KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 52

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The episode starts with everyone being thunder bolted after hearing Abhi’s revelation. A tear rolls down Rhea’s cheek on hearing his words. Pragya cups her mouth in anguish and starts crying. Abhi who unconsciously had revealed a big truth about his daughters comes to his senses and sees both Prachi and Rhea staring at him in shock, turns his gaze away from them, by turning his back towards them. Rhea wipes her tears, closes her eyes, takes a long breath and comes and stands in front of Abhi, catches his shoulders and confronts him, “Dad, what did you JUST SAY??? Dad I’m asking you…” before she could confront him further, Abhi shouts out, “Yes Rhea, Prachi is YOUR ELDER TWIN SISTER from whom YOU WERE SEPARATED AT BIRTH and HER MOTHER is also YOUR MOTHER WHO GAVE BIRTH TO YOU!!!” Rhea feels a chill run down her spine, she remembers all her earlier encounters with Pragya and how she had felt a deep connection with her every time, but she also reminisces her childhood how SHE HAD LONGED TO MEET HER MOTHER BUT PRAGYA NEVER CAME TO MEET HER EVEN ONCE. Pragya tries to talk to Rhea and places her hand on her shoulder, but Rhea quickly jerks it off. Pragya feels pained. Abhi notices it, gets furious and confronts Rhea asking her, “You always had this deep HATRED for your mother right, Rhea??? But LOOK AT YOU!!! Let me ask you something, whatever Ranbir revealed just now about you regarding the DRUG SCAM against Prachi, asking him to WOO AND BREAK HER HEART and that ACCIDENT DURING DIWALI, was that ALL SET BY YOU???? Rhea looks towards Prachi still unable to accept the TRUTH that Prachi is in fact her sister, closes her fists hard and nods approvingly at Abhi. All are taken aback on seeing that. Rhea tries to justify herself regarding the FASHION EVENT incident saying, “But dad, from the time I promised Ma….” She stops herself from addressing Pragya as Mamma and continues, “…. I mean, I promised Prachi’s Mom….” Pragya looks painfully at Rhea on hearing that, she reminisces all the moments when Rhea called her Mamma and get heartbroken to hear Rhea addressing her as Prachi’s Mom, while Rhea continues, “…. I swear Dad, I never tried to hurt Prachi or anyone after that.” Abhi gets exasperated and shouts at her, “But who will TRUST YOU, Rhea???” Pragya calls out from behind, “I TRUST HER!!!” Abhi is shocked. Pragya comes near them and tells “I TRUST RHEA!!!” Abhi gets disappointed and asks her furiously, “Pragya, it is NOT RIGHT to encourage CHILDREN when THEY ARE WRONG!!!” Pragya tells him, “But I STRONGLY feel that MY DAUGHTER IS NOT WRONG!!!” Just when Rhea tells her, “I’m NOT YOUR DAUGHTER, Prachi’s Mom!!!” Pragya is taken aback by her words, while Rhea continues, “Even if you have GIVEN BIRTH to me YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN MY MOTHER, YOU WERE NEVER WITH ME, WHEN I NEEDED YOU THE MOST AND IT WAS MY MISTAKE THAT I USED TO CALL YOU MA…” she stops herself and continues, “…well I don’t need any support from you Prachi’s Mom, you JUST TAKE CARE OF YOUR DAUGHTER!!!” on saying that Rhea leaves from there, while Pragya cries bitterly in pain. Abhi feels bad for her but runs behind Rhea. Vikram and Purab along with Mishti, follow him while nodding and taking leave from Pragya. Vikram asks Ranbir to drop Prachi and her mother, Ranbir nods. Purab calls out Aryan. Aryan who had been holding Shahana’s hands tightly till then, slowly removes her clutches while signing her she is SAFE, slowly goes with his dad. Priyanka is confused in her thoughts, “What?? That Pragya is Chuck’s ex-wife and Rhea’s MOTHER??? Unbelievable!!! Now, I will have stay even more SAFE, because if that Pragya can FIGHT for Rishi, then surely, she will fight for her daughter Rhea and try to bring the TRUTH to light!!!! No, I will not LET THAT HAPPEN!!!” She turns to leave while signing at Sunny and Sanju, who leave along with her.

After, everyone leaves, Prachi comes to Pragya and asks, “So Mr. Mehra is in fact my DAD???” Pragya nods in tears when Prachi hugs her tightly and cries, “So that is why I have always a STRANGE BOND with him, right??? But why you BOTH never REVEALED THE TRUTH to us???” Pragya replies “Because we were scared to face YOUR DISLIKE and Rhea’s HATRED and that is what happened, Rhea has started HATING ME after knowing me and you……” Prachi cuts in and says, “No Ma, I can never dislike PAPPA!!!” Pragya and Ranbir are surprised. Prachi continues, “Even when I used to call him SIR, I always wished that I had a FATHER like him and now I’m so happy that HE IS IN FACT MY FATHER!!” Pragya smiles in relief and kisses her forehead. Ranbir tells them, “Chalo, Miss Fashion Event Diva, let’s go from here, don’t you want to go HOME???” She smiles, but her smile fades on seeing Shahana, she goes near her and tells her, “Rhea is my my SISTER by BLOOD but you have been always my sister since my CHILDHOOD, so I promise you I will get you JUSTICE Shahana!!!” Pragya gets disturbed at her words.

In Mehra Mansion, Aliyah and Purab’s Bedroom

Aliyah get shocked to know that Abhi has revealed Prachi and Rhea’s truth to everyone while Purab confronts her for having manipulated Rhea all throughout her twenty-one years of her LIFE and made her EVIL like her. Aliyah shouts back, “I have never MANIPULATED Rhea, Purab!!!! She is just like my OWN DAUGHTER!!!” Purab asks her wildly, “Then, how come Rhea had always been PLOTTING such EVIL GAMES against her SISTER, ALIYAH, just like you used to plot against me and Disha…” He stops himself in SHOCK on noticing Aryan standing in their doorstep.


To be continued.

(Next update will be on 24-02-2020, Monday)

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