kkb & krpkab – ISHQ WALLA LOVE (Intro and Chapter 1)

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Hello guys. ..it’s a combination of kumkum bhagya and kuch rang pyar Ke aise bhi…
Here is an intro and chapter 1

What happens when someone who is most important for you leaves when you need them..
what if they rejects you as they don’t need you..
will life exist after an important person leaves from our life?
is there anything called true love in his world?
all love means to have a happy ending?..
what is called true love according to this world….

ABHISHEK MEHRA : a possessive 20 years old guy who is the top most bachelor of Mumbai city and a rockstar. He have huge fan followers especially girls and he thinks only money in this world has it’s power. He never experienced someone’s true love towards him as he lost his parent’s in his young age and the only thing he love in this world is music. He never believes that true love exist in this world and according to him everything is under the power of money. His current girlfriend is tanu.

DEV DEXIT : 20 years old guy , best friend of abhi and believes that world doesn’t exist without love. He tries to prove abhi but he fails everytime.according to him , love is everything . He too rocks the stage with abhi as he very well play keyboard. Without him , abhi can’t rock the sets.his dream is to become a national photographer. He is all alone as he too lost his parent’s in young age. His only relation is abhi and his family.

PRAGYA ARORA : bold , bubbly girl who thinks everything is easy. She thinks money is nothing important when compared to relations. She is abhi’s classmate but she hates him as his behaviour and thoughts towards girls is worse. She is best friend of dev as he respects her like a sister. She is the topper and wants to lead a simple life.

SONAKSHI BOSE :  a cute 20 years old girl who thinks love never exist in this world and if someone shows love towards others it’s fake. She is quite ,calm girl who never cares about anything . According to her , life is to enjoy and she will never waste a minute for anything.

Neha,  nikki, riya : dev’s sisters who love him very much.their life exist because of him. They are pursuing their first years in his college.

BULBUL  ARORA : Pragya’s sister who loves her sister a lot. She believes her faith and wants to become a best reporter .

ALIYA MEHRA : abhi’s sister who loves her bhai a lot. She is also best friend of bulbul and loves purab a lot.

TANUSHREE MEHTA : a classy girl who thinks she born to stay rich. She is working as a super model and every guy will drove for her. She thinks money is life and loves abhi as she thinks she can stay luxuriously with abhi.

TARA MALHOTRA : Pragya’s childhood friend who loves her a lot. She is the only one who knows about pragya well.

SUHANI KAPOOR : Sona’s best friend who id little bit jealous of her best friend and loves dev secretly.

Chapter 01

The morning was bright and beautiful. Nothing is special as it’s also an usual day in Mumbai as the roads were busy and people’s were rushing for their respective works. But it’s a unusual morning for sona.she thinks about her first day of her third year as she is the final year student she was thinking what she should do after completing her studies.her chain of thoughts were broken by the sound of alarm..
She looks at the person who is sleeping peacefully without any worry .

She walks near the bed and sits beside saying ” wake up ..pragya..it’s almost 7 am in the morning…”

But she got no response.she looks as the person snuggled more towards her by placing her head on her lap.

” arey. .it’s our first day as a final year student..and behave like a grown up girl..” she looks at pragya who just smiles in her sleep..”

PRAGYA opened her eyes as sona was waking her up. She sits making herself comfortable near sona and tells ” it’s only 7 am in the morning and our college starts only at 9 am..and in this early morning , are you going to clean the college campus..”

Sona looks at pragya in anger who just smiles and keeps her head on her shoulder ” cool down..it’s only 7 am ..we can sleep for a little time and will leave..you know today who came in my mind..my dream boy ..” pragya exclaimed while sona nods no saying ” I don’t want to know who is that and I don’t have interest on this..”she tells while pushing pragya .

” arey yaar..today siddharth malhotra comes in my dream..he proposes me in my dream on Valentine’s day in my favourite spot..” pragya tells while moving towards her wardrobe.

” hell with your dream..yesterday it was varun and today siddharth. . please stop thinking about this and concentrate on your studies…” sona tells while taking a book from the bed and sits on the sofa and turns the pages.

” what a boring girl you are? Seriously your future husband is going to hung his head because of you stupid. .” pragya tells while closing the closet and looks at sona who just stares at her

” you know what..I would have fekt happy if Einstein or some other’s would have came…” sona tells while smiling at pragya .

” you almost spoiled my mood..just get out of my sight ..” pragya tells while moving towards washroom.ah stops and says ” are those persons are said to be lovers. ..no naa ..bas. ..I don’t want to spoil my mood in the morning itself ” she leaves and bangs the door while sona laughs at her.

Sona laughs at pragya who just got irritated by her as her day never starts without teasing pragya. Seriously they are said to be sisters and both used to share such a great bond as original sisters fail before them. When sona joins newly to this college in the secing year ,pragya was the one who made a friendship with her and both became thick friends.


” arey yaar..are you coming or not abhi? He is almost getting on my nerves..”

” why you are shouting like this dev. .I am almost find yaar as you know I am a rockstar and I have many followers dev..” abhi said while dev looks at him.

” no one can change you abhi..but I know some other day you gonna change. .that too because of a girl who drives you crazy. ..” dev says while he cleans his bike.

” let’s see ..and no one can make me crazy … ” abhi tells as he sits beside dev who nods his head in acceptance.


So that’s it..hope you will like this plot…many interesting things are waiting for you…

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