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Episode 23
Reason why I was away for so long, First of all new project opened up at work and I was too busy to even type a word!! And then …well after my sister’s shadi, my da thought me being 24 yrs old then it was my turn to get married, man dragged me from shadi to shadi, from Mehendi to Mehendi and from Sangeet to Sangeet,! To meet a MAN!! AREY!! Too much work for me to meet men!!!! I had fun and I was seriously laughing at im with my Ma. But it was stressing, after a busy day at work a\then you go home to a wedding function….no time to type a thing!1 but here I am sooo….

To episode…:

Episode starts at Purvi’s house, Shalu come in panicking and Calls everyone. Purvi comes down and asks her to stop making noise and Tanu follows from kitchen..
Sh: After what I have heard, you won’t stop shouting I tell you after you hear!!
Pur: what are you saying, speak quickly and stop with the drama already.
Sh: I heard news, news from Mehra house, Shadi news from Mehra house!!
T: Shadi news what do you mean by shadi news?
Sh; Pragya and Abhi shadi news!
T: (screeehing) nooooo!! that’s not happeneing, what do you mean Abhi and Pragya Shadi news?
Pur: (Covering her ears and glares at Tanu) stop screeching in my house you idiot!! And don’t be dumb its Shadi news Abhi is marrying Pragya again..what is so hard to understand about that!!
Sh: wedding is in the week!
T : (Screeching again) NOOOOO NOOO this can’t be happening, how come? What do you mean shadi in the week!! No way possible, Abhi..Abhi loves me not her…no way…I refuse to believe it…
Pur: looks at Tanu like she is mad then takes out phone and calls someone the person picks
Person on phone: hello thanks for calling Orissa General Mental Asylum, how may I help you
Pur: I am living with a madwoman in my house, how soon can you get to Mumbai to collect her, I am afraid she is posing as a threat to mine and my households life
T: Oblivious to phone call as she is so angry she’s now throwing around Purvis things, Vases, table cloths, plates…
Asylum Person: How mad is she and how dangerous is she?
Pur: Very dangerous madam..she is throwing stones..
T: throws vase, it almost hits Shalu, shalu ducs and screams at Tanu to stop
Pur: on phone) are you hearing all this chaos
Asylum phone: yes madam, what is going on
Pur; she is throwing around things in my house, staff are trying to hold her she is fighting!
Asyllum phone: How strong is she…
Pur; very strong she is beating everyone
Asylum: we are sending ambulance and doctors, we are on our way..
Pur: hangs up and looks at Tanu with a wicked smile on her face….

Every one is preparing for Mehendi function…Mitali and Rachna are taking lead in the preparations, everyone is running up and down. Mitali screams here, Dasi screams there…Sarla, Bulbul and Beeji and Janki arrive too and join preparations..after about two hours of preparing…
Beeji: Dasi how come I have not seen Pragya, its abnormal for her to not do anything, when it’s her function, where is she?
Dadi and Dasi get scared face and look at each other. Dadi thinks we are dead today
Sarla: haa Beeji true, she would be here now stressing herself out where is she?
Dadi: UHHH Sarla..(she stammers) you you see…
Sarla; Dadi what is it? where is Pragya?
Dasi: you see…
Sarla: now tense) Dasi, Dadi where is Pragya, what happened where is my daughter is she ok…
Dasi; (talking very rapidly now) ohh yess she is fine, ok may be not so fine but she is fine Calm down Sarla its just like what you said, you know Pragya…..she then looks at a very worried Sarla and takes deep breath…come with me..
Dasi and Dadi lead Sarla and Beeji and Janki to sitting room and to couch. They halt infront of couch and the Aroras are shocked to see feet tied together with rope! They move their eyes up only to meet hands tied together with rope, eyes move upper and they meet a very very very very very angry Pragya pouting face and screeched eyebrows!!
Sarla: confused) Bi..Biti.. kya hua?
Beeji; looks to the side then taps Sarla on the shoulder and points head to left direction of couch! Sarla looks and gets shocked and confused face!
On left side of couch Abhi is seated with head phones on head listening to loud music, while dancing on couch, nodding his head and singing along, he has full plate of fruits and sweets he eats a lot then gets some and turns with very mischevious face to offer some to Pragya, his eyes collide with Sarla’s mockingly angry face, Beeji happy one, Janki’s smiling one and Dasi and Dadi’s embarrassed one! Bulbul comes running then calling Beeji and says I can’t find Di only to meet site before her eyes…
Bul: Jiju..Di…
Abhi looks at all of them then gives big smile and says
Ab: Arey, Ma and Rock star are here how are you, say hi to fuggi (points in Pragya’s direction, she is seething now)
Pr: you you you…..untie me!!
Ab; Promise you won’t stress over Mehendi preparation and I will untie you, simple!!!
Pr: I promise!!
Ab: You are lying and then I will not untie you till preparation is done!!
Sarla: what is going on Abhi
Ab: Aunty, is it you or Dadi that is natural worrier?? Who taught her how to worry!
Beeji: points at Sarla and so does Bulbul and Janki..

Purab who was also watching the scene asks Bulbul how she knows it Sarla Ma yet she is stranger
B: Purab I have lived with them for close to seven months..i know who the worrier is and also stop looking at me with your am a spy on a mission face, it doesn’t work on me!
Purab: too shocked….he statters and spittles..and then looks at Bulbul like he has seen a ghost
Bul; is now concerned and asks are you ok?
Pu: only..(swallows)..only one person calls me that…
Bu: what are you talking about…
Pu: only one person says spy on a mission face to me….ho…how how do you know those words…
Bu: now very tense and realizes her mistake…she thinks crap am dead then quickly says) oh look I don’t know, your face just looked like spy on a mission face and so I called it spy on a mission face, its not rocket science to come up with a description to something!!
Pu: his face now gets even whiter!!
Bu: what now?
Pu: she also says rocket science like you just did with same eyeroll!!
Bu: Purab, YOU ARE MAD!! Then she runs away from there soo fast!!
Purab is left stunned!!

Abhi and Pragya on the other hand are having hot argument
Pr: untie me!!
Ab: (while lifting his eyebrows and making pouty funny lips) not gonna happen!
Pr; I will not attend Mehendi if you refuse
Ab: how will you runaway if you are tied, Henna Artist can even do Mehendi her, see feet and hands, very accessible
Dadi laughs
Pr; dadiiii
Dadi; no beta, promise first, I won’t have tired dulhann on Mehendi function no way!
Ab; thanks Dadi
Dd: Welcome beta
Ab; whistles happily
Pragya: breathes out heavily in defeat. She then tries to move closer to Abhi but can’t ) Abhi help me I want to give you hug
Ab; looks at her skeptically) for what?
Pr; being good man and not letting me get tired and stressed on Mehendi.
Ab: gets happy face and comes closer to Pragya, helps her sit up only for her to bite his nose
He screams and everybody laughs
Ab: ahh Dadi after ten years of marriage, you grandson will have no nose!!
Beeji: Don’t worry Pragya will breathe for both of you
Pragya blushes and Abhi puts nose infront of Pragya’s mouth
Pr: what are you doing
Ab: putting my nose in danger so you can breath for me soon enough!
Pr: Smiles and bites his nose playingly again.
Abhi smiles beautifully
Mit: comes there) you can untie her now, preparation is done, and henna artist is on her way!
Abhi unties her and she smiles at him, he pinches her nose and smiles at her too, they have eyelock…allah Waariyan plays…Abhi massages her hands and feet were rope was tied, they continue to have eyelock..allah waariyan still plays…

A very beautiful mansion and just as big as MM
A voice is heard shouting
VOICE; I swear put me down, put me down or I will kill you …Camera follows voice to stairs of house…A man is carrying a woman down the stairs not even bothered by her screaming and kicking
Woman: put me down I say, I am not going there, just put me down you idiot.
Man stops on second last stair and looks at woman he is carrying with long suffering and a lot of tenderness in his eyes…camera focuses on man..it is suresh..
Sur; listen missy stop shouting, you know it doesn’t move me..you have lived here for what a month…you should know that by now..
Aa: I swear I am not going there, I will not, she breathes and blows air from her mouth to try and push away the air that had fallen in her face due to her tantrum
Suresh rolls his eyes then tenderly moves hair from her face and exposes her to be Aaliya
Suresh looks at her for a minute and Aaliya blushes, then she makes face and says put me down I say, I am not going for Mehendi
Listen, everyone will be happy if they see you, and I know you will be happy seeing your brother and Pragya I know you miss them, you won’t stop talking about them so you have to go…he walks to door and out of house with Aaliya in his arms, he puts her in front seat of the car and buckles her in with seat belt, she is making angry face, but she really wants to smile..Suresh shakes his head wonderingly thinking women and their tantrums and goes to driver side of car and drives off…..Screen freezes on Aaliya’s face staring at Suresh!


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