KKB…Changed destiny: Episode 22

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The scene in front of Abhi only made him gasp. His eyes popped out.

Pragya was holding on to a man’s collar and Arvind was caught by a group of men.
Abhi scratched his head. He rubbed both his eyes and again opened it to see the same thing.

“Am I dreaming or is it what really happening?” Abhi asked others who reached just now.

They too felt it odd. Usually the REVERSE happens. Here the case is so ‘different’.
What came next was even more a shock than a surprise.

Pragya gave the man a tight slap and Arvind let him go off from their grip.

“Listen. What you want… you will never get. My patience has a limit. Ok. We will talk things later. Let Ayush back” Pragya said calmly.
Arvind very well knew about the storm that is going to come.

“Listen to me boys. Immediately leave this place. Else you will have to witness something that you have never witnessed before” Arvind said to them.

They did not listen. Arvind fought them quickly and finished the matter within two minutes.
All were lying down writhing in pain.

“This is nothing boys. I told you already. Now you can’t even run.” Arvind said and turned to Pragya.
The men ran off with pain.

“Why should I leave him?” the man asked with an ignorant smirk.

“Are you gonna leave him or not?” Arvind yelled.

“He is not your son. Why are you worrying this much? Pragya is itself calm. What is your problem?”

“Shut up. Who told you that he is not my son?” Arvind lost control and held his collars.

“Arvind… Calm down. Ashok! You never fulfilled the responsibilities of a father. You may be Ayush’s biological father. But as of me you are nothing to him” Pragya told him simply and started searching the house.

“Ayush… see mumma has come” Ashok shouted.
Pragya looked at him in surprise. Ashok raised his shoulders and pasted a smile on his face.

‘I have to be good to him. One day or other he will come to me’ Ashok whispered while Pragya shook her head in disbelief.

Ayush comes running to Pragya with an ice-cream in his hand.
“Mumma! (He hugs her). This uncle brought me my favourite ice-cream… see” Ayush showed the ice-cream… “Mumma… he tells me that he is my father. So much of lying mumma! I don’t like him. You told me no, you shouldn’t tell a lie” Ayush looked so innocent.

Arvind put his head down. Pragya felt tears rushing down.
She hugged Ayush tight. With tears…


“Hmm” licking his ice-cream.

‘He is your father’ Pragya thought which only made tears flow continuously.

Ayush was too small to understand the things happening there. He was confused.
“Mumma. You are crying. Wipe your tears. Did something fall in your eyes now too?” Ayush asked her. He knew… if Pragya was crying and he asked her, she would tell him the same reason.

He brought her face close to his and gently blew air in her eyes.

“Is it ok now?” Ayush asked.
Pragya hugged him again. Arvind comforted her.

“Look Ashok… we will not hand over Ayush to you. Even if you file a complaint, Pragya will also file a complaint against you. You left him in the middle. Even before he was born, you ignored them” Arvind said and his anger was clear.

When these three people were talking, the other three were scratching heads.
“What is happening here?” they asked each other.

None of them were able to comprehend what was happening.

Ayush spotted Abhi and ran to him. Abhi takes him in his hands.

“When he kidnapped your child, why are you still standing and talking to him? I made the work simpler for you” Abhi said kissing Ayush’s cheek, coming to Pragya.

“What! What did you do?” Pragya asked panicking.

“I called the cops” Abhi said handing Ayush to Arvind while Arvind hugs him with pleasure.

“Are you mad?” Pragya yelled.

“Stop yelling at me” Abhi said stirring his ears… “My drum will tear! And by the way, you should thank me” Abhi said not looking at her.

“Don’t shout Pragya. What Abhi did is right. Let him be” Arvind told her.

“Arvind, don’t you remember what happened last time?” Pragya tried to make Arvind understand.

Within they could discuss further, the cops ran in.
“Mr. Ashok… you were warned already. And now, you have tried to kidnap a child. We are sorry, but we have to arrest you” Ashok was hand-cuffed and taken away, but still there was no sign of worry in him.

Before going,
“Don’t worry Pragya. Prison is not new to me. Even last time I was sent in due to you only. Fine! But one day, Ayush will know everything. What will you tell him that time?” he said leaving Pragya frightened.

Precap: “yes… I am not his father” “He is his father” “What are you bluffing?”

OK. I know this is not the place to end. But I am sorry… I had to end it here. I can’t help… I am sorry. But don’t worry. This problem will be solved in the next episode itself… if not, at least within two episodes. Coz… you all know, how lazy I am…but i am trying to post things soon coz, after my leave is over, i wont be able to post. Let’s see how it goes…also, forgive for mistakes…
As of now…Bye! Bye!
Love you all.

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