Kkb (Love of Life) Episode 23

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Sorry guys! I posted this episode and it didn’t come live till now so I am posting it but if it is there than forgive me for posting it again.

Aryan reaches home and finds Rhea sitting on the couch.. He goes near her and sits besides her.
Aryan – Rhea, what happened?
Rhea – Nothing, I am getting bored.
Aryan notices her wound.
Aryan – Rhea how did you get hurt and did you inform chucks and chachi about it?
Rhea (gloomy) – They know everything!
Aryan (excited) – Then I am damn sure that they have restricted your outgoing…
Rhea (happily) – No dude, not this time..
Aryan – You are kidding right?
Rhea – I am serious.
Aryan – But how is it possible , do you remember last time when you fell chucks restricted you from going out.
Rhea – I know but they didn’t do anything like that.
Aryan – Hmm.
Rhea – By the way are you ready for our party tonight?
Aryan – Party? We planned dinner right.
Rhea – Yaa we planned dinner but I thought to hv a party.
Aryan – Rhea,  I don’t like parties .
Rhea – Dude, parties were your favorite and from when onwards you don’t like parties.
Aryan (in his mind) – From the day Shahana left me.
Rhea – Tell!
Aryan – From today onwards.
Rhea – But..
Aryan – Rhea , can we just have a simple dinner and having a conversation is better than having parties.
Rhea – Okay.
Aryan goes to meet Ranbir according to the promise he made. Both of them have an emotional talk about Prahana and remember their lovely moments with them.
At night both Rhea and Aryan go to the terrace and have there dinner and talk about the things happened with them in last few months. They have fun and emotional talk about their parents and Prachi & Shahana. (I am not exaggerating their conversation)
The next morning
Abhi calls everyone in the main Hall.. After sometime everyone gather in the Hall and ask Abhi the reason for calling them.
Vikram & Purab – What happened Abhi why did you call us?
Rhea – Yes dad tell why did you call so early in the morning.
Aryan – Rhea it’s not early just see yourself you just got up… You are not looking less than a witch.
Rhea – So what you see yourself you also got up right now the only difference is that your hair are small and mine are long and because of them I am looking like that. And if u were having long hairs than you would definitely look like witch not even witch actually I don’t hv the word for it.
Aryan – Rhea!
Aryan  and Rhea start fighting like small kids . Suddenly Abhi shouts in between which makes everyone scared.
Rhea & Aryan – Dad/Chucks
Pragya – Suniye just tell the reason.
Abhi – Our music company is completing 25 years so in order to celebrate it we are going to Mumbai there we will have a big  celebration. And also a concert.
Everyone – Wow! That’s a great news.
Rhea – So dad you will sing in that concert!
Abhi – No
Everyone get shocked on hearing .
Rhea – But why dad?
Abhi – You know in today’s world many young talented rock stars are present whom we don’t know. They sing very nicely but their voice is not heard by everyone… So to give a chance to  such singer we will have a concert. Moreover the person who will sing the best will be the singer for my new music album.
Rhea – What! That’s so good dad. In this way we will get to know about more singers.
Abhi- Yaa Princess! By the way Vikram & Purab how is my plan?
Vikram & Purab – Great idea Abhi.
Abhi – Thank you.. Thank you.

Everyone get happy except Alia who was fuming in the corner.
Everyone start preparing for the concert. The young generation was having the responsibility of finding as many new singers they can and the decoration part was also their responsibility.
After a few Days
All the members were busy in preparation of the silver jubilee and were trying their best to help in all possible ways .
In The Office
The young generation along with Abhi were busy taking the auditions for the singers….they were tired and hence order some snacks.. They continue taking the audition till their food arrives. A delivery girl enters in with a lot of food bags and pizza boxes in her hands. The audition was  going on suddenly the singer stops singing as he forgets the lyrics and the girl who was about to enter the cabin start singing. Nobody was able to see her face because of food bags and pizza boxes.
Her voice was so melodious and mesmerizing everyone claps for her as soon as she finishes singing. The girl is revealed to be Kiara.

Rhea rushes towards her and takes all the bags and boxes from her hands and place them on ground. She gets shocked to see Kiara.
Rhea (shocked) – Dii! You..
Aryan rushes towards her and hugs followed by Rhea who also hug her.
Kiara – Both of you here?
Rhea – Well di this is my dad’s office and he is my brother.
Kiara – Ohh.
Aryan – Your voice is so nice…
He was interrupted by Abhi in between.
Abhi – Wait.. Wait, how do you know her?
To which trio start laughing as their first encounter was quite funny.
Rhea – Dad do you remember a couple of weeks ago I met an accident she was the one who saved me. So I know her from that day.. but unfortunately I never met her again again.
Abhi – What about you Aryan?
Aryan starts laughing “One day I was in a restaurant and she was also in the same one…she was about to leave when a thief snatched her bag from her and pushed her on ground. ”
What happened next? asks a tensed Rhea.
Aryan describes the whole incident and as soon as he finishes it everyone start laughing… Kiara feels embarrassed and bents down her head.
Rhea (laughing) – Dii I didn’t get the point that why did you start scolding Aryan instead of thief?
Kiara – I asked someone to catch thief and he started beating him so he deserved scolding!
Abhi – Right!..boys like him deserve scolding!
Aryan – Chucks!
Rhea- What chucks, dad is right!
Aryan – Okay sorry..
Suddenly Kiara phone rings… she picks the call.
Kiara- Yes sir I am just leaving….
She cuts the call.
Kiara- Well guys I need to leave right now… Good bye!
She was about to leave when Abhi stops her.
Abhi- Where are you going?
Kiara – Sir I need to leave, I came her to deliver the food so I am done with that…. And now I hv to go to other place also.
Rhea – But di.. You sing so well.
Kiara – Thank you but what’s the problem?
Abhi – See I don’t want to confuse you …I want you to participate in the concert.
Kiara (confused) – Concert?
Abhi explains her everything and puts a proposal before her.
Abhi – So what do you say?
Kiara- Well I don’t have any problem
Abhi – But it’s really a big event and we want it to be the best so you need to quit ur job.
Kiara – But why?
Abhi – You sing really nice but you need more practice and I want you to practice with me.
Kiara – But!
Vikram – What’s the problem beta you  are getting a chance to sing with Abhi.
Kiara – But where I will live?
Abhi – With your parents.
Kiara gets tensed.
(The screen freezes on Kiara’s face)

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