOUR DESIRES TO WIN ME, ALIYAH!!!” He stops himself, holds his breath, catches his forehead and then turns towards Aliyah again and continues, “And it was your UNENDING OBSESSION for me that made me LOSE MY DISHA AND MY FIRST SON, Aliyah!!” Aryan is thunderstruck on hearing those words from Purab. He reminisces how he had opened Purab’s wallet and noticed a photo hidden below his parents’ wedding photo and when he checks it, he finds Disha’s photo. He clearly remembers the flashback when he first met Disha during his Mom and Dad’s anniversary party and how she was heartbroken to learn that he was Purab and Aliyah’s son. Aryan gets thinking, “Does that MEAN THAT DAD STILL LOVES DISHA MA???” he gets deeply pained on thinking about that, while Purab continues his conversation inside with Aliyah, “Aliyah wasn’t my life enough for YOU, that you are hell bound to SPOIL THE LIVES OF OTHERS???” Aliyah gets vexed, “What are you trying to say Purab???” Purab replies in a loud and harsh tone, “That whatever Rhea had been plotting against her OWN SISTER out of JEALOUSY, HATRED AND POSSESSIVENESS for her dad is what YOU HAVE BEEN DOING ALL YOUR LIFE AGAINST OTHERS ALIYAH!!! So, in short, you have made RHEA like YOU!!!” Aliyah yells back at him saying, “I’ve LOVED Rhea more than I have loved OUR SON, Aryan, Purab!!!” Purab gets annoyed and asks, “Oh really, it’s good that Aryan is MORE OF MY SON THAN YOURS, but Rhea??? I warn you Aliyah, stay away from Rhea from now onwards and don’t you dare fill her mind with EVILNESS like YOURS!!! Rhea is after all Pragya di’s daughter, Aliyah and I’M SURE EVEN IF SHE HATES her MOTHER right now, she will soon realise her MOTHER’S LOVE AND ACCEPT HER MOM!!!” on saying that, Purab leaves from the room without turning back and without noticing Aryan on their doorstep. Aliyah gets absolutely frustrated and starts throwing the objects in her room, completely messing it. Aryan peeps inside, watches it in a disturbed state and slowly moves to his room.

In Aryan’s Room

Sunny and Purab’s words flash in his mind. He remembers how Sunny had revealed that he is Purab Khanna’s ELDER SON and has come back to exact revenge from Aryan and Purab, for whatever torments he and his mother went through because Purab chose Aliyah over Disha. Next, he remembers Purab and Aliyah’s conversation and how Purab revealed that his MOTHER had been constantly plotting against others all her life just as the same way Rhea is doing right now. He puts everything together and realises that HIS MOTHER is the cause of Disha and Purab’s separation. He falls down on his knees on that realisation and burst out in tears saying, “Oh god, what have you done, MOM??? In your MADNESS you have SPOILT SO MANY LIVES and now, I realise the PERSON WHO SUFFERED THE MOST IN ALL THIS WAS BHAI (referring to Sunny), I can’t even imagine what kind of CHILDHOOD he would have gone through that he has turned SO VENGEFUL!!!” He raises his voice and asks, “Now how can I stop him??? How can make up with him for all the sins which you have committed MOM???” he lies on the floor and continues to cry bitterly.

In Kohli’s living room

Beeji and Pallavi are shocked to learn that Prachi’s mom whom they call as Anuradha ji is in fact Abhi’s ex-wife and Rhea’s mother. Beeji asks Vikram, “But how is that possible puttar?? Have we all not met Prachi’s mom so many times and wasn’t her name Anuradha???” Just when, Purab says from behind, “Pragya Abhishek Mehra!!! that’s her name.” All are bewildered to hear that and turn towards him, while Meera who was present behind him feels a chill down her spine. She reminisces how Rhea used to feel a close attachment to Prachi’s Mom which was all because she is Rhea’s mother. She also remembers how Abhi had said that he still dearly loves and misses his wife PRAGYA and that Pragya is BACK IN HIS LIFE. The very thought makes her tremble and sweat bullets. Pallavi notices it, comes and holds her and tries to calm her down. Purab continues, “It was a misunderstanding among all of you that she is Sarita ji’s daughter and her name is Anuradha, while no, she is Abhi’s ex-wife and his daughters’ mother PRAGYA!!” Vikram asks him, “Then why didn’t Abhi reveal anything to us till now, Purab??” Purab replies in a sad tone, “For his CHILDREN, Vikram!!! Both of them feared the HATRED of their daughters and now as they feared Rhea has started HATING HER MOTHER on realising that Pragya di is her mother!!! Don’t know what are Prachi’s thoughts about her FATHER??” Everyone looks on worriedly.

In Sarita ji’s house

Sarita behen, Rishi and Madhu are shocked to see Shahana’s state and tend on her, while Ranbir tells Prachi, “I think you should talk to Chief once, Prachi!!! I’m sure after seeing Rhea’s reaction of hatred for her Mother, everyone in the Mehra Mansion must be worried and curious to know what is your feelings towards your FATHER!!!” Prachi replies, “I know Ranbir!!! But I don’t want to talk to him right now, let’s wait till tomorrow and tomorrow, I’ll surely meet Papa and tell him that I don’t hold any HATRED or DISLIKE towards him, instead I’m so happy to have him as my FATHER!!!” Ranbir smiles and nods, while he gets a call from Abhi asking him to inform Shahana to come to Mehra Mansion the next morning. Ranbir informs the same to Shahana who nods, while Sarita behen shouts, “His daughter Rhea is cause of Shahana’s this condition and he wants…” before she can continue, Pragya cuts in and tells her, “Rhea didn’t do anything, Sarita ji!” then she turns towards Prachi and says, “And no matter whoever is against her, I TRUST HER!!!” on saying that she walks in to her room. Prachi tells sadly, “Ma has become blind in THE LOVE FOR HER DAUGHTER!! But if Rhea is her daughter then she is my SISTER and I won’t stay quiet for whatever injustice she committed to Shahana. Just then, Shahana cries in pain. Everyone gets concerned but then Rishi quickly blows on her wound. Everyone smiles. Ranbir asks Prachi, “Rishi seems to consider Shahana more than a friend.” Prachi smiles and replies, “And I’ve felt Shahana too likes him, you know what, Sarita Auntie has even asked for her hand for Rishi!!!” Ranbir gets surprised but then gets sad and asks her, “Do you think, they will still be alright with the proposal after TODAY’S INCIDENT???” Prachi gets saddened on hearing that and looks painfully towards Rishi and Shahana together.


To be continued

(Next update will be on 26-02-2020, Wednesday)

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